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Get ready for Ignite Phoenix 20!

Tickets and Talk Titles - We're ready to bring Ignite Phoenix back to the stage.

We are back baby! Have you gotten your tickets yet? If not, be sure to click here and claim yours today It's been a rollercoaster getting this event up and running but we can't wait to get the Ignite Community back together.

Here's what you need to know

There will be 12 talks and of course slideshow karaoke (if you know, you know). Below you'll find a list of the talks.

Talk Title


A.I. Overlords? On my Earth? Not likely.

Joshua Elkins

Becoming a Clown Can Save Your Life

Bryan Lee

Math Trauma; or The Perils of Being a Mathematician at a Party

Suzanne Galayda

Recovering The Unclaimed Veterans!!!!

Patty Palermo

​Rainbow Oasis​​

Marshall Shore

Confessions, Insights and Lessons of a Pot Addict...And How You Can Become One, Too

Richard Ross

​Where Are They Now? Star Wars Edition

Dustin Diehl

​Attempted Death of a Broad Abroad

​Evo Terra

Peaking As An Indiscernible/Arizona Segregation Hiding In Plain Site

Clottee Hammons

​I'm not your damn grandma!!

​Nancy A Shenker

Charrie Larkin

Wait, your Dad is white?

I'm Not Special - The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

Andy Zavacky

**** Please note this is not the final talk order.

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