Submissions for Ignite Phoenix #8

These are all the submissions received for Ignite Phoenix #8, which will be held on October 15, 2010 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. To submit for Ignite Phoenix #8, go here.

The View From The Window Seat
Presenter Brian Shaler
Biography Brian is a digital vagabond, a programmer that wanders around. “Home” is a pair of bags: a carry-on (clothing to store in an overhead compartment) and a personal item (a laptop bag to store under the seat in front of you). The last time he was in one city for more than 20 consecutive days was in 2007. Perhaps it’s a travel addiction. Perhaps it’s wanderlust. Whatever it’s called, it comes with a dose or two of perspective and a plethora of piñ-… stories.
Description The Window Seat, as a metaphor, is a perspective. You’re sitting behind a piece of glass, in a tubular prison from which you cannot communicate with the outside world (Okay, so they’re rolling out wifi on planes, but let’s ignore that for now), gazing down at cities filled with bustling ants. Minus the cylindrical fuselage, the Window Seat can also be in a coffee shop, far away from home, and the window is your laptop monitor, through which you observe your world, digitally. This drastic change in perspective can raise more questions than it answers. What really matters? What’s your motivation? Does everything look the same when you step back thousands of feet or miles and view it from an outsider’s perspective? Things can become surprisingly clear when viewed from a distant Window Seat.

The scientific way for a male to attract a female
Presenter Todd VanDuzer
Biography I am Todd VanDuzer and I am driven by the need to help individuals face their fears and become who they want to be. I am currently 20 years old and a Junior undergraduate at Arizona State University. I am an entrepreneur, philosopher, traveler, and life long learner. I love to connect with individuals, love adventure, uncertainty, and purity.
Description Males attracting females all comes down to scientific method. Following this method takes time and practice just like anything. But with due time, the right education, tools and practice, any male can attract any female in any situation and develop a sexual relationship.

Recycling Rome
Presenter Terry Simpson
Biography Surgeon – writer – skeptic – traveler
Description Rome has re-invented itself every few hundred years – and every part of Rome, and indeed Western Civilization – is recycled.

Kick Butt Resumes (a.k.a. How to Get Hired Before You Even Interview)
Presenter Jonathan Cottrell
Biography Just a guy who gets it… and wants to see other people get it, too. In more official terms, I’m the Chief Strategy Officer for local startup, SoChurch.
Description Most people’s resumes suck. I know. I’ve read through thousands of them. I’ve also been on the job hunting side of things. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or someone looking for stable employment, building a kick butt resume is a good place to start. I’ll show you how.

If You Don’t Know, Ask!
Presenter Laura Orsini
Biography Laura is an editorial and marketing consultant who specializes in teaching speakers, coaches, and authors to think like marketers. She incorporates her enthusiastic expertise in the areas of creativity, brainstorming, visualization, networking, and e-books into her work. You don’t have to be a great writer to share your message with the world – but you need passion and a willingness to take action!
Description Perhaps the single biggest barrier to our success is the unwillingness to look foolish by asking the answers we need to the questions that arise in our lives. But how are you supposed to learn the answers if you don’t ask? And honestly, would you rather look stupid for a moment but gain knowledge, or appear all-together and remain ignorant? The best gift my dad ever gave me was repeatedly admonishing, “If you don’t know, ask!”

What’s the Purpose of a Purpose?
Presenter Steve Weitzenkorn
Biography Steve Weitzenkorn, Ph.D., is a learning innovator and experienced facilitator and lead author of Find-Fulfill-Flourish: Discover Your Purpose with LifePath GPS – a book, tool kit, and workshop series that guide individuals through the process of discovering and living more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Steve’s award-winning training programs and simulations have been recognized internationally.
Description It’s entirely possible to live without a purpose, but knowing why we’re here increases our fulfillment exponentially. Purpose moves us toward the extraordinary in our experiences and the satisfaction we receive from them. Purpose can take any form, from charity work to sports, art, business, community, relationships, philanthropy, or spirituality. It’s less what you do than why you do it and how it makes you feel.

What is Tiki? A brief history of Polynesian Pop Culture in the U.S.
Presenter Boyd Coleman
Biography Boyd’s introduction to Polynesian Pop Culture occurred while attending The University of Arizona at the Kon Tiki restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. Captivated by the decor of the Kon Tiki, Boyd has immersed himself in the Polynesian Pop Culture movement. From tiki mugs, to wall art, to clothes, and even his Twitter handle, Boyd is a connoisseur of all things Tiki.
Description Polynesian Pop Culture reached it’s peak in the mid 20th century. During the mid-century modern movement, Polynesian influence could be found in the art, architecture, and culinary offerings of the time. In the last few years there has been a resurgence in the tiki movement. Boyd’s presentation will explore the beginnings of the tiki movement and introduce you to those responsible for making the tiki movement popular.

Surprise! Your child has autism. Now what?
Presenter Jim St. Leger
Biography I’m an engineer by training who slipped into marketing some years ago. My passions are my family, animals, technology, and the outdoors. I strive to balance my life across many demands, including a child diagnosed with autism and two “normal” children. Oh, and a dog named Bob.
Description 1 in every 110 children is affected by autism. In boys it’s 1 in 70. This year more children will be diagnosed with autism than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer COMBINED. An autism diagnosis has a profound impact on the entire family. I will share ten years of discovery and learning regarding parenting and raising an autistic special needs child.

Diets Make You Fat
Presenter Karen Shewmaker
Biography Dr Karen is a holistic chiropractor who practices in Scottsdale, AZ.

She has been in private practice for over 20 years. She solves the mysteries of patients health problems and corrects the cause, not merely treating the symptoms.

Description If you want to loose weight, don’t diet! When you deny your body of food, a survival mechanism takes place that actually causes you to gain weight. Dr. Karen will tell you 6 things you need to know to loose weight.

Communities…..who needs them?
Presenter Eric Andersen
Biography I’m an accountant by day…….and a little less boring by night. I love evening sunsets and long walks on the beach.
Description You should ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community. We all think we are too busy to support community events or we think it won’t make a difference if we do or not. I’ll tell you how giving as little as 5 minutes can change a life.

Y’all talk good now, ya hear?
Presenter John Tyler
Biography I am the proud holder of a teaching certificate… though not yet gainfully employed. In the meantime I volunteer as a speech and debate coach for Mesquite High in Gilbert. They pay me in smiles, and business is booming… someone, please buy me food.
Description Coaching speech & debate is about harnessing the power of angst-ridden, hormonal, spastic 14-18 year olds, cramming them into a van, driving them to a school across the valley. They compete, win, and get scary-smart. You feel good about yourself: you MADE A DIFFERENCE! Or, they make fun of you, your car, and randomly cry. One of those is my story.

Weird Distance
Presenter Evo Terra
Biography Professional public speaker, author, & business strategist. Also husband, father, skeptic & craftbrew fanatic. Penchant for oversharing.
Description 2nd of the 3 part “Weird” series. Which is part of the “Big” series completed via Ignite!

Distance represents how far apart two more things are. But “far apart” need not be measured in feet, inches or miles. Sometimes the distance is time. Sometimes it’s weirder than that. I’ll cover several “distances” that will change your perspective. Again.

Goodology® – It’s All Good
Presenter Bernie Fallon
Biography I have studied good and personal development for more than twenty years and have demonstrated through good, giving and sending out positive energy you attract more into your life. Personal growth programs are good,! But not many touch the untapped power inside of us.
Description When you dislike, call someone fat, feel insulted, doubt, get angry, