Submissions for Ignite Phoenix #10

These are all the submissions received for Ignite Phoenix #10, which will be held on Friday, May 20, 2011 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. To submit for Ignite Phoenix #10, go here.

ANGER: The Renewable Resource
Presenter Cornelia “Corri” Wells
Biography U. of Texas-Arlington: (PhD 1997) Rhetoric/Composition, Women’s Studies minor. Wm. Paterson U., NJ: Dir. of Composition. ASU-Tempe: English Dept. & Barrett Honors College. Courses: persuasive writing, creative nonfiction, writing about literature using multiple literary & cultural lenses. Co-author: Racism and Sexism: A Collaborative Study.
Description With 3 premises (I Write; Therefore, I See—Voice Is a Verb—Publish or Democracy Perishes), I encourage everyday citizens to use anger to engage community & activate democracy. How? Let anger RRRiPPP (in WRITING only): RANT to identify concerns, REFLECT to explore reasons, REVISE to educate, & PUBLISH-PUBLISH-PUBLISH (blogs/tweets/newspapers/more).

Dealing With O.C.D. (Only Child Disorder)
Presenter Leah Marche
Biography I’m an only child. I begged my parents for brothers and sisters to no avail. In hindsight, I’m glad to be an only child but often wonder what my life would be like had I not been an ‘only.’ I have been called a control freak, an a-type personality, selfish, etc. I deal with it. I will share the good, the bad and the ugly of ‘the loneliest number.’
Description According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are some 14 million only children in America representing about 20 percent of all kids. The stereotype of an only child being spoiled, lonely, bossy and maladjusted has stuck for more than 100 years. Let’s revisit the myths and address just how the general population can deal with the attack of the onlies.

How to Make Fabulous Soldier Care Package In a Few Easy Steps
Presenter Tracey Michelle Theisen
Biography Passionate about being passionate, I am a steadfast professional by day and curious, playful student of life 24/7. Inspired for years watching White Christmas, it was time for this proud American to put her passion into action & make a difference to a soldier serving our Country by learning how to make fabulous soldier care packages.
Description Everyday, American soldiers are tirelessly serving long, grueling hours in harsh conditions to ensure our freedom & the freedom of future generations. Sadly, many receive little or no recognition. In only 5 minutes I’ll show how, in just a few easy steps, you can make a totally fabulous, inexpensive care package guaranteed to make a soldier’s day.

When others die, you can still live
Presenter Jeremie Lederman
Biography I am a graphic design and illustration professional with twenty years of expereince. I believe that life has a great deal of meaning, and so should the work I do.
Description For many people, the death of a loved one is rare. It is not until we ourselves are reaching our own middle age do we ever expereience the passing of our closest family memebers. At 40, I have lost all but a few distant relatives, and I have had to find meaning enough in my own life to avoid the sadness and hollowness easily manifested by death.

Found! The Greatest Human Trait Of All!
Presenter Tom McDermott
Biography Teaching, learning, loving, laughing and playing around the world for the last 20+ years – as if I’ve been on a perpetual search for the meaning of life. Looking for answers to the questions that always seem to come back to me; why we do the things we do & why we don’t challenge each other to do, individually & collectively, what’s best?
Description After 10 years of study and research, I’ve discovered the trait most affecting human happiness; and it’s not love or passion. All the Greats focused their greatest natural fascination toward their most burning questions. So how about YOU? What do YOU wonder about? Light your fascination on fire to help solve problems in your community and world!

The Dangers of H2O
Presenter Brandon Barba
Biography My name is Brandon Barba, and I’m currently attending both high school and college. I’m the Secretary of Campuses at MCC, which in other terms means that I’m the president of the Red Mountain campus and liaison between the others. Inducted in prestigious honor societies such as Phi Theta Kappa and NHS, I’m an extremely driven individual.
Description Water can kill you. Scratch that, it WILL kill you. This caught my interest because as a child I refused to drink water. Numerous people always talk about how “healthy” water is compared to soda or other drinks. It’s a lie. I’ll show you why you should not drink water due to its subtle malicious nature.

Get Off the Sidelines and Do YOU!
Presenter Cheryl Marquez
Biography California transplant trying not to melt in the AZ desert, obsessed with tech gadgets, yoga, and Zumba. Co-founder and Chief Mom at Hand Things Down, blogger for and GenJuice. I’m a single mom who juggles the demands of kids and business, then writes about it all!
Description What IF instead of watching reality TV, your reality was full of life? Most of us are afraid to step up even when it’s something we secretly want to do. Sometimes you don’t even know what you want to do. Isn’t it time to find out? Whether it’s volunteering or learning to pole dance, it’s time to do YOU!

Oblique Strategies: How To Make Your Muse Obsolete
Presenter Ashley Naftule
Biography I’m a writer, improviser, performance artist,& mangler of ears at karaoke nights. I’ve done previous presentations for Ignite and for Ignite After Hours, and goofed/stumbled during each one (forgetting the presentation, using note-cards, etc). Would love to do an Ignite talk without making any mistakes this time. Here’s hoping 3rd time is ze charm!
Description Waiting around for inspiration is a fool’s game; better to play foolish games and get inspired that way. As a writer, I use a few tricks to get myself through writers’ blocks & dry spells. I’ll explain a few of them, which include the I Ching, Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies cards, improvised writing exercises, & wandering around like a crazy bum.

Turn your poem into a one man show
Presenter Edward Mabrey
Biography Founder and CEO of Black Pearl Poetry. Conduct Open Mics, Poetry Slams, Workshops, and lectures all over the country.
Description Aside from drowning, one of the biggest fears is public speaking. Combine that with our collective emotional baggage and you have a society of spiritual mutes. But when you get someone to write a poem (and EVERYBODY has ONE poem), then identify their heroes and villains and act them out, you not only get your chance to shine onstage, but in life.

The Greatest Art You’ll Never See
Presenter Tim Casey
Biography A life-long Arizona mineral enthusiast, who enjoys time with the family, prospecting, fine dining, and working in a cubical.
Description Arizona is famous worldwide for its minerals, and the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum in downtown Phoenix houses some of the best mineral treasures found anywhere. This June, the state is replacing the Museum with a reception center where the governor can hold private parties, forever removing these wonderful objects from public view.

