October 28, 2016

Ignite Phoenix was created as place to share the incredible passions of people who live in the valley of the sun, and few things carry more passion than music. Ignite Music is a special edition of Ignite Phoenix designed to tap into some of the many ways music influences and shapes our world.

You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape - Bob Leeper 

The Album that Changed the World - Zach Garcia

Blues Harmonica—My Soul, Uncensored - Charl...

April 1, 2016

Jeff Moriarty gives an introduction to to Ignite Phoenix #18, and tells the story of a friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini... and how their devotion to truth and magic drove them apart. Ignite Phoenix #18 was held April 1st, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Asteroids: Gold Mines, Gas Stations, or Just Plain Cool? - Andrew Thoesen 

Make Weird Music - Anthony Garone 

Most Modern Pop Culture Stems from a Cave – i...

May 10, 2015

Ignite Phoenix is an information exchange for fostering and inspiring Phoenix's creative community. In one evening, you hear 18 passionate speakers from our creative, technical, and business communities talking about their current projects or favorite ideas for just five minutes. Presentations will educate and inspire you, and maybe make you laugh in the process.

These talks are from Ignite Phoenix #17, held on May 10th, 2015,...

May 2, 2014

Jeff Moriarty gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #16 and the topic of Sonder. He explains the amazing wealth of ideas that is around us all the time.

Ignite Phoenix #16 was held May 2nd, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

October 18, 2013

Raoul Encinas gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #15 and explains the power of using ideas to start a reaction.

Ignite Phoenix #15 was held October 18th, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

April 26, 2013

Ruth Carter gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #14 and explains why it is important to chase your passions, and you don't need approval from anyone to do it.

Ignite Phoenix #14 was held April 26th, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

October 26, 2012

Oden Hughes gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #13 and explains why imagination and pursuing your dreams is as important to adults as it is to children. Maybe more so!

Ignite Phoenix #13 was held October 26th, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.


May 4, 2012

Jeff Moriarty gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #12, explaining the idea of the Hero's Journey, and how to look for its milestones in your own life.

Ignite Phoenix #12 was held May 4th, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

January 1, 2012

Chris Lee gives the introduction at Ignite Phoenix's first Ignite Food event, where he discusses why food and the culture around it are so important to him and his community.

October 28, 2011

Jana Knapp gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #11, explaining why Yoda was wrong, and that trying is a very important thing.

Ignite Phoenix #11 was held October 28th, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.


May 20, 2011

To celebrate Ignite Phoenix #10, the entire Ignite core team gives a joint introduction and shares why they are so passionate about this event and the impact it has on the community.

Ignite Phoenix #10 was held May 20th, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

February 13, 2011

Ignite Phoenix is all about sharing passion, and coming just before Valentine's Day we asked people to show what love meant to them. We assembled all the clips, set it to the great song "Life Passed Me By" from Super Stereo, and made a little love letter back to our friends and supporters.

October 15, 2010

Jeff Moriarty gives the opening talk at Ignite Phoenix #8, held at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ on October 15, 2010.

Jeff explains the format for Ignite Phoenix, and uses Bruce Lee as an example of how to incorporate new ideas and concepts into your own life.

January 1, 2010

Ignite Phoenix #7

December 31, 2009

Presenter: Jeff Moriarty Biography: Jeff is one of the founders of Ignite Phoenix, and is very active in the Phoenix online community. He believes passion is the fuel of life, and devotes a lot of effort connecting with people and their ideas.

Description: In this intro to Ignite Phoenix 6, Jeff sets up the format for the night and explains how the ideas at Ignite can drive changes in your life if you get engaged.

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