Submissions for Ignite Phoenix #12

These are all the submissions we received for Ignite Phoenix #12, which is being held on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. We are currently in the judging process and look forward to sharing with you your presenters for Ignite Phoenix #12! Stay tuned to our newsletter and our blog for more information.

Hanging Out With Hackers, Trekkies, Steampunkers, and Monsterologists
Presenter Jonathan Simon
Biography Almost two years ago I started a little blog about local geek culture. It’s gotten me some pretty fun experiences.
Description How I started trading in evenings in front of the TV for nights out with gamers, zombie researchers, paranormal investigators, and stormtroopers – all right here in the valley. What I’ve discovered about our geek culture, how it’s changed me, why it’s worth exploring, and how you can connect with it too.
Science Fact: Today’s real life building blocks of the robot apocalypse.
Presenter Carl Jimenez
Biography I’m a husband, father, and Apple fanboy. I manage special events at a children’s museum and used to work for Disney. I have a broadcasting degree with a Philosophy minor. I believe in the power of failure. I think The Matrix is a brilliant study of the Cartesian Cogito. And I believe the moral of every story is “don’t judge a book by its cover.”
Description Each simple convenience that our machines provide may seem innocuous, yet each is a single step in a long steady march toward our robotic overlords. Cars that park themselves. Video games that track our movement. Phones that understand not only what we say but what we mean. Our disposable income is brewing the primordial ooze of the post-human era.
The Sanity Within Insanity
Presenter John Ridgway
Biography I am an educator interested in understanding how knowledge and information can connect us, and help bring about desired change.
Description Imagine being handed a life sentence, without a judge or jury, on Independence Day? That is exactly what happened to me. Suddenly I was everything I never wanted to be, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Until I discovered the sanity amongst the insanity, changing my life for the better…and I believe it can change your life, too.
The world playing go with itself
Presenter Christopher Toledo
Biography 25 year old boy in love with relationships between all things. Neophile, tinkerer, programmer and freegan living on a couch.
Description My most recent project is an experiment to see what happens when the Internet plays go against itself. This is done by allowing users to “vote” where the next stone should be placed, alternating black and white as normal. This in effect allows everyone to sway where a stone should be placed in a game.
Ask more questions!
Presenter Kathy Bass
Biography After experiencing my own ‘brand identity crisis’ and solving it by asking questions, I founded Ladies Who Brand. Like a monkey, I can’t stop being curious and asking questions, which helps me help others figure out their authentic brand identity. Happy to report that I have been enjoying the Phoenician lifestyle for almost 3 years now.
Description I have seen my limit of people sleep-walking, making assumptions, blaming others and being bent out of shape for their unfulfilled expectations. On top of that, some just read headlines or regurgitate what they hear from others without ever questioning the source or reasons why it was said… I say, ask more questions!
Beauty in variety: Why you should have multiple unconnected hobbies.
Presenter Matthew Stoner
Biography Hi, My name’s Matthew Stoner. Guess what? I’ve never smoked weed. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets talk. I grew up in Ohio and since landing in Phoenix, in 2004, i’ve been acquiring hobbies and choosing different career paths faster than you can say “So you think you can dance while playing video games?”
Description I’m on a mission to spread variety. I think it’s important for everyone to try things they’ve never done before and fully embrace being uncomfortable. Come with me and i’ll tell you about my adventures on how I went from video game tester to professional ballroom dance instructor to working for one of the largest tech companies in the world.
How to protect your reputation when trashed
Presenter Kraig Marton
Biography I sue people for saying bad things. If you trash one of my clients you will hear from me. Yah. I am lawyer but even lawyers might have some good ideas once in awhile.
Description In Othello, Shakespeare said “he who steals my purse steals trash. ’twas mine, now his. But he that’s filches my good name robs me of that which not enriches him, but makes me poor indeed.” Yup. But there is a lot more you can do when someone does badmouth you. Online stuff, offline stuff, legal stuff and more. Let’s talk about it.
A Touching Matter
Presenter Brady Garrisone
Biography 3rd generation Phoenix native. Free-lance massage therapist. Strive to maintian balance of Pragmatism and Idealism. Hobbies include: yoga, hiking, good food, public speaking. 2010 Toastmasters State Humorous Contest Winner. Winner Slideshow Karaoke Ignite #11
Description Touch. It is the first sense we develop. It is the last sense we lose. Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly touch deprived and touch phobic culture. The skin is our bodies largest organ and the benefits of touch are many. Positive, non-threatening touch is a basic human NEED that can positively impact our lives in many ways.
Bronies: The Internet phenomenon from nowhere
Presenter Joseph Plate
Biography I’m currently a student in college who enjoys watching cartoons including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In my spare time i am the head organizer for the Bronies of Phoenix, a group of young adult, here in Phoenix who also watch My Little Pony and enjoy hanging out together.
Description What are Bronies? Why are young adults (especially men) obsessing over My little Pony? In my presentation I will explain this strange cultural phenomenon that started on the internet.
Life Lessons from a 6-Year-Old
Presenter Ed Baker
Biography I’m the editor of College Times. I helped start, and navigate for a decade, a locally-owned business in a rapidly changing field – print media – through not only a recession, but the most challenging time in the industry’s history. I’m an endurance athlete (2 Ironmans, 10 marathons), a volunteer, community fundraiser, husband and father of 2.
Description In 2011, my 6-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare disorder, Gullain-Barre. In 96 hours, he went from a healthy boy to being completely paralyzed from the neck down. As paralysis moved into his vital organs, he asked me if he was going to die. And with those words, my life: the things I wanted, the things I valued, shifted drastically.
The Death of Print, The Loss of Truth
Presenter Ed Baker
Biography I’m the editor of College Times. I helped start, and navigate for a decade, a locally-owned business in a rapidly changing field – print media – through not only a recession, but the most challenging time in the industry’s history. I’m an endurance athlete (2 Ironmans, 10 marathons), a volunteer, community fundraiser, husband and father of 2.
Description Culture commentators boast with certainty: print is dead, analog is dead, digital is it. And with the increasing demise of newspapers and bookstores, and the rise of iPads and iPods, they appear right. But at what cost? A world, a history, of digital only writings and recordings is one easily altered by hackers and age. And it’s already happening.