Better Living Through Fast Food
Presenter Jay Thompson
Biography By day I sell real estate. Meh. What I really am is an overweight balding old guy, who loves fast living — and fast food. I started working at McDonald’s the day I turned 16 and have visited a Mickey D’s at least weekly ever since. Having consumed fast food in 12 countries I consider myself a world-wide connoisseur of this culinary delight..
Description Forget zombies, the planet is being overrun by Foodies! We hear repeated references to organic food, health food, and “living right”. People are downright ashamed that they enjoy a greasy double cheeseburger.

It’s disgraceful.

Forget that!! Fast food is a staple that can *improve* your life. Learn to embrace it, to want it, to exploit it.

Making a Career Out of Service
Presenter Alicia Fremling
Biography As a University Innovation Fellow, I focus on projects in the Office of University Initiatives at ASU that help students achieve their career aspirations, particularly in the area of national service, including Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach For America. I have completed AmeriCorps*NCCC in Washington, D.C., and Teach For America in Philadelphia.
Description In honor of National AmeriCorps Week & given our current economic strife, we can all consider making a career out of service to others. Believe it or not, in national service, one can make a decent living, and it opens up a world of opportunities in all sorts of industries! Plus, it’s building stronger communities & citizens! Why serve? Why not!

Mimetic Desire in the Digital Age
Presenter Drex Davis
Biography I am the current CEO of and the co-founder of the Social Startup I am a student of the philosophy of Rene Girard and study its impact on the world, particularly what it teaches us about violence, religion, prospects for peace, and the implications of digital technologies on humanity. Degree in philosophy.
Description Rene Girard introduced the world to the concept of Mimetic Desire, which is both the way people learn their desires as well as the origin of interpersonal conflict. The Internet and the social networks it houses are a mechanism that amplify Mimetic Desire. The consequence of this is re-shaping the world in exciting, but risky, ways.

Brilliant Confusion
Presenter Laurie Perez
Biography Joybroker and author of the forthcoming book: The 3 Cs.

Want a Stress-Free Life? Cultivate These: Curiosity, Compassion and Confusion

Description Between genius and being baffled, choose bafflement if you want true brilliance. Sounds counter-intuitive? You’re simply not confused enough. Every bit of seething stress (in life, love, work, art) springs from trying to get a bead on what’s really going down. When I’m through with you, you won’t know much – and you’ll be brighter for it.

Networking: A unique common resource
Presenter Uyen Tran
Biography A graduate from ASU in Economics and Global Studies, I currently work as an economic consultant in the Valley. In the last 5 years I’ve taught in Vietnam, worked in Costa Rica, and studied in Italy, leading me to where I am today. Along this path I’ve been inspired and empowered by others. These people are not only my network, but my community.
Description A new way of looking at social & professional networks. I encourage others to re-conceive their “network” as a community. Using economic concepts, I show how building one’s social & professional community increases the utility of individuals, organizations, even entire generations. Establish your role in your community, & you can make it thrive.

The next step in the great experiment of Democracy
Presenter Andrew Jennings
Biography In December, I completed a PhD degree at ASU on the mathematics of social choice. I program computers and have founded two local internet startups. I was born and raised in Arizona and I’m passionate about improving public discourse, hacking electronic ink technology, and strengthening the tech community in the Phoenix area.
Description The US is stuck in a two-party political system, and the primary reason for it is astonishingly simple: our archaic voting system.

Our current “vote-for-one-candidate-and-shut-up” system breeds both bitter partisanship and widespread voter apathy.

Educated Americans should know that there are better voting systems that can improve our democracy.

Ability is what counts
Presenter Shaylyn Savage
Biography I am the president of an organization at ASU called Ability Counts
Tempe (ACT). We strive to bring awareness on disabilities to the community
Description In history, there have been big movements for women’s rights and
segregation of skin color. However, people still do not feel
comfortable around those with disabilities. There is insecurity and
lack of knowledge. It’s time to teach the world about the lives of those with disabilities.

Local Survival Guide to an Arizona Summer that Doesn’t SUCK!
Presenter Beth Hickey
Biography Having survived a lifetime of Arizona summers we are locavores on a mission for a Summer That Doesn’t SUCK.
Description At 120 degrees and no moisture we scramble like ants under a magnifying glass to find respit from the scorching heat. Liquid relief is found underground at basement bars and wine cellars. Kids break from house arrest at cool indoor places to burn excess energy. Escape the Valley to little know watering holes, creek walks and shady hikes.

So You THINK You Can Design?
Presenter Leah Marche
Biography PHX native with background in journalism, graphic design, marketing, poetry/spoken word and theatre. Worked for: an NBA franchise; a music zine as creative director; my mom selling corn at Chase Field. Work at a: community paper; bookstore. Love: thinking big; volunteering; being idealistic. Kind of a: workaholic; perfectionist; pain (only child).
Description You’re NOTHING without a good graphic designer. But when you can’t afford one and you need to DIY, you must KNOW the basics. This will help you put your best on paper and on screen — through DOs/DON’Ts and BEFOREs/AFTERs — so you can be noticed and your message taken seriously. Why? First impressions are SOMETHING…image is certainly EVERYTHING.

555: Five Five-Mile Hikes in Five Minutes
Presenter David Bickford
Biography By day, I work for a locally-based institution of higher education. Nights and weekends, I write the blog for fun. I live with my wife, our two daughters, and too many cats near Piestewa Peak. Addition to blogging and social media activities, I enjoy science fiction, music, theater, and hiking. I’m also an unabashed geography nerd.
Description Phoenicians are blessed with great hiking opportunities in the metropolitan area, but we’re loving our favorite peaks and paths to death. The results are eroded trails and overcrowded parking lots. Instead of conquering Piestewa Peak or Camelback again, let’s take five minutes to learn about five great local hikes, each about five miles in length.

Electricity in AZ: Why Don’t We Have More Solar?
Presenter Nancy LaPlaca
Biography I currently serve as Policy Advisor to Arizona Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman, providing analysis on renewable energy, fossil fuel generation, and water policy; worked for two AZ Congresspersons, the state Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and state Senate; and done research, writing and business process analysis for technology companies.
Description Arizonans currently get half of all electricity from coal, and about one-quarter each from natural gas and nuclear. New Jersey has far more solar than AZ; while cloudy Germany has half the world’s installed solar photo voltaics. Why?

How a slice of pizza changed my life
Presenter Andrew Knochel
Biography I like to eat and drink well and goof around on social media in my free time.
Description From childhood through college, I was timid, conservative, and naive. In this presentation, I’d like to tell you how eating a single slice of pizza changed the way I experience life. I went from being a picky eater to eating sea beans and purple potatoes. I went from a shy wallflower to a fearless extrovert, and I blame it all on a slice of pizza.

