Past Events

Every Ignite Phoenix brings out a wealth of ideas, images, and connections. Here is where you can find just a few:


Every one of the over 200 presentations from all of of the Ignite Phoenix events is on our YouTube channel. Take some time to explore the great ideas and passion shared so far.

Note that our video license states that Ignite Phoenix owns the copyright to all the videos on our YouTube channel. We encourage you to link to them, but you may not download them and post them to your website, YouTube channel, or any other forum. You may not copy, distribute, display, or perform them without our express permission except as stated in terms of this license. 


We you unable to make it to one of the events, but heard all about the great local sounds? Or did you just misplace your CD? Either way, we have the music from Ignite Phoenix 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 for your enjoyment.


Fans and photographers have captured hundreds of images from past events, many of which are tagged with ‘ignitephx’ on Flickr. We also have an Ignite Phoenix Flickr group, that you are welcome to join.

Past Presenters

If you’re looking to connect with past presenters, here are the lineups for each Ignite Phoenix event:


If you’ve attended, volunteered, sponsored or spoken at one of our events, show off your love for Ignite by putting an Ignite Phoenix badge on your website.