Ignite Team

These are some of the people who make Ignite Phoenix happen. If you see them, give them a hug or buy them a drink!

If you want to get involved, let us know. We’re always looking for new voices and ideas to help Ignite Phoenix evolve.

Support Team

This team provides support for events, keeps the excitement going between events, and is responsible for building and connecting the Ignite Phoenix community.

Jeff Moriarty

Founder and Brand Manager

Raoul Encinas

Program Manager

Andy Woodward

Stage Manager and Presenter Herder

Alan Dayley

Speaker Selection Guide and Speaker Sherpa

Carol Stambaugh

Website Developer

Dannie Moriarty

Presenter Manager

Dina Miller

Creative Director

Oden Hughes

Project Manager

Shaina Rozen

Marketing and Communications Countess


Ignite Phoenix #17 Event Team

This team consists of the superheroes that work with our Support Team to make Ignite Phoenix happen.

Alan Dayley

Amy Donohue

Andy Woodward

Becky Papp

Bill Risser

Brandon Larkin

Bryan Schiele

Cassie Tucker

Dannie Moriarty

Dina Boress Miller

Ela Joshi

Eric Steele

Jeff Moriarty

Joe Abbruscato

Joshua Becker

Laura Rogal

Leslie Easton

Nick Tambakeras

Oden Hughes

Raoul Encinas

Ruth Carter

Sara Santiago

Shaina Rozen

Staci Lichterman

Tom Stokes


Previous Credits

We also want to make note of hardworking individuals who, while not currently on the main teams, have contributed massive amounts of time and passion to make Ignite Phoenix what it is today.

Michael Barber

Tomas Carrillo

Brian Carson

Katie Charland

Erika Delemarre

Mark Dudlik

Brandon Franklin

Charlene Kingston

Jana Knapp

Samantha Leopoldi

Stephanie Liebold

Jennifer Maggiore

Clintus McGintus

Matthew Petro

Chuck Reynolds

Andrew Ryno

Jack Smith

Brie Susini

Fred vonGraf

Roger Williams

Yaeger North