Turning the Tables
Presenter Sam Pillsbury
Biography A film-maker from NZ who planted a Rhone Variety Vineyard in high-altitude Sulphur Springs Valley in Cochise County in 2000, now making one of the top AZ wines and one of the only from 100% locally grown grapes, I am passionately committed to making stunning quality table wines with a unique regional Arizona character.
Film Bio
Description Watching wine grapes flourish in unlikely locations in NZ, I became intrigued by the possibilities of high-desert for quality grapes. Looking at the essentials without pre-conceptions (wine grapes originated in the desert anyway) and other factors (more UV in high-altitude, endless sun, control of irrigation) I bet we could make great wine in AZ.

When Ghosts Go Bad
Presenter Angelique
Biography Started as a writer and editor. Became a professional belly-dancer. Then became an entertainment agent. Now I’m “Your Social Media Image Consultant!” I wear short skirts to networking events and teach people to be less annoying on the internet. Never stopped being a writer and editor.
Description My pet peeve is internet ghosting. Blogs, tweets, status updates… bots are bad, but ghosts are ghastly. Yeah, this is a professional opinion, but I can deliver it without pitching myself. And I have a collection of cool ghost graphics, ones I’ve made because I’m a Photoshop fiend. Oooo… fiend! Scarier than a ghost!

Mixed Media Art
Presenter Judy Wood
Biography I’m a mixed media artist and author. I have a local travel blog and an art blog. I grew up in Scottsdale and I’ve lived in Mesa for 36 years. I’m a certified art teacher but I prefer subbing high school. I love to create, and the desert offers so many opportunities.
Description There are so many artists doing ‘digital artwork’, and as lovely as that may be, it’s nice to see some pencil to paper, paint to canvas, bling to altered dominoes. Let’s get back to our ‘fine art’ roots and create!

How learning to change my tire changed my life.
Presenter Bogi Lateiner
Biography I am a master mechanic and owner of a full service auto repair shop in midtown Phoenix. I teach basic car care classes for women and recently launched a foundation to promote women in the automotive industry.
Description I didn’t grow up thinking I would be a mechanic. But when I started learning to work on my own car – I learned more than just how to change a tire. Ever since I’ve been passionate about teaching people about their cars and encouraging women in particular to get in there, get dirty and see just what they are capable of, with their car AND in life.

My life According to Robert Heinlien
Presenter Kevin Hardin
Biography “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight……….
Description 2 kids, check; met wife, check; cut, check; boat, check; house, check; marriage vows, check; checking, check; yard, check; ankle, check; mother lives with me, check; military, check; military, check; military, check, morning, check; calories, check; married, check; farm, check; facebook, check; spaghetti, check; run, check; die gallantly TBD.

Up, Down, Up, Down, Up Still fighting
Presenter Kevin Hardin
Biography I am a married father of two with two dogs. Mother in law lives with us. Mother and father due to age and health lives with us. I work full time and go to law school. When I am not busy I do a little BBQ at Oh, and I am restoring a 1941 Chevy with my Dad.
Description You can never stop fighting. I was once a pro sports prospect and in the military. Broke Neck. No more sports. No more military. Got back up and finished college. Wife left. Met new wife. Had two kids. Built Mortgage Bank. Lost $Millions in the great recession. Got back up and got into law school. You can never stop fighting.

Stuff White People Like
Presenter Dria Wiltjer
Biography I teach 8th grade math in Tempe. I work part-time for the City of Tempe in the recreation department. I play softball for 2 recreational teams. I am working on a master’s in Educational Technology. My friends think I’m slightly stupid when it comes to computers; coworkers think I’m a goddess among them when it comes to technology. And I’m white.
Description I read this book a while back, and I find myself laughing about it and giggling about it ALL. THE. TIME. It is surprising how genuinely funny it is – and I’m not a huge fan of humor books – but also how much it encapsulates the idea of a “white culture” … something which most white people refuse to admit to having.

Why Rotary Isn’t Just For Old White Guys
Presenter Michael Sherron
Biography I am a 31 year old web developer, world traveler, and passionate about community service. In 2007, I set a goal to travel abroad and find someone else to pay for it. Through the Rotary Clubs of Phoenix, AZ I was able to travel for 4 weeks in Japan – an experience that changed my life.
Description I am a member of a 106 year old, 1.22 million strong service fellowship that is currently working the ‘final inch’ to eradicate polio worldwide. My talk is about how young people are the future of this organization, and what opportunities Rotary has given me – business networking, community and international service, and fellowship.

6 Inches to Freedom!!
Presenter Greg Essenmacher
Biography I am no longer a victim of my past or consumed with worrying about my future–I live in the now. I have been involved with public speaking in many different forms for a dozen years or more and love the rush and energy exchange between myself and the audience (no matter what the venue). I am dynamic, entertaining and have no fear.
Description You don’t need a therapist, shaman or house of worship to change your life; You have all you need in the 6 inches between your temples. Change your perspective on things and it will change your life. Stop being a victim of your past or paralyzed by fear of your future–make it happen, by yourself, for yourself, right now!

Japanese Music Demystified: Enough About J Music to Make You J Pop
Presenter Jonathan “Kamikaze” McNamara
Biography I’m one man on an eternal quest to listen to as much Japanese music as I can. And when I’m all hopped up on ear candy, I share a little bit with the world through my Japanese Music blog called “Nihongaku.” “Nihon” means Japan. “Ongaku” means music. Put ’em together and they mean an invasion for your ear holes.
Description How much Japanese music do you listen to? Answer: not enough. Find out about the Japanese band that initially made a splash by touring with Nirvana. Hear about the Japanese punk band good enough that Joey Ramone produced them. Who is the J music superstar poised to take over the world. Time to listen up!

Math + Webdesign = Awesome!
Presenter Danny Robles
Biography I am the Web Director for and have been a part of the web design and web development process for about 10 years. I graduated from Collins College with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication with a focus on Graphic Design and Multimedia.
Description I remember thinking how math would be a talent that I would only use in high school and nowhere else. I was wrong. I would like to share the math I use everyday to design, develop and measure the success of a website and inspire others to find the math in their work.