If Ignorance is Bliss, Don’t Listen to This
Presenter Maria Speth
Biography I’m a passionate Italian New Yorker who loves John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I’m a Mom, wife, lawyer, speaker, teacher and Yogi. My clients range from starving artists to major corporations, but my most interesting client is a popular and controversial website. And… I have the two cutest dogs on earth.
Description Shakespeare said, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” I’ll prove him right by busting ten legal myths, including: If it’s online, it’s in the public domain; filing a patent protects your invention; forming a corporation shields you from liability; if you use a domain proxy service, we won’t find you; if you pay for it you own it.
What’s on the Outside
Presenter Rebekah Cancino
Biography Hi, my name is Bekah. I’m proud to call downtown Phoenix my home. I happen to be a graduate of the University of Arizona, and consequently a lover of all things Wildcat. Good design and carefully crafted content move me. I am also a sucker for nice packaging—seriously. I like cooking, good wine, windy days, Coltrane, and the color blue best.
Description My love affair with great packaging began as a little girl at Christmas. Every year, my mom would magically turn scraps around the house into gorgeous gift wrap. This fascination has brought richness to my life and even gotten me into a little trouble. Packaging is powerful—it can be used for good or bad—and I want to tell you all about it.
Women with Swords (or Blasters, or Stakes)
Presenter Jana Knapp
Biography Jana is an avid fan of geekdom, good books, and single malt scotch. Her hobbies all focus on connecting people who are doing awesome things with the larger community. A former nonprofit fundraiser, she now works in digital advertising and builds organizational infrastructure and processes. She’s the mother of a sassy eight year old girl.
Description She-Ra. Leia. Colonel Dearing. Buffy. My childhood and young adulthood were shaped by strong female characters that kicked butt and took names. No matter the situation, I had a role model for success. Where did they go? Girls today don’t have the same kinds of characters to look up to. Or do they? Who are the new women with swords?
Who do you think you are
Presenter Sherene McLemore
Biography I am a wife, mom and economics geek that plays soccer. I have a strong belief that all things are connected and love and value individualism. I hate soggy cheerios in the sink drain and I am good at Math because I am part Asian.
Description I wanted to talk about being a war orphan from Vietnam, adopted by a white southern baptist preacher and his wife in the mid-west. Growing up was like a bad version of Footloose and the Joy luck club. Adoption is one of those things that is amazing but so bitter sweet at the same time. You’re left often time wondering “Who do you think you are??”
Meditation Is Sexy
Presenter Paul Lee
Biography I’m a Stress Management Instructor and a Mindful Wellness Mentor. My specialty is teaching people about using mindfulness meditation, positive psychology and mindsight to increase their joy, enhance their lives and strengthen their relationships.
Description Often, meditation is viewed as a solemn process that requires hours of weekly practice and grim determination. I’m here to show the world that mindfulness meditation is simple, secular, can increase your overall wellness and help you to find a sexier self without having to shave your head and retreat to a mountaintop. Anyone can do it simply.
My 15 Minutes as a “YouTuber”
Presenter Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, director, actor, improvisor, puppeteer and an award winning film maker. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and creator of the web series “Vincent and Me” (
Description (Inspired by an @ignitephoenix tweet) In 2008, I became a YouTuber. I never achieved any popularity as such, but I became part of a web community of facinating people. The experience led to travel and some artistic experimentation that I had not previously considered.
The Road As My Guide: 60 Days on Greyhound.
Presenter Matthew
Biography Matthew is a simple man and urban adventurist who prefers to spend time outside his apartment exploring the Phoenix area. Having taken a year off school, he plans to begin attending ASU again in the fall of 2012.
Description After a stint of homelessness last year, I gave away many possessions and spent my summer traveling. For 60 days I toured the United States solo on Greyhound buses, sleeping in stations and living out of a single backpack. I knew I’d encounter adventure, but I had no idea I’d learn some incredible life lessons along the way.
Snap Out of It: Kick the Life Bully to the Curb and Take Control
Presenter Yolanda A Facio
Biography I am a valley entrepreneur/business owner, consultant and speaker. I’m an Arizona native who loves the desert and heat. When I’m not working I’m running trails, loving my dogs, hitting the gun range, driving the track with the Porsche club or simply reading a book. A cupcake a day keeps the bullies away!
Description I’m on a mission to teach people how to stop getting bullied by their lives. Every day people are showing up to work, to businesses, to families, to their own lives and letting their lives run the show. You can put a stop to it and have a great day every day with a simple three-part system I’ve designed; it’s easy! 1, 2, 3 and the bullies are gone
The Dying: Not Just Patients, But Teachers
Presenter Danielle Zeder
Biography I am a Chicago native, Arizona transplant 4 years and running, married mother of 2 boys. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 20 years (Jesus am I old), with the majority of my experience as a ICU Trauma nurse and Hospice Care, however I believe humor is the best remedy for anything in life. I never take my life too seriously people.
Description When people hear I enjoy Hospice nursing, they say “Oh my God, how can you do that, it’s so depressing!” Actually, it is the complete opposite. People faced with their own mortality are usually the most insightful life teachers. Who better to absorb life’s valuable lessons from than those who are facing the end of their own journey?
Can disgust improve our food system?
Presenter Michele Redmond
Biography I’m a food geek teaching college nutrition, cooking and food sustainability classes. My French culinary training leads me to embrace eating rich foods somewhat fearlessly, but as a Registered Dietitian, I am exposed to significant food-related anxieties. Fortunately such anxieties can be calmed by good food, especially when served with butter.
Description Our food culture promotes cheap, mass-produced meats. We happily consume such meats until Pink Slime shows up in an American food icon–the hamburger. So what? We’ve eaten Pink Slime for years, but now it’s being banned. Is it simply a disgust factor or a challenge that cheap foods and pink slimes are our food destiny?
How Magritte Changed My Life
Presenter Marshall Shore
Biography Marshall Shore is “the HIPstorian” who specializes in finding and sharing the most interesting bits and curiosities from our past: the semi-forgotten people, places, and events that have made us who we are today.
Description Recently on a trip I was exposed to the surrealist art of Magritte and more importantly, learned about his collaborations that changed him and his art. This snapshot became the catalyst to push myself and forever change my life and the world around me.
