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Passion. Everyone has at least one. It’s the thing that excites you, fires you up, widens your eyes, makes you talk a little faster, and gives you that rush of empowerment. What’s yours? We want to hear about it!

Ignite Phoenix provides a platform to share these life-shaping experiences, passions, and unique perspectives. Whatever your topic is (as long as it’s PG-13 or lower and not a sales pitch), share it with us by applying to be a speaker at our next event.


If you’re still feeling a little unsure, that’s pretty normal. Take a few minutes to visit our Submission Tips and Advice, or watch some of our YouTube videos to see what it’s like to present. Want to see what’s already been submitted by others? Here’s a list.

How about some thoughts on creating a great Ignite Phoenix submission from a past presenter?

For more information on what the Ignite Phoenix judges will be looking for, you can also learn more about the judging process and our approach.

The title, your name, the description and bio you share on the form will be posted within 72 hours of clicking submit.

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