The Year of Living Curiously
Presenter Michelle DeSpain
Biography I am a Late Bloomer chick who seeks out soul-scintillating adventures on a daily basis. Previously, I was a 40-year old woman in the throes of an existential crisis. But I’m all better now. :-)
Description The first thing everyone asks when they hear of my 365 or Bust project is, “HOW can you keep up with that?” It can be overwhelming at times, but here’s a little secret: It’s the blog that takes up so much time, not the soul-scintillating experiences. I hope to inspire EVERYONE to break out of routine & sprinkle a bit of sparkle into everyday life.

The Foundation to human physical development
Presenter Kevin Turner
Biography 2-3 brief sentences about who are and what you do. (Limited to 350 characters)
I am the owner and creator of a physical training method called ” the way of the KONDO method” we redevelop and strengthen the neural pathway-connectors from mind to body so as to develop a more dynamic human. We dispel the myths and bring Enlightenment to the industry.
Description 2-3 brief sentences about your idea and why it is compelling, exciting or needs attention. (Limited to 350 characters)

We assume we understand our body and how to strengthen it and attain longevity. It is said.. “just do something and be active” I disagree! If you drive your car not knowing the brake is on, you MAY get there… But at what cost

Why You Should Love the Fact That You Live in Phoenix
Presenter Michael Barber
Biography Digital marketing strategist. First generation American. Six year Phoenician now splitting my time between the Valley and Los Angeles.
Description If you’ve lived in Phoenix long enough, you will have undoubtedly heard comments like, “Phoenix sucks” or “Phoenix lacks a sense of community.” Even I once made comments like these. However after leaving the Valley, I’ve come to the understanding that Phoenix is a fantastic place to call home. I’ll tell you why & how you make the most of this city.

Intro to Paragliding: the art of falling up
Presenter Sean Tierney
Biography Local AZ native. Co-founder of JumpBox and Scratch Audio. Currently infatuated with enabling new forms of collaboration amongst musicians.
Description Paragliding (not parasailing behind a boat) is like hang gliding only using a parachute instead of a fixed wing. I’ve flown 2+ consecutive hours ridge soaring the beaches of Ecuador and thermaling 6,000′ above ground & off of active volcanoes. In 5min I’ll introduce you to this wonderful sport and show you how a parachute can actually fall up.

Just say no to bad customer service
Presenter Daniel McCrobie
Biography Snowboarder, motorcycle rider, and educator with a passion for good customer service. People have a high tolerance for bad service and that has to stop. Dedicated to educating consumers on what a good experience looks like and how to ensure you get it the next time you need help or go shopping.
Description Customer service is horrible. We wait on hold, get rerouted, queue up, and pay convenience fees that are never convenient! Consumers have the power to demand great service, yet most accept the status quo without challenge. A five-step method that you can use with any company to get them in line or send them packing will be shown.

My Friends are Awesome
Presenter Ben Morin
Biography I’m a PhD candidate in the Applied Math for the Life and Social Sciences program at ASU, a father and a rabid fan of mathematical modeling. I spend my research time on the boundary of the ivory tower of mathematics and epidemiology, culture formation and ecological behavior models. I spend my free time watching Dora and drinking coffee.
Description Why? Because they’re all different. In what is hopefully not a touchy feely way I would like to go through about 8 of them and tell you why they suck and why I don’t want to live without them. Snippet stories, stereotypes and lots of love ensue.

Why is math cool?
Presenter Ben Morin
Biography I’m a PhD candidate in the Applied Math for the Life and Social Sciences program at ASU, a father and a rabid fan of mathematical modeling. I spend my research time on the boundary of the ivory tower of mathematics and epidemiology, culture formation and ecological behavior models. I spend my free time watching Dora and drinking coffee.
Description Most people hate math. I think this is because it is taught as drills and memorization. My talk will detail how math, tempered with imagination, is the pure science, and really neat. I want to tell people everywhere that math isn’t a homework problem but a way of conceptualizing the world, breaking it apart, and finding out why it comes together.

Choir Geeks Unite!
Presenter Lisa Aragon
Biography I’m a life-long digital marketing professional with a boisterous attitude, an occasional prickly demeanor and soft heart. I’m often told by my friends that I live in hyperbole, which keeps my vivid imagination flowing. I thrive on cascades of media consumption, the wonders of nature, good whiskey and quality time with my partner and canines.
Description For years, I have lead a secret life and have yet to seek professional help. I’m a 38 year old choir geek…and I’m not alone. Across the Valley and country, other adults like me are connecting with their community through the beauty, complexity and oftentimes cheesy gift of song. Nights spent intoxicated by measures and syncopation. Noone is safe.

Inspiration, Imagination, and Impact: The Possibilities of Literacy and Learning
Presenter Becca Simpson
Biography I’m a motivated individual with a passion for literature and social justice. They came together to make something magical–all as a result of one book. I’m part of a non-profit organization aptly named the Harry Potter Alliance. We hope to inspire action using the power literature, both domestically and abroad.
Description It has often been said that “literature teaches empathy,” for when we enter a book’s world we are able to experience emotions and understand things apart from our secluded, everyday world. Literature can be a powerful tool in bringing awareness and social change. Read and become an advocate for literature for kids and adults. Imagine better!

KISS me stupid!
Presenter Paula
Biography I’m a latté-loving, back-to-basics brand ninja, speaker and author who is passionate about KISS – keeping it simple, silly. As a serial entrepreneur (, et al). I have spend many moons helping companies, large and small, build their buzz.
Description Imagine if you could double down on your productivty — getting twice as much done in half the time! You can. I plan to breathe new life into the tired phrase, “Keep it simple stupid,” by sharing my own tried and true methods to simplify life and get the most out of it. Who wouldn’t love that?

The Green Eggs List: An Online Dating Manifesto
Presenter Cori Frolander
Biography I am just a girl who wants to change the world! I am passionate about the nonprofit field, loving others, and living the dream. I’d like to think of myself as a storyteller and I hope sometimes people actually relate to the story.
Description Online dating is a social experiment in and of itself; one I find overwhelming. I had almost given up when my mom offered to screen any “matches” who emailed. To help her, I came up with 10 deal breakers I call my “Green Eggs List.” (I will not date them Sam I Am… in a boat, train, etc. But unlike the book, I won’t change my mind!)

Changing Phoenix for the better one project at a time
Presenter Fred von Graf
Biography Changing Phoenix for the better one project at a time. Run the SMAZ event in Tempe bringing 500 people together every 6 months to share knowledge, starting a co-working space & technology incubator to bring people together, launching a mobile game (Hexxa) to help engage people, and I run a digital marketing company.
Description I’m stuck in Phoenix area until my son goes off to college. So I’m making it the best environment I possibly can one project at a time. It’s a selfish reason, but everyone benefits… By working with other like minded people we are able to change the culture in Phoenix and make it a place you want to live, taking small steps to get big results.