Color and the Common Man
Presenter Jack Anderson
Biography I am a designer from the entertainment industry with projects from A Bug’s Life to ESPN Sports Center to the largest solar system model in the U.S. I’m currently combining 3D AutoCAD modeling with solar geometry. I am an avid motorcyclist who rode 8000 miles from Los Angeles to Portland Maine in 2009. Alaska this summer!
Description We all know light and color are the part of the electro-magnetic spectrum we can see. Why does the rainbow look so small? There are reasons humans see what we do and no other animal can.
Sunshine, Shade and Green Architecture
Presenter Jack Anderson
Biography II am a designer from the entertainment industry with projects from A Bug’s Life to ESPN Sports Center to the largest solar system model in the U.S. I’m currently combining 3D AutoCAD modeling with solar geometry. I am an avid motorcyclist who rode 8000 miles from Loa Angeles to Portland Maine in 2009. Alaska this summer!
Description Zonies have a love-hate relationship with sun. We live here for the nice days then spend 6 months of the year avoiding sun and seeking AC. The ancient cliff dwellers used precise solar geometry to design thier apartments. All of our new architecture and landscaping can be precisely designed for summer shade, winter heat and natural light.
Western Independence… or Co-dependence?
Presenter Fred DuVal
Biography I’m a lover of history, Arizona, and a junkie for the reasons why communities develop the way they do. I’ve had a front seat to Arizona’s policy choices while working as an aide to a former Governor and US President. How we choose to live collectively and the choices we make in self-governance are endlessly fascinating with enduring consequences.
Description We take pride in a rugged, go-it-alone spirit out West, but if the federal government had left us alone as a fledgling territory and state, there would be no Arizona as we know it today. From steady water management to foreign treaties for local exports to recession bailouts, DC has helped us build, market and enjoy the lifestyle we have now.
Self Discovery Through Germophobia
Presenter Kevin Risser
Biography #student #sundevil #geek #caffeineaddict #germophobe #techie #cinephile #pleasejustcallmekev
Description Mainstream media portrays germophobia as an enslaving “condition”. I want to break that stereotype. My lifelong battle against the microbes that be has taught me more about life than just how to determine whether the situation calls for Wet Ones or Purell.
Our Mouths are Blind-sided!
Presenter Emma Kim
Biography As a practicing dental hygienist, my mission is to contaminate the world with healthy smiles through a “show-and-tell” type of education method. My passion began with personal suffering, then total obsession after seeing how we treat our mouths separate from our body and pay the price with pain, fear, money, and loss of teeth due to ignorance.
Description Our mouth conditions are being blind-sided; we can’t see it (e.g. tongue side); we can’t feel it (e.g, bleeding has no pain and small cavities don’t hurt); we can’t smell it (e.g. people with bad breath); and we can’t taste it (e.g. infection from bleeding gum gets into chewed food). Learn how to stop these sneak attacks conditions within 2-3days!
There’s More to Life Than Zumba
Presenter Elizabeth Newlin
Biography I’m a Realtor. I’m a mom. I’m a blogger with an obsessive need to confess my embarrassments and failures. I like costumes, hearing people’s life stories, boxed wine and the color orange. I prefer not to pick up after myself.
Description I take ballet and trapeze. No, I won’t ever perform on pointe and it’s unlikely I’ll ever run away to join the circus (although sometimes I still dream). I just don’t see why as adults we should be exiled to the mindless soul-killing elliptical machine. If we have all the money, why should kids get to have all the fun?
Dirt Under My Fingernails: Becoming a Prosumer
Presenter Andrew Bernier
Biography I am the sustainability instructor at The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology, a new public STEM school at Paradise Valley HS. I am writing and teaching the first full-time sustainability curriculum in the country for public high school students. I am also a Ph.D student in Sustainability Education at Prescott College.
Description I have been 100% dependent on the grocery store or restaurants for food my entire life. Living in central Phoenix does not make growing my own food any easier, or does it? I am documenting the transformation of an outside food consumer towards a backyard “prosumer,” testing the techniques of both modern urban farming and indigenous Hohokam methods.
Teach the Future to Sustain the Future
Presenter Andrew Bernier
Biography I am the sustainability instructor at The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology, a new public STEM school at Paradise Valley HS. I am writing and teaching the first full-time sustainability curriculum in the country for public high school students. I am also a Ph.D student in Sustainability Education at Prescott College.
Description The divide between what is taught in public school and what is happening in the real world is widening. Looking at the principles that sustainability is founded upon, we can reimagine and restructure how public education works. From there, we can start to successfully prepare the critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders of the 21st century.
Surviving Urban Travel Torture
Presenter Liz Chodosh
Biography One of the many things about my job is traveling in support of offices and projects in both the US and Canada. While being out in the industry is always inspiring, travel gets old if not redefined and reevaluated. After a bout of incorrigible bronchitis, I now break all the “rules” of business traveling so I can (try to) be healthy while en route.
Description As a urban traveler I find myself packed-in with sometimes dangerous or unfriendly ‘wildlife’ in a series of corrals, tubes, and boxes. Last year, I spent 165 days working ‘on the road.’ The truth is that just like being in the untamed wilds, urban travelers need their own unique set of survival skills. But, no one tells you that before you go!
Presenter Toni Stevens
Biography I am a God fearing, gun toting, pro-life, people loving, mother of 4, six if you include our furry kids. I am a mentor for the Pregnancy Care Center & volunteer frequently to fight human trafficking. I enjoy going to the range, not the one in my kitchen but I do like to cook! I dabble at gardening, yoga, essential oils, & wine enthusiasm.
Description I believe ONE person can change the world… let that person be you! I am passionate about volunteering, my current activities are mentoring and education re: human trafficking. I challenge you to define your passion and go out and make a difference! Dogs, frogs, guns, babies, plants, if you are interested, then someone else would be too.
Phoenix: The Accidental City
Presenter Barry Graham
Biography Award-winning novelist, journalist and blogger who has written about Phoenix since 1995.
Description Some people say Phoenix suffered from bad planning. They’re wrong. It wasn’t planned at all. It is an accidental city, which makes it one of the most fascinating in the world.
