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Ignite Phoenix is a community.


A group to share ideas with. A place to find your people. Whether you’ve turned a hobby into an obsession, studied a fascinating subject, or had a crazy, life-altering experience, we want to hear about it.


We’re a supportive bunch, so no matter what topic you want to share or learn about, this is the place to do it. Many people say it’s hard to explain what Ignite Phoenix is or what it’s like to get involved with our group.


But one thing is clear: once you try it, you’ll be hooked.


We strive for Ignite Phoenix to remain a unique event that reflects the spirit and creativity of Phoenix. Everyone is welcome to participate. If you can stick to the format (5 minutes and 20 auto-advancing slides) and your topic fits within this philosophy, we encourage you to submit!​


Submissions are judged on a variety of aspects. We don’t target a specific theme or feel for our events, but prefer to let that come naturally from the types of submissions we receive. We, the organizers, don’t worry about what “most people” would find interesting, and neither should the presenters. If you’re passionate about your topic, that’s all we need!


All presentations are given equal standing/billing; that means we do not have featured presenters, keynotes, or special slots for presenters. Each presenter brings a different topic, background, and persona to the stage – we prefer for each of them to shine in their own special way.


Ignite is about sharing ideas, promoting community, and inspiring those around us. While we can appreciate the desire to share your passion for your company, project, or other self-serving commercial interest, Ignite is not the place to share it. The community we’ve built is sensitive to presentations of this nature and marketing to them will not work in your favor.​


If you’re selected to present, you shouldn’t do anything that’s going to get you, or us, in trouble. This means your topic must be legal, your presentation appropriate for all ages, and your materials are yours to use. While we’ve loosened our strict PG-13 requirement, we still ask that presenters use that as a guide when planning their talk. As an event that’s open to the public, we do ask presenters to use appropriate language and visuals.


Presenters cannot present at two Ignite Phoenix events in a row. If you presented at Ignite Phoenix #13, you cannot present at Ignite Phoenix #14. However, you would be able to present at Ignite Phoenix #15 or one of the smaller shows such as Ignite Phoenix After Hours or Ignite Food. Trust us; it’s not that we didn’t love your presentation. It’s simply our attempt to keep presentations and presenter lineups diverse and encouraging to newcomers.

If you don’t like something about the way Ignite works, and have some ideas on how we could change it, let us know.


We’re always open to new ideas. We can’t promise to accommodate every request, but we can promise to listen!

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