Living in the Present
Presenter Marvin Forte
Biography Hi, I’m Marvin Forte, a designer and musician from sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

While playing in a rock band by night, my design skills led me to a day job as a graphic artist. I struck out on my own in 2000 to found a print and Web design firm and haven’t looked back.

I love music, architecture, hiking, good food and bad science fiction.

Description Living in the present, with an eye on the future and lessons from the past. Words I try to live by, every day. I don’t always succeed, but I like to think it’s the trying that counts.

In my talk, I’d like to explore the strength, peace and wisdom of living in the moment, as well as the futility of dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.

I like my heroes 2 x 2
Presenter Andia Winslow
Biography I’ve made my backyard the set for fitness videos that I post on YouTube.

Special Talent: 44” standing vertical jump.

Favorite Workout: Barefoot sprinting.

Most Amazing Fitness Moment: Being featured on

Notable Press Play: Nina Simone’s “Sinner Man”

Description I am at my best when in motion. I move because I can’t sit still. I run because the wind carries me. I jump because the sky begs “How high?” My friends sat on the sidelines inspired. That is until they joined me. Our movement is motion. Our passion is team. Our goal is fitness. Onward we go. Are you coming?

Where the Sun Rises and Sets – The science lesson we all should have learned in grade school.
Presenter Noel J. Hebets
Biography I’m an Arizona native who likes to teach how use powerful sustainability ideas important, if not essential, to our future on this planet, to create truly “green” environments, and to envision projects that demonstrate them. Though I have many such ideas, the basic sun angles are fun and easy to teach and learn, and where I must start.
Description Our buildings use more energy more wastefully than our cars and factories. Using basic sun angles in “passive solar” designs to reject the harsh summer sun, but capture our great winter sun will give the biggest, cheapest and easiest gains. Had we started a century ago, the difference would be the nuclear power plants we never would have built.

The Secrets of Amateur Action Videography
Presenter Kurt J Parker
Biography I’m your typical dad with a very bad memory and an active, only child.
Description In the many hours of recording, editing and distributing performance videos, I’ve learned a few very valuable lessons that every dad should know. This talk will share some of the best.

The Diary of a Dance Dad
Presenter Kurt J Parker
Biography I’m a typical dad with an atypically bad memory. I love to video and photograph everything that my daughter (8) does. This hobby/passion is part of what makes me the (almost) perfect Dance Dad.
Description I’m a Dance Dad. All fathers of children in the performing arts (or whatever their passion is) should be a Dance Dad, too. I can teach you the required skills, like whether a frappe is something you drink or a way that you kick (trick question). Most of all, I can share how being a DD has profoundly improved my professional, social and family life.

Route 66? Why not just take the Interstate??
Presenter Ed Klein
Biography I am an avid preservationist and promoter of Route 66. I do it for free and from the heart! I believe we need to preserve, visit, and travel the ‘Mother Road’ and a part of history!
Description Since Route 66 travels thru Arizona and Arizona has one of the longest, best peserved, and still drivable strips of road, which literally is less than 2 hours north of Phoenix. Most people have heard of Route 66, but few know you can still discover it!

Presenter Bret
Biography I’m a ColdFusion Nerd who is addicted to college football, caffeine and peanut butter.
Description As an attempt to break out of my hermit shell, I would like to share how I used social media and search engine optimization to gain an invite into the Football Writers Association of America. It wasn’t something I planned, but something I am very proud of.

So Caveman Everyone Should Do It
Presenter Paul Kenjora
Biography I’m an entrepreneur, active in some local social circles, and a former presenter at Ignite “LordSolar”.

Loved the talks past few years, spoke to Jeff recently, and thought sure thing I feel like I can say something not completely insane.

Looking forward to presenting if I’m picked, looking forward to attending if I’m not, thanks!

Description I just read a book called the “The Paleo Diet” and its changed my life. Also known as the “Caveman Diet” its crazy what we believe we should eat and what we’re built to eat.

I’d love to introduce some people to the concept and the lifestyle. Things like eating at restaurants, exercising, shopping, and sleeping is all different.

A Pox on Gamification
Presenter Adam ‘Pi’ Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description Gamification – the alluring sensation that’s taking the world of game design by storm! From the hallowed halls of MIT to the Colbert Report spotlight, gamificationers promise a world with fewer bad habits, and greater happiness for all. But is what they promise real, or simply another opiate for the masses (PROTIP: THE LATTER)

Why the Wii is the Worst Thing to Happen to Videogames Since ET: The Videogame.
Presenter Adam ‘Pi’ Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description The Nintendo Wii has done irreparable damage to the mildly noble art of videogames. With it’s insanely high market penetration and weak library, the Wii has more-or-less cemented in the minds of the public the image of games as harmless distractions. They may never recover.

Who Am I ?? My Personality Disorder
Presenter Cynthia Paulson
Biography Student, mother, wife, advocate, military mom and radio personality swooping down to battle the evils of the real world with her own style. Using the power of music she entertains the troops, uses social media to advocate PTSD and TBI awareness and even cooks dinner!
Description I am often not certain of who I have become…I am no longer just Cynthia Paulson (mild mannered payroll clerk) but some one my husband regularly introduces as Cynfully Luscious (my radio name). My name changes hourly depending on who I am emailing or using social media with, and sometimes I even forget who I am…sound frustrating to you?

The failest of collegiate careers ~or how I so very badly want future collegiate generations to learn from my mistakes.
Presenter Andrew Vache
Biography I’m a Secondary English Education major and I guess that’s about it. I tweet too much, obsess over silly things and want so much more for myself than I am allowing at the moment…if that makes sense.
Description I’m three years into college and not a day closer to my degree. Why? It took me entirely too long to decide on a major, I suffered from undiagnosed depression and struggled with my sexuality. I mostly want to share what I’ve learned throughout my short adult life and maybe strike a chord. College shouldn’t have to suck for the next gen, too.