Admit All – Music is OUR Future
Presenter Nate Anderson
Biography Nate Anderson is the authentically over-flowing Founder and Executive Director of Ear Candy Charity. He is not a musician, a teacher, or a parent, yet his passion to share music coupled with his skills as an entrepreneur have created an organization impacting over 15,000 youth annually giving them access to music education.
Description Half the solution to music education is an instrument collecting dust in a closet, it’s baffling! Giving an Old instrument New life is an incredibly satisfying event and should be shared. Dust off that horn and blow out a killer tune, uniting generations by connecting the community through the Universal Language of Music, it’s a beautiful thing!
13 Beers in Pennsylvania
Presenter Tabitha Myers
Biography I am a 2010 law school graduate who spent her last year of law school researching and writing a scholarly paper on the nonsensical liquor laws in Pennsylvania. Who says law school isn’t fun?
Description In Pennsylvania, it is literally impossible to buy 13 beers. If someone sells you 13 beers, they are breaking the law. This is the story behind how prohibition left one state’s liquor laws in logical shambles.
The House that Beer Built: How America was Founded and Saved by Beer
Presenter Tabitha Myers
Biography I am a right-brained lefty in a left-brained career; an aethiest Republican; a colorful dresser with a dry sense of humor; and a modern, independent woman who loves history.
Description America’s history is littered with contradictions. The most poignant example I know is the branding as “immoral” or “sinful” the consumption of liquor and beer when beer was the backbone on which America was built. Beer has been essential to the establishment and survival of the United State.
The Emergence Symphony: Trusting in Creativity
Presenter Kevin King
Biography I graduated from Penn State in 2006 with a degree in Industrial Engineering, but have always been a musician at heart. About 2 weeks after I quit my job in the corporate engineering world to follow my passions, I started hearing a symphony in my head, recorded it with software, and now have a career composing orchestral music for the film industry
Description Many people have passions that they have put on the back-burner in order to pay for their “life”. But what happens when you quit your job, lose your source of “supply” and trust in your creativity? When I did this, a symphony poured out of me that I didn’t even know was there. My talk is about how my symphony was created from concept to fruition.
Mai Tai or Clif Bar?
Presenter Tiffany Rowe
Biography In my spare time I love to travel and be outdoors. In my early twenties I joined the Peace Corps and volunteered in West Africa to teach computers. I have travelled to China, Costa Rica, Mexico City, and other destinations with many more on my bucket list! During my regular day I work for an Internet company and enjoy keeping up with t
Description Most of us have limited vacation time – Maui anyone? 12 days of backpacking instead? In my talk I will recount my backcountry adventure with two other friends on part of the John Muir Trail, over 140 miles of backpacking! It was a journey full of emotional and physical challenges, all very rewarding with memories and great stories worth sharing.
Stem STEM & STEAM and Scream SCREAM
Presenter Gerald Thurman
Biography I am a computer programmer turned computing/math community college instructor who is into road tripping, the stock market, beer tasting, and learning about the future.
Description STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) have become the buzz-acronyms here in the early part of the 21st century. But where’s the Computing and Robotics in STEM? I propose we starting using SCREAM and I want five minutes to explain why.
Valley of the Sunflowers
Presenter Sean D. Sweat
Biography Sean is an industrial engineer, transportation expert, and urban planning wonk who is hell-bent on making Downtown Phoenix a destination for people looking to live car-free.
Description Last fall, two acres of vacant land in Downtown Phoenix were transformed into a sea of sunflowers. This spring, we’re doing it again. And on the side we happen to be pressing the sunflowers for oil and converting it to biodiesel with the Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, to support the solar/biofuel hybrid vehicle they’re building. Natch.
Racial Discrimination Saved the Life of A Black Marine
Presenter Ahmad Daniels
Biography I am a transformation facilitator and life coach. I have facilitated workshops and discussions in Paris, Amsterdam,Berlin,London, and numerous African nations.
Addl info:,st-faith&tname=Ahmad%20Daniels%20and%20the%20Vietnam%20War
Description While going through jet mechanic training in Millington, TN, I walked into what I did not know was a white church. In full Marine Corps attire,I was told to get my black a@@ out of there. I would serve 29 mos of a 10 year sentence before being represented by the ACLU on appeal and given an honorable discharge re: national and international media.
Bungholes, Barrels and Backbreaking Work – A Wino’s Journey
Presenter Libbie Miller
Biography I love wine. A lot. While I’m not a wine snob, I do have my standards. However, I’m about as uncouth and un-classy as they come. I’ve been know to stick a straw in a bottle without shame. Most of all, I love this burgeoning wine country right here in our back yard, and urge any lover o’ vines to give AZ wines a chance. Long live AZ wine country!
Description When my wine journey began, I asked every wine expert I knew how I could learn more. Beyond just reading, how could I really understand the stuff? A wise friend told me “Volunteer. Get your hands dirty at a winery.” And so I did. Being a “wino” is more than uncorking a bottle. It’s about digging in, and occasionally, making a giant fool of yourself
Why do I run? Because I really love dessert.
Presenter Katie Archer
Biography I am fascinated with human behavior. If I’m staring at you, it means I haven’t figured you out yet. I’m a mother, a Mormon, a wife, a business owner, a runner, a baker/cook, a foodie, a (sometimes) pianist. I’m also the operations manager for Forty. I’m Katie and I love chocolate. :)
Description If I tell someone I ran in a race, they say wow, I can’t even run a mile. I would choke and die. I never believe it. Everyone should experience the joy of running. The body is made for running. Most people don’t even know they’ve got within themselves the power to run. The feeling of accomplishment is unmatched, & I learned this in an amazing way.
“I Exist Here”
Presenter Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, director, actor, improvisor, puppeteer and an award winning film maker. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and creator of the web series “Vincent and Me” (
Description In 1999, I dropped out of the “rat race” and pursued my desire to be creative. This choice opened the door to a better life. Being and improvisor/puppeteer/film maker has taken me places a cubical never could.
The Green Lantern Philosophy to Improv and Life
Presenter Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, director, actor, improvisor, puppeteer and an award winning film maker. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and creator of the web series “Vincent and Me” (
Description To be a Green Lantern, Hal Jordan (and others) had to prove himself FEARLESS, HONEST, and LIMITED ONLY BY IMAGINATION. As an improvisor, one must step onto the stage without fear, be honest in their choices, and make their imagination reality. These skills also work IRL… even without a power ring.
