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Ignite Phoenix #18

Jeff Moriarty gives an introduction to to Ignite Phoenix #18, and tells the story of a friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini... and how their devotion to truth and magic drove them apart. Ignite Phoenix #18 was held April 1st, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Asteroids: Gold Mines, Gas Stations, or Just Plain Cool? - Andrew Thoesen

Make Weird Music - Anthony Garone

Most Modern Pop Culture Stems from a Cave – in Arizona - Bob Leeper

Our Year of Living Dangerously - Cheryl Tilly

Tiny Treasures, Giant Legends - Cindy Dick

From Foster Child to CASA- Giving Kids in the System a Voice - Dani Cutler

The Gateway Book Pusher - Daphne Russell

Can You Point Me to the Maternity Menswear Section? - Dr. Brooke Coley

Breaking the Binary: Generation Y’s Exploration of Gender - Emma Baier

Like Diamonds in The Sky - John Lewis

Spoken Like a Queen - Kaitlin Vortherms

Big Problems, Tiny Solutions: Reimagining Affordable Housing with Small, Sustainable Design - Lianna Kissinger Virizlay

In Tango, In Life - Lisa Maurer

I’m Only One Lab Accident Away From Being a Super Villain - Rebekah Brubaker

The Birth and Rebirth of Godzilla - Robert Price

I’m More than PTSD - Ron Blake

Death - Terry Simpson

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