Talk Like Yoda
Presenter Kolby Granville
Biography Attorney by trade. Teacher by love. Traveler by choice. Developer of innovative methods to learn foreign languages by necessity.
Description Forgiving language is. Conjugation need you not. Unimportant is word order. Fear not to learn a language foreign. Teach you I will to speak a language foreign in days 30 and less. Strategy is simple. Learn it you will. Yes…

Body Consumable
Presenter Ingrid Shults
Biography I am an artist and educator working in both the conceptual and commercial world. I have created work for visual, aural, and oral consumption. Some of my best audiences have ranged from the theater spectacular of Prague, Czech. to midwestern field mice. I am a mother of a 10 month old.
Description I believe that art is about consumption for the viewer and alchemy for the artist. I create ephemeral work out of consumable materials. I have created works out of burnt sugar and invited the public to ceremoniously consume the work, thus altering both the art and the experience of art. The result has led to personal confessions from the audience, political footprints, and controversial dialogues on the role of beauty in art.

Uncover your passion
Presenter Ben Pandya
Biography Coach and teach others to align their individual passions with that of the organizational mission for greater sustained success without compromising integrity and the mindset.
Description Passion is the single most significant source of sustained success. Why then do we get sidetracked and lose focus on our passion? You are among the three buckets that make the human race: Those who thrive, those merely survive or those who ignore and nose dive. Which bucket are you in?
Create unique interactions each day and every moment. This uniqueness will make those interactions memorable and you will then be the envy of all others.
Are you ready?

The New Adventures of Zeus
Presenter Noah Dyer
Biography I make things including, trouble, babies, websites, money, fashion statements, whoopee, and so forth.
Description What happens when you dress up as a super hero and go on patrol? I will tell you.

Brands that Become Us
Presenter Nancy Gray
Biography I ask and answer the following questions for GrayMatter clients: How do you capture the eye, engage the mind, and generate happiness (a very important ingredient) in those who experience your brand? The answers stem from +20 years of professional passion for brands and evidence-based research that is ignited by creativity. After all, starting a fire is a first step in making a brand impression!
Description What is in the Koolaid that turns users of Apple products into lovers who take their iPhone to bed with them? Or Harley Davidson owners to exchange Armani for leather chaps? Evidence-based research gives us clues as to what catalysts spark the fire that leads to brand relationships which can make us really authentically happy.

Reasons Your Podcast Sucks
Presenter Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer
Biography I’m a middle-school teacher, a composer and a podcaster. I love sharing ideas, exchanging ideas and bringing people together all in a musical and non-musical sense. I love podcasting with a passion. So much so that I have not made a dime and keep pumping hundreds of dollars into my project, Train Wreck in Progress.
Description My podcast as taught me many things about audio recording and editing, organization, connecting with people and running a business. But mostly connecting with people. Through this venture, we have helped connect many artists here in PHX and even brought a few young, local businesses together.
I would like to share with you what I have learned from having my podcast and, along the way, demonstrate how you can also produce a great podcast.

Reducing Suffering: The Biggest Bang for the Buck
Presenter Jeff Boghosian
Biography I’m a physicist with a love for our furry friends. My passions are to reduce suffering in the world and to strum James Taylor tunes on the guitar (hopefully the two aren’t mutually exclusive).
Description With so many problems in the world, where do we start? Simply making better choices at the dining room table will have significant impact in reducing suffering to animals and conserving resources. This non-judgmental, non-preachy presentation will help you decide whether eating animals is right for YOU!

Personal Identity and Branding
Presenter Todd VanDuzer
Biography I am Todd VanDuzer and I am driven by the need to help individuals face their fears and become who they want to be. I am a marketing major at the Honors College in Arizona State University. The last couple years I have spent studying identity, branding, body language, social interaction, and stress free productivity. I have personally traveled to 25 countries so far in my life, many times on my own. I consider myself a inspirational leader, entrepreneur, life time learner, educator, and outstanding listener
Description Branding is everywhere and it is important to take the actions now to brand you correctly. In order to began branding yourself however you must first figure out your core identity or purpose in life. Afterward you should focus on making everything clearly defined and congruent to that identity. Your appearance, body language you portray, way you talk, act, etc. should all be congruent with your identity. It is important to take action now and be a unique different individual that is known for their purpose and unique qualities.

“They find themselves climbing up the ladder of success only to discover that they climbed up the wrong building”

-Just as a company should figure out their identity to brand their products correctly individuals should to do the same.

What makes a team work?
Presenter T. Clayton White
Biography I am a 23 year old college student who while playing college football started to ask the question: What makes a team work? And learned through the course of my experiences what it takes to bring humans close enough to work together.
Description Whats the difference between a winning team and losing team even though on paper they are similar.

A cultural revolution can cure cancer.
Presenter T. Clayton White
Biography I am a 23 year old college student who while playing college football started to ask the question: What makes a team work? And learned through the course of my experiences what it takes to bring humans close enough to work together.
Description How our behavior as a society prevents the positive, and how we can get beyond being afraid of whats next simply by loving our neighbors.

Adopt A Bike At Bike Saviours
Presenter Kim Gresham
Biography I’m an accounting student at ASU and spend most of my spare time knitting, weaving, spinning (yarn), or biking. That’s about it… for now. I am always learning new things and have recently decided to learn CAD. I will gladly accept tips on this, it looks tricky.
Description Bike Saviours is an amazing non-profit organization that I stumbled across a few years ago. They collect used bikes and parts from donations and teach people to fix and maintain bikes. This is great because it keeps these bikes out of dumps, provides a cheap alternative to a Wal-Mart bike, and most importantly teaches people how to take care of them. They make our community a better place and everyone should know about them!

Sustainability Education – Teaching the Future How to Sustiain the Future
Presenter Andrew Bernier – CREST School
Biography I’m the Sustainability Instructor at The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST). I am writing & teaching the first comprehensive 9-12 sustainability curriculum in the country for public high school students. Majoring in Environmental Studies and acquiring my M.Ed at ASU with Teach for America, I have been researching these two fields in conjunction for the past seven years.
Description Buzzword or not, sustainability is here to stay. But how do we prepare the coming generations the skills to have the “ability” to “sustain”? Incorporating sustainability into the classroom is vital to producing the new wave of consumers, critical thinkers and problem solvers. In developing the first ever comprehensive sustainability curriculum in the country, the CREST school aims to do just that.

The Humanities and the 21st Century
Presenter Michael Wassermann
Biography I am a senior at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. I am pursuing concurrent degrees in English Literature and Sociology and will graduate in May of this year. My interests are in the humanities and the social impact of literature.
Description As a system of education, higher academia is failing. Instead of instructing students to think critically, reason complexly, and write effectively, universities across the United States are conferring degrees on students who have little understanding of the merits that their diploma should represent. This talk will address the impact of the humanities in the 21st century and why our population should have a vested interest in the liberal arts in an increasingly scientifically and technologically oriented society.