Civil Disobedience: Does it work?
Presenter Kevin M Hengehold
Biography I’m an engineer who’s been a part of the Occupy Movement since October.
Description During the course of the Occupy Movement, thousands of people have committed civil disobedience in the pursuit of justice. I am one of those people, having recently been convicted for my “crime”.In my talk I’ll recount my experience, as well as highlight the achievements of recent actions and suggest how these tactics may be improved.
LOTS of Trees
Presenter Thomas Topero
Biography Recovering architect who lives, breathes, works, thinks, dreams, envirsions, and shares the possibilities of an economically, ecologically, and equitable sustainable city with a strong central core. Passionate about creating the highest quality livable environment we can achieve for the metro area.
Description Within the interstate loop (I-loop) surrounding downtown Phx & adjacent neighborhoods are hundreds of vacant lots, most of which are owned by the city without a short or medium term use. LOTS of Trees will plant trees in those lots that can be used to establish an urban forest canopy and potential food source.
i took the short bus to school and look at me now
Presenter Amy Edgell
Biography I am 32 year old Phoenix native who works in early stage pharmaceutical research. I earned my undergrad in microbiology and masters in health administration. I was diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities at the age of 7 and have fought my way through school and corporate America against all odds.
Description Children with learning disabilities are different than others. This can and should be celebrated. I would like to share how a little girl who was asked to ride the yellow, shorter-than-average school bus earned a degree in microbiology and leads teams of scientists and doctors…and how your ‘special’ child can do the same.
Plastic – The Devil in a Blue Dress
Presenter Amy Edgell
Biography I am a Phoenix native who works in early stage pharmaceutical drug research. I enjoy hiking, eating great food, volunteering and reading non-fiction for free at Phoenix public libraries. I posses a BS in microbiology and masters in health administration. I encourage those in my life to live with a purpose and try to follow my own advise.
Description The unknown dangers of plastics in the kitchen have been disguised for too long. Their chemical properties are too complex to explain; therefore, it is compelling to meet someone like me that can break-it-down to a non-scientific mind how polymers leach into foods when frozen in the well marketed ‘Zip Lock’ bags of our time. Need I say more?
Pursue Your Dream
Presenter Barbara Toombs
Biography I’m an editor, writer, blogger, sometimes graphic designer. Career spans radio, TV, journalism, more.
Description Doubt yourself? Don’t. When I was in my late 20s, I was “assigned” to go on an African safari for a TV station I worked for. It changed my life. I ditched everything I had/knew in America and decided to begin a life in Africa. Without risk, life is nothing.
Human bodies as canvases for art
Presenter Mark Greenawalt
Biography Phoenix artist who enjoys drawing, painting, playing and writing music, photography, and is best known for bodypainting.
Description Bodypainting is an art that combines painting techniques, photography, and modeling into stunning images. Tasteful nudity pushes the boundaries and stirs intrigue and controversy. I’ll share my images from places as diverse as the Playboy Mansion, Shanghai, the Body Worlds Exhibition, and even underwater.
Online dating: what no one will tell you.
Presenter Justin McHood
Biography I am a 40 year old guy who has 2 kids and has been divorced. I make money on the Internet doing lead gen stuff, so when it came to finding someone to go out with, I figured I would give online dating a try. I wish someone would have spent 5 minutes with me telling me what to expect when it comes to online dating.
Description The shocking truth about what you can expect from online dating. This content is not seen on eHarmony commercials, commercials or discussed with your parents over Easter dinner. The good, the bad and the ugly of finding the right match using the magic of a $13 a month dating website.
Presenter Carl Jimenez
Biography I’m a husband, a father, an Apple fan boy, and an Aquarius. I used to work for Disney and currently manage special events at a children’s museum. I listen to a lot of tween pop music, I drive a car that looks like Mickey Mouse, and you know those kids in the AV Club back in high school? That was me.
Description Coaxial, component, composite, S-Video, HDMI, VGA, DVI, FireWire, USB, and Thunderbolt. That jumble of wires under your desk or behind your TV is more than a network of signals, information, and power. It’s a metaphor for creative problem solving, social interconnectedness, and the human brain itself. So let’s talk, about the awesomeness of wires!
Demystify Your Next Oil Change
Presenter Joe Manna
Biography Tweets a lot and drives a bitchin’ Camaro.
Description Do you go with synthetic to stick to conventional? Do you change your oil every 3000 miles or 6000? Understand how your can do a quick oil change. An automotive enthusiast will share his perspective on the matter so you can be confident in this common maintenance task.
Why Do Some People Obsess About Cars?
Presenter Joe Manna
Biography By day, he helps local software company, Infusionsoft, stay connected with their customers through social media. By night, he takes his Camaro out for late night cruises and enjoys attending local car shows.
Description In our modern society filled with technology, there are some people who spend countless amounts of time, money and energy on their cars and trucks. Why? Through the lens of someone who has dreamt about his ‘daily driver’ since middle school, you’ll see what compels us to obsess about our vehicles and how you can get more intimate with your ride.
Scarred straight.
Presenter Brittany Conklin
Biography You know those people who seem to be forever optimistic and find the good in everything? Yeah, I’m one of those annoying people. Lived in Arizona most of my life, am passionate about sports, travel, music and sharks. I’ve made a career out of being social and connecting with people.
Description “You have cancer.” Those words are horrifying to hear, and they change everything. It’s even worse when you know you are responsible for causing your cancer. Diagnosed with skin cancer twice before the age of 30, my health is now stable. I live with the scars of my tanning years, but now I’m scarred straight. This is about avoiding skin cancer.
Prescribed Leechings
Presenter Tonia M. Bartz
Biography People watcher. Community enthusiast. Car dancer. Spreader of star sprinkles. Palindrome fan. Awesome and weird things often happen to me. Sometimes simultaneously. Occasionally I share them.
Description Everyday people deal with allergies, illnesses and various other medical conditions. I’m no exception. Except that mine comes with an interesting list of foods I should avoid and an equally interesting form of treatment. Let me tell you all about it, how common it is, and if pirates are the only ones that can come down with a case of scurvy.
What’s Hot? What’s Not? Food Trends in 5 minutes !
