About Ignite

Ignite Phoenix in a Nutshell

Ignite Phoenix is an information exchange that fosters and inspires the Phoenix community and beyond to share, experience, and enjoy different topics. There are presentations of all sorts—creative, cerebral, motivational, technical, philosophical, and more—but they all have one thing in common: passion. When you walk away from an Ignite event, you’re sure to be exhilarated, enlightened, moved, and inspired to look at the world in a whole new light.

The Presentations

Ignite Phoenix presenters aren’t professional speakers; they’re everyday people who just want to share their story. Each presenter gets 20 slides and 5 minutes—not a second more. They need to get to the point quickly, and make it exciting and engaging for all who are watching.

We welcome topics about anything that people are passionate about. It’s a wide criteria, but that’s the point! We’ve had presentations on tangible activities people do (Building Miniature Giant Robots), things they know about (Taiko Drumming), pivotal life experiences they’ve had (DREAMER: An Undocumented American, adventures they’ve tried (Paragliding), projects they’re starting (Year of Music) or subjects they’ve studied (Thinly Slicing Brains), just to name a few.

If you’re interested in presenting, check out our presenter guidelines, and visit the Submissions page to submit a talk.

The Presentation Selection Process

Once the latest Ignite Phoenix is over, submissions for the next event are open and stay open until about a month before event night. All you need to do is fill out the submission form with a short bio and a descriptions about your presentation idea. The Ignite Phoenix community wants to see and hear about your passion, so share with us what really gets you excited or fired up.

Once submissions close, our team of judges (picked from the community) select 18 presentations from the pool of submissions using this judging process. We work very hard to create a well-rounded event night with a variety of exciting and compelling presentations.

If your presentation is selected, we will contact you directly and walk you through next steps. During the weeks leading up to event night, you must create a 20-slide presentation and submit them to the Ignite Phoenix presentation team by the deadlines assigned. We’ll provide you with some coaching on how to make your presentation the best it can be, and then, you’re onward to the stage and your 5 minutes of fame.

Sister Events

  1. Ignite Food – Ignite Food is a food-flavored edition of Ignite Phoenix designed to give all the food lovers and fans in the Valley a chance to share their passion on this flavorful topic.
  2. Ignite Phoenix After Hours – So we told you no racy pictures, no gore, and no F-Word at Ignite Phoenix. Sorry, but it’s PG-13. But, what if there was another event, akin to Ignite Phoenix but different—and edgier? Meet Ignite Phoenix After Hours.
  3. Ignite @ ASU – Ignite @ ASU features rapid-fire 5 minute presentations that bring ASU students, faculty, staff, and community members together to build more connected, vibrant communities.