I bicycle to work, you can too!
Presenter Joseph Perez
Biography I’m a bicyclist. I bike when it’s cold, I bike when it’s hot, I bike when it’s wet, I bike when it’s not. I’m co-owner of a sweet bicycle shop, The Bicycle Cellar, in Tempe. I bicycle to work. Everyday. I’m also the Bicycle Coordinator for a local municipality, not to be named. I also serve on the boards of two non-profit bicycle groups.
Description Do you wanna bicycle to work but are afraid of being sweaty after your commute? Bicycle Cellar has SHOWERS and LOCKERS so you can arrive to work clean & looking good. Bicycle Cellar is at Veterans Way & College Avenue light rail platform in Tempe. Leave your bike with us all day or park it with us so it’s ready when you arrive. BIKE PARK SHOWER GO!

The Revolution that Never Happened: Women and Care
Presenter Maureen Sander-Staudt
Biography I am an ASU Assistant Professor working in philosophy. My specific area of rersearch is the ethics of care and bio-medical ethics.
Description Although much of the goals of early American feminists have been accomplished, a number of challenges remain in achieving equality for women. My talk will specifically look at how the U.S. lags behind other developed countries in providing care for care-givers, especially women. I will examine how the improving political agency of women may or may not ber able to rectify this lack.

That’s Awkward
Presenter Joanie Simon
Biography I’m an AZ native working as a sales manager for a restaurant point of sales company, though my past life was in the world of higher education living and working with college students as a glorified “dorm Mom”. I love connecting with people, motivating teams, food, more food, Lady Gaga and all things pop culture.
Description Do you know the appropriate way to execute the awkward turtle? A quick flip of the wrist and you’re “all that and a bag of chips”, just like if you brand your own version of happy lama. But, if they don’t like it you’ll be a hot mess tranny sad panda. Popular culture has served up a new era of viral randomness (with a hearty helping of barnyard animals) and I can’t help but eat it up and dish it out. Not only can you pick up some totes-fab expressions to impress your teenagers, but gain a little insight into why being wacky is not whack at all (don’t worry, crack still is.)

Choosing Compassion!
Presenter John Oberg
Biography I’m a student at ASU, studying Nonprofit Leadership. I plan on changing this world, one person at a time. In my free time I play soccer and am a bit obsessed with hockey (Go Wings!)
Description It’s pretty simple. Every time you eat, you choose to support cruelty or choose compassion. I present a non-preachy display, explaining that every time you sit down to eat, you can make a compassionate choice, one that celebrates animals.

From cubicle chick to paid musician in 12 months: how I did it
Presenter Angela Leavitt
Biography Marketer by day, singer/songwriter/guitar & piano player by night. I knew as a child I wanted to pursue music, but because of my fear and self-doubt, I never really did until about a year ago. And now that I have, my life has changed dramatically and I’m happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. I’m finally living the life I was meant to.
Description A year ago, I never dreamed I would ever get paid to do music. Mostly because I sucked at it. But through infusing hard work, persistence and passion into that dream, I made it happen in 12 months. I’d like to tell you how. I now have 2 weekly paid music gigs in Scottsdale and many more opportunities on the horizon. I’ve also traveled to LA to meet with a very successful record producer, and I’m quickly becoming part of his network of developing artists.

Pariah’s Among Us
Presenter Michael Witham
Biography Build community wealth… interested in human service, entrepreneurship, disruption and changing paradigms.
Description Im a felon, spend 11 months in jail, 4 in solitary in the psych unit. Completed 6 month rehab. worked at the rehab for 2 years. I’m bipolar. sober for 5 years.

Seen lots of people, believe in second chances and helping people get them.

Palate Extraordinaire: Eating Awesomely When You Have Food Allergies
Presenter Stephanie Quilao
Biography I’m a professional blogger who blogs about healthy eating and living. I love chowing vibrantly!
Description Being diagnosed with food allergies doesn’t mean that you are now subjected to a life of boring, bland food. In fact, you can still enjoy things like ice cream, pizza, and chicken nuggets. 90% of all food allergy reactions are cause by 8 foods: milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

I have allergies to milk and eggs, and I avoid soy and wheat for other health reasons, but I still eat awesomely and people are often amazed by what I eat because it’s delicious and fun! I get creative and want to share how I and others chow remarkably even with food allergies.

Those Who Can’t, Teach…Those Who Can’t Teach Teach Art.
Presenter Sara Duffield
Biography I’m an art teacher in the valley with a healthy love of art in her regular life. I moved here from Michigan 3 years ago to teach and haven’t looked back. Arizona has been good to me in my 3 years so far; I have found a job, friends, a husband, house, and dog…so life is pretty good!
Description Art education has been my chosen profession for my life since I was a junior in high school. I moved across the country for a job to teach kids to do and love art as much as I do and like to think I’ve done that with a few of my students. In this state and all across the country schools are losing their arts programs and part of these kid’s futures are being lost. I want to speak on why I chose my profession, how I am proud of it, and why it is important.

rising fuel prices, the DominOil Effect, and your future
Presenter J.R. “Fibonacci” Hunn
Biography I published forecasts of most of the major “financial surprises” of recent years beginning in March 2003 (see links below). I have spoken extensively in public on the subject, but mostly in 2003 and 2004, before the issues began to de-stabilize global economic trends of human behavior.

Description Fossil fuels, beginning with coal, have revolutionized human life, allowing for huge increases in agricultural production and distribution, in leisure time and scientific research, and of course in human population. However, the fossil fuel era appears to be approaching it’s last stages.
Economic order is shifting. Social order is shifting. Political order is shifting. Governments, businesses, and households are shifting. Language and consciousness are shifting. Welcome to the future.

Check the Box!
Presenter Leslie Lindo
Biography I am a woman entrepreneur on a mission to make this world a better place. I teach professionals how to build communities that support social equity, economic growth and environmental conservation, and I love my life!
Description I am mixed with so many races and ethnicities that I can lay claim to almost any group you think of. Experience growing up in a society that forces you to define yourself by checking ONE box. From being told who you are to whom you should date by strangers, I’ll show how life can be outrageous, comical and refreshing while claiming your identity.