Presenter LARRY CANE[A
Biography With a background in the culinary arts which includes teaching, hospitality management, etiquette training, wine expertise and even a certificate of tea mastery, my professional portfolio is as flavorfully diverse as the menu where I currently teach at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Phoenix.
Description So many fascinating trends and fads are happening in the food service Industry. I’ll sort through all the madness in just 5 minutes, with humor, wit and education
How To Dine. And How Not To.
Presenter Brian Reeder
Biography I hate bios. I write, I travel, I currently serve at FnB, I own AZ Wine Merchants (with Pavle Milic), I am harshly critical of peoples’ dining habits, I am passionate about hospitality + food + wine, I am learning about nutrition + health, I am an avid crossfitter, and I am a tech geek and general nerd.
Description I have lived in the service industry for a substantial number of years, and seen every rule of dining broken, battered, and beaten into a bloody mess. Fist fight at the table? Seen it. X-rated not-so-subtle connections made? Had to break up the fun. Allow me to educate, to inform, and to humor your guests with rules and stories from the trenches.
Live as though you were 5.
Presenter Courtney Klein
Biography The 5 year old in me still thinks I can dig to China if I dig deep enough. Finding a passion and pursuing it relentlessly is what I am all about. In college, I launched a nonprofit that is now in 14 states and 33 countries. My passion is to inspire others to launch their dreams as the Co-Founder of SEEDspot, an incubator in downtown Phoenix.
Description At the age of 5, we all thought we could become an astronaut, a world renowned artist, or President of the United States. Statistically, by the age of 13, that number drops to half…and by the time we are adults, most people have lost sight of their dreams all together. How we reverse that?
A New Breed of Human
Presenter Tiffany Brown
Biography I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one spitfire individual – conveyor of cupcakes, a local dancer/choreographer, a creative, a hopeful romantic, an eternal optimist, a sexy nerd, a teacher, a corporate professional, a writer, a tattoo lover, a dog park regular, a girl with a rather wicked sense of humor and a love for Gothic lit.
Description It’s said that every generation has its monster, and it’s incredibly apparent that we are in the decade of the vampire. But how did we progress (or perhaps regress) from Nosferatu to Edward Cullen? What does it say about us as a society that we are embracing our monsters, pulling them close and accepting them as another breed of human?
See the brain, not the kid.
Presenter Sarah Stahlbush
Biography I am a high school Spanish teacher. I have been teaching for 11 years, coaching for 16. I am a native Phoenecian.
Description Adolescent behavior is super perplexing and ultimately annoying to nearly all adults. As a result, we see a set of stereotypes, predjudices, and discrimination that is not at all condemned by society, but rather accepted as truth. Knowing their unique brain circumstance makes their bizarre behavior far less personal, and in the end, adorable.
Humor? I hardly know her!
Presenter Steph Kost
Biography I buy books faster than I can read them. I yell a lot about ridiculous things (like chocolate preferences or Nick Cage movies). I’m 20 and study biology/psychology at ASU. I applied to the Apple store and put ‘wrestles bears’ on my resume. Oh, and sometimes I get overexcited about videos of sloths on youtube.
I like sloth videos on youtube.
Description Not a culture on this planet lacks the capacity for humor or laughing: we humans are evolutionarily hard-wired to laugh! Be it at fart jokes or physics jokes, we all do it. Let me tell you why humor is important to our little species (and me) via the clever use of terrible puns and heartwarming stories (and a dash of science for good measure).
We found the treasure!
Presenter aaron eckburg
Biography Co-Founder of go lb. salt (Ignite Food #1 presenter) and co-founder of a new start-up Dutchman’s Truffiere. Making food for foodies better!
Description French Perigord black winter truffles can be grown in Arizona! What could be more gastronomically cool than fresh grown French truffles from the desert southwest? Funding the entire project through Kickstarter and acknowledging every backer as a founder! May 2, 2012 is National Truffle Day. It’s time Arizona started growing truffles! Go Local!
Presenter Kevin D
Biography I go from Surfer dude to CEO with the snap of the fingers! I’ve worked with the CIA, the FBI, the White House and more selling forensic investigative software, owned a spa, have a famous dog and other various careers. I currently work in the fabulous world of Marketing, helping business owners create ELF businesses (Easy Lucrative Fun)
Description Have you ever dropped a cell phone call?? How is it that in the year 2012 I can lose a call when I’m in Scottsdale and the other person is in, well, Scottsdale, and over 40 years ago, from over 250,000 miles away, there was crystal clear communication from some a guy on a walkie talkie on the moon? I just don’t get it?! Conspiracy? Tune in and see
19 Steps To Building A House From The Ground Up
Presenter Paul Kenjora
Biography I’m an entrepreneur and a creator. My experiences as an immigrant, carpenter, college student, employee, athlete, entrepreneur, patent holder, volunteer, husband, and dog’s best friend have shown me the power of local community. My goal is to do what I love and make the world better at the same time.
Description I built two houses with my own hands, with my brother and father, mom too. Dirt to fixtures, we did it all. I’m always asked how we did that? how did we know what to do? How did we know when to do it?Id love to see more people build their own homes. Its an unforgettable experience that I shared with the best community, my family. It shaped me.
Discovering Blues Recordings as Historical and Cultural Literature
Presenter Michael Broyles
Biography I am a writer, researcher, world traveler, vinyl record collector, and musician. I am most interested in writing about early twentieth century African American religious and musical traditions and am pursuing a graduate degree to achieve that end.
Description I want to relay my experience of discovering that blues recordings from 1920-1950 contain deep, passionate oral poetry that provides insight into our cultural past and explorations into human nature. My goal is to inspire others to encounter blues music as complex insights into US culture and history.
Pernicious Ballots: How our voting method disenfranchises us
Presenter Andrew Jennings
Biography In January of 2008, I abandoned my PhD studies in mathematical biology and started over studying something I am truly passionate about: voting systems. Luckily, my wife didn’t kill me, probably because my new course of study landed our family in Paris for three months.
Description Our current voting system tends to fail spectacularly when there are more than two candidates. It can disenfranchise more than half of the electorate. In recent decades, researches have invented voting systems which do much better. Sedulous citizens should be informed of such developments.
