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Ignite Phoenix 19 was a rousing success!

After nearly a two year hiatus, Ignite Phoenix is back with a bang. We could not be more proud of the 18 extraordinary individuals who took the stage and shared their passions with us. Let's face it, Ignite is a unique experience. Not just for the people on stage but for the amazing people in the audience who cheer them on. Together, we able to find inspiration in just five short minutes and 20 slides. Whether it was your first time or your 19th time, Ignite is the one place were we can all share our inner nerd with a group of people who accept us just as we are.

If you didn't get a chance to see the show or just want to rewatch your favorite talk again, the videos are now available on our Youtube page. Catch up on all things Jiu Jitsu, dancing, travel and so much more. Photos are also coming in from the show. Want to see them. Click HERE. If you share on social, be sure to use #IgnitePHX!

One again we want to thank our incredible volunteers and sponsors who help to make our little show possible.

Also, it's your turn to take the stage and let out your inner nerd. We want to hear about your passions as we get ready for the next show. Submit your talk idea and maybe you'll be part of the next amazing group of people who bravely take the stage and get our Ignite family energized. We can't wait see you at the next show.

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