Ballet…It’s not just for Sissies
Presenter Lisa Owen
Biography Beach bum, Social Media junkie, lover of a Good Cocktail. Trying to balance being a wife/mom and being me; preferably without any casualties along the way.
Description I am 38 years old and a long time ballet fan, who recently started taking my first ever ballet class. Its time for people to realize that Ballet is not for sissies and appreciate the work and strength these dancers have to have. There is so much more to the art than classical music, tutus and men in tights.

Dodgeball: The TRUE Underdog Story
Presenter Charles Choueiri
Biography My name is Charles Choueiri. I am an Emmy-nominated multimedia producer with DEEP techie tendencies. I also have an unreasonable addiction to claw machine games…and dodgeball!
Description What started out as a “quirky” team-building activity had turned into a rubber ball-filled obsession; an obsession that led me through the underbelly of the dodgeball community, the highly competitive leagues, and to the other end of the planet to play a game that lacks the respect it truly deserves. This is Dodgeball: explained and romanticized.

Social Media Stole My Kidney! (or) How to be a comedienne for 8 years and get on the news? Donate a kidney.
Presenter Amy Donohue
Biography I’ve been a stand-up comedienne for 8 years. I’m a native of Buffalo NY, which is sometimes pretty painful to admit, especially during football AND hockey seasons. I’ve lived in Phoenix for almost 9 years and I’m working on taking over the Valley.
Description A couple months ago, a woman I had originally met on Twitter (@Diyamarketing aka Kirti) sent out a tweet about her mother suffering from kidney failure. She had been put on a waitlist for a donor that could be up to 6 years. When I saw that, I blurted out “I’ll do it! I’ll donate my kidney!”
I guess I didn’t think too much about it. My father had cancer 3 times and died 8 years ago from it. There was absolutely nothing we could do except…wait for him to die. I couldn’t give him blood, bone marrow, part of my liver…OR a kidney. I guess I feel that I am helping in a way that I couldn’t. I felt helpless when he was dying and I know how Kirti feels, because she is not a match.
I want people to be aware that they don’t have to wait to die to help someone else. Whether it’s donating blood or a kidney, there are ways to help someone else.
I don’t look at it as saving a life, but as giving someone a better quality of life. She hasn’t been able to eat pizza in 10 years. How much does THAT suck???

Flexible Focus
Presenter Penny Pulz
Biography 2 Time LPGA Golf Champion, top 10 player in the world. Owner of Penny Pulz Golf Academy. She trains the brain and body simultaneously. Her favorite saying, “See the simple clearly”. Oh and “Play Golf, Have Fun”!!
Description Flexible Focus is Mental Athletics for the Brain.

Tweeting, listening’, walking and being present to your partner all at the same time takes Mental Athletics. To move focus styles around, apply space (the vehicle) and imagination (the fuel… the transporter) for a mental athletic workout.

How to get ready for the apocalypse
Presenter Kevin Patterson
Biography I recently realized that if society crumbles I don’t have any real skills. I might be able to explain how the bond market works but I don’t think anybody would care in a world where people are riding around on motorcycles in their underwear. While I am comfortable with speaking in front of people, I do not know how to raise a garden nor skin an animal. So my resolution for 2011 was to learn as much as I could in one year.
Description Now let’s assume it ends up being a Mayan-Y2K joke and we all laugh at Nostradamus. But just in case, why not work on some bankable skills? This presentation will outline what I have figured out so far. The irony is if the whole world does go to poop, no one will be able to watch my presentation on youtube.

People. Not just Issues.
Presenter Suzanne Ziad
Biography Known as the ‘actorvist’. I am a strong advocate for human rights as well an inspiring actress here in Phoenix. My goal is to use the medium of movies and entertainment to raise awareness of global issues and show young people that they have a voice to make change.
Description Forget the politics. Were all sick of it. I’m going to take you on a tour of the Palestinian town of Beit-Sahour. We love spanish football. Were known for our stellar parties that last 6 days. Everyone knows everyone! And despite the occupation, we’re pretty happy people. Motivated, educated and non-violent in our protests! Viva Beit-Sahour!

The Greatest Sport on Earth
Presenter Sam Pewitt
Biography Humble salesperson by day, dodgeball aficionado by night. Creator and organizer of AZ Dodgeball, an adult dodgeball league based in the valley since 2006.
Description Why dodgeball is the greatest sport on earth, and why you (yes, you!) should play it. Its not just for kids any more!

How to be happy – a guide for those that have everything
Presenter Lorin Thwaits
Biography Lorin is a technologist, musician, and dreamer. He is thrilled by all the assorted beauty in life, and hopes for nothing more than to enjoy happiness with others.
Description We truly have everything. And although our species controls virtually every resource on this planet, for many of us we think we lack. This presentation explores simple changes in perspective that will result in deep appreciation for everything that life provides.

Beyond Dungeons and Dragons: Pen-and-Paper RPG’s for the Everyone!
Presenter Adam ‘Pi’ Burch
Biography Adam Burch is not only a player of the digital games, but also of the analog ones! He’s spent way to much time rolling up and characters for rpg’s he’s unlikely to even play.
Description Were you aware that Dungeons and Dragon’s isn’t the only Pen-and-Paper RPG? You are now! What other options does the prospective player possess? Stay tuned and find out!

Why I Like It When My Hooker Gets The Ball. Why I Love Playing Rugby.
Presenter Martha Schulzinger
Biography During the day I am a Marketing and Communications Manager for a nonprofit in Scottsdale. But in the evening and on weekends, I am a rugby player. A woman rugby player. Aside from that I am a wife, writer, blogger, dancer, flexitarian and Siberian Husky owner.
Description I want to share my passion for this not so well-known game.

I would discuss how I love:
– The looks I get when people learn I play rugby.
– The joy of tackling and then enjoying a social with the other team.
– The game itself is a blast.

*About the title: A “hooker” is the player who hooks the ball out of the scrum to win our team possession.

24 hours in wal-mart
Presenter Dean Ouellette
Biography I am a former political consultant turned real estate agent and sports fanatic who makes stupid bets and loses.
Description I lost a bet on a fantasy football game and had to spend 24-hours straight in wal-mart. This will be my lessons learned from my time there.

Presenter Adam ‘Pi’ Burch
Biography I am an avid videogame player, critic, and designer. I play way to many videogames for way to long periods of time. Videogames. Let me show you their brilliance.
Description Videogames may not have their Citizen Kane yet, but I have found thier Ulysses. Space Giraffe is at once baffling and familiar, beautiful and indecipherable, elegant and obtuse. It is not THE future of videogames; It is FROM the future of videogames.