Putting the jungle back in the gym
Presenter Stephen Bohn
Biography I am a philosophet-poet-warrior directed toward the fulfillment of three aspects of my life that have become synonomous with the “local“ movement: music, bread, and fitness. I play cello in a local agro-gypsy band, I cultivate breads at a bakery/coffee bar, and I believe regular daily exercise is substantial as bread and joyous as song.
Description Having spent endless hours at the gym I have come to appreciate the liberation that the great outdoors provides. There is a surge of growing interest in this as a more natural exercise modality for its physical and pschological benefits, but there is an even greater, more profound reward in the intimate relation between man and his environment.
Passage, Videogames, and the Death of Art
Presenter Adam Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description Passage is a small game, with a screen size of 256×32. That said, it is part of an innocent conspiracy to slowly strangle the young form of videogames, by robbing them of their truly revolutionary power; the power to change Art as we know it, from the stuff of museums, to the currency of the everyday.
What Does Electricity Really Cost?
Presenter Nancy LaPlaca
Biography I’ve lived in AZ for a total of 25 years, working in and around environmental issues, law, politics and policy. I currently work as Policy Advisor to an elected AZ Corporation Commissioner, where I advise on electricity, gas and water utilities and related topics. I believe passionately in clean energy and sustainability.
Description Where does our electricity come from in AZ, and what does it cost?
– What’s included and what’s not included in determining cost?
– Why doesn’t AZ have more solar?
– What are ‘externalities’ and why should I care?
Stop Watching the News
Presenter Jason Carr
Biography Husband. Father. Runner. Man of the people. Former news junky; Now liberated (mostly).
Description The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and watching the news is a terrible way to waste it. TV news provides only the illusion of information and involvement. It builds up irrational fears, inhibits thinking, limits understanding, and misleads us systematically. So kick the habit. Ditch the brain crack. Stop watching the news.
Why the Wii is the Worst Thing to Happen to Videogames Since ET: The Videogame
Presenter Adam Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description The Nintendo Wii has done irreparable damage to the mildly noble art of videogames. With it’s insanely high market penetration and weak library, the Wii has more-or-less cemented in the minds of the public the image of games as harmless distractions. They may never recover.
A Pox on Gamification
Presenter Adam Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description Gamification – the alluring sensation that’s taking the world of game design by storm! From the hallowed halls of MIT to the Colbert Report spotlight, gamificationers promise a world with fewer bad habits, and greater happiness for all. But is what they promise real, or simply another opiate for the masses (PROTIP: THE LATTER)
Have you heard the word of GODHAND?
Presenter Adam Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description There are videogames, there are videogames, and then there is GODHAND. A game so great, it got it’s creators fired, so brilliant all the major critics shunned it, GODHAND is at once all that is, was, and ever shall be, right (and wrong!) with videogames. Behold, the UR-GAME.
Presenter Adam Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description Videogames may not have their Citizen Kane yet, but I have found thier Ulysses. Space Giraffe is at once baffling and familiar, beautiful and indecipherable, elegant and obtuse. It is not THE future of videogames; It is FROM the future of videogames.
Twitter: How 140 Characters Changed My Life (and can change yours too!)
Presenter Brie Copley
Biography Twitter addict. Phoenix lover. Community supporter.
Description “Twitter is silly.”
“What do you have to say that is so important?”
“You probably tweet what you had for lunch.”
“That’s only for famous people.”
“Who has that much time?”
“You meet people from Twitter?!”
“What’s 140 characters?”
“Do you take pictures of your food, too?”
“Social media doesn’t change lives.”Or does it? It did mine.
Why We Can’t Be Negative Online
Presenter Brie Copley
Biography I’m a 25 year old lover of Phoenix. I’ve found my community via twitter and enjoy meeting local people and supporting my beautiful city! I do my best to balance being authentic and genuine online, even when I’m having a bad day.
Description There is a stigma around negativity when posting online that prevents most of us from sharing what is really going on in our lives. With every tweet we send, we want to show others what an amazing life we lead! But what about when you need help?This community isn’t just about good days, it’s also about the bad days! How can we help each other?
The Difference Between Training And Education
Presenter Fredi Lajvardi
Biography I have been a teacher in the Phoenix Union High School District for 25 years and in that time I have lead some of the students at the school to do some pretty amazing things in the area of robotics. This experience along with my teaching has lead me to see whats missing in education in the United States and why it is so hard to make the change.
Description American education is lost and many “experts” don’t even know how to save it. Funny that for something that has been in existence for almost as long as mankind, and for something we have continually done for just as long, we forgot how! The solution is easy and its staring us in the face! What will it take to get the “experts” to see it?
Today’s mass American political thought. Who are Americans?
Presenter Glenn Miller
Biography I’m a returning Arizona resident as of 09 who graduated from High School here in Prescott and graduated from ASU with a BA in Political Science. I’ve mostly worked in sales including the health club industry in the Washington DC area. I’ve long been a political activist and am a former Chair of the greater Washington chapter of a national lobby.
Description What do Americans really think on politics? What does liberal, conservative or progressive really mean? What is our heritage historically on these issues? I believe that my background studying American political thought and my experience making short and to the point sales presentations give me the ability to address these questions in five min.
Seriously, play dodgeball
Presenter Sam Pewitt
Biography I am a wanderer, a dreamer, and a goofy somgun. I have been playing and organizing dodgeball events in Phoenix for over 5 years, and I wouldn’t change a bit of it.
Description Big, small, short, tall, angry, glad, happy, sad. No matter who you are or what you do, dodgeball is the sport for you. Dodgeball has enjoyed a core group of enthusiasts for years, and it doesn’t need to be a small subculture any more. Let me show you why everyone should play dodgeball, the world’s greatest team sport.
Human Context and Our Story
Presenter Chris Cottrell
Biography I’m 23, graduated from ASU in 2010 and currently daylight a corporate job, moonlight my own business and twilight in a graduate program. (There has to be a better word than twilight). I live in Tempe with my beautiful lab Emma and love learning about business and great ideas.
Description I’m fascinated by each person’s story. Which is admittedly odd, because, I rarely take the time to hear it. When I meet someone new, I get very short but informative snapshots of who they are. The way they talk and dress all tell me things about who they are. But, more often than not, when I hear their life story, it shatters what I thought I knew.
A Capitalist’s View On An Energy Independent Nation
Presenter Mathew Sparkes
Biography As a self-proclaimed free thinker, I have spent most of my adult life as a renaissance man working on various projects; some as large as how the universe first began and others as small as handheld UAVs. My most recent passion is energy, as I have spent a great deal of the past five years of my life working on renewable energy solutions.
Description Since the 60’s the United States has been dependent upon foreign energy. This has cost our nation over 13 trillion dollars (according to Department of Energy figures) and this will continue until 2117, totaling over 170 trillion dollars. It’s our responsibility to use the free market to cut costs before this poses a larger detriment to our country.
Why You Should Marry for Love. And Food. And Love of Food.
Presenter Maisha Christian
Biography A transplant from Las Vegas, NV (the City of Cheap Eats), I’ve been in the Phoenix Valley for almost 15 years. I’m an ASU Alumni and work as a marketing professional for a local construction company. I spend my off time loving my family, singing and teaching at church, and volunteering marketing services to local non-profits.
Description Baking w/ kids, Thanksgiving w/ Grandma, Sunday dinners, church BBQ. Since so many relationship experiences include food, here’s my theory: Marrying for love is supreme; marrying with the common love of food is good insurance. You may not want to talk to someone, but you will eventually have to eat. Did I mention I’m marrying a chef in April 2012?
Buzzed and Beautiful
Presenter Susan Cope
Biography I am Director of Catering at Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events. I love to embrace all the small things in life. I live my life by a set of 21 rules. Rules include: See the art in life ,everything has something beautiful about it , Make new friends everyday, even if the friendship only lasts one conversation, Live life like you may die tomorrow
Description I took away one clean line of perfect, jet black hair. With each pass, my nerves calmed. I thought to myself, this isn’t so bad. 600 seconds later, it was complete. I was free. I was buzzed. I was beautiful. And I was alive. Do something drastic, an activity that is 99% out of your comfort zone. You will feel like you can conquer the world.
The Lost Art of Cooking
Presenter Susan Cope
Biography I am Director of Catering at Fabulous Food Catering and and Events. My passions are absorbing information of any kind, exercising until my body is beat up, local eating, rock climbing, spewing words for others to read and the small things in life. Life Lesson #12: Make funny noises constantly.
Description Cooking seems to be a lost art. For me it is about knowing what goes into the dishes I prepare and watching the expressions of my friends and family as they enjoy home cooked meals. I like to know the story behind my food. Cooking is part of our heritage. It is unique to regions and has a local flare.
Change the world in 3 minutes or less through story
Presenter Park Howell
Biography After being in the advertising business for 20 years – 2010 Ad Person of the Year in Metro Phoenix – I learned what really motivates us all into action: Crafting and telling compelling stories. I own Park&Co, and we use the power of story for our clients, on our employees, with our vendors, and to motivate our kids.
Description Innately, we’re all storytellers. It’s what separates us from the rest of the mammals and primates. However, most of us don’t understand what makes a great story work. It took our son going to film school – and my subsequent interest and intense study into the power of story – to create the 9 steps that make every story work every time.
Taking back your impact.
Presenter Alexis Christoforides
Biography I’m a scientific programmer that works in cancer genomic research and also a grad student at ASU. I eat things I find.
Description As movements like Occupy Wall Street remind us that we have a right to be angry, it’s good to remember that our power is bigger than we think. Our money talks, often much louder than our protests. Learn about boycotting, about all the things you can keep local, and even about tax resistance.
Why I choose to have only one kid and everyone should just shut up about it.
Presenter Debra Plunkett
Biography I’m a mom of one beautiful and perfect little girl. I battle with chronic people pleasing syndrome so I feel the need to prove to all the non-believers that my life is indeed complete, even if I do choose to discontinue procreating.
Description We need tolerance for parents of onlies! No I didn’t have a bad pregnancy. No my child was not a terrible, temperamental baby. No trouble with the “systems” either. I love being mom, yet I don’t feel compelled to bring additional life into this world. My reasons are perfectly valid –so you all can leave me alone about how selfish and uncaring I am.
America Needs More Darn Passenger Trains
Presenter George Stupski
Biography I am retired and live in Sedona. I have been an officer in the Merchant Marine, a school teacher, and a Geographic Information Systems Analyst. I enjoy hiking, tennis, and writing. In my years at sea I have visited at least 40 countries and often rode long distance trains while there. This gives me a perspective others may not have.
Description Train travel is on the decline in the US and struggles for funding. Yet, it is a fast, efficient method of transportation in most of the rest of the world. It is absurd Metro Phoenix has 3Mil people, and not a single inter-city passenger train! I will entertain, inspire and inform about the current and future state of the US rail travel industry.
Expanding Light Rail: What Makes Sense
Presenter David Bickford
Biography I write two blogs devoted to sharing the best of the area: PHX Rail Food is a guide to good eating along the light rail line that connects Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. PHX Trail Dude is a guide to less-traveled hikes in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The common theme is a walking lifestyle, whether that walking occurs on city streets or desert trails.
Description The 20-mile light rail line that connects Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa has been a success, with ridership exceeding forecasts and continuing to grow after three years of operation. The question now is how best to grow light rail to serve even more of the region. Hear one passenger’s view of which extensions, both planned and fantasy lines, make sense.
Archetypal Psychology and the Homeless Condition
Presenter Joshua Allen DeRusha
Biography I’m a 27 y/o phoenix area B.A.R. Army Veteran who spent 6 months in Kirkuk Iraq before being dicharged. I didn’t witness any atrocities directly, my behavior in training resulted in a radio post on the FOB. I’ve been a writer and rapper for a decade now, forever perfecting the technique of speaking extremely fast.
Description I am currently homeless, sleeping where I won’t be seen and subsisting on the leftovers people are generous enough to give. I am clean, sober, and as generous as I am able. I’d like to discuss the idea’s of Archetypal Psychology (James Hillman) as it relates to homelessness and the human need for security and comfort.
How living like a caveman changed my life
Presenter Dean Ouellette
Biography Over the last year I have become very passionate about health and nutrition. Over the last three months I have also lost 30 pounds eating and exercising like a caveman. Also known as the Paleo diet. But it is so much more than a diet, it is a lifestyle, living like a caveman.
Description Did you know if you took the history of man and put it on a football field you would only get to the agricultural part of our society during the last five yards. This is why we now have so many diet related health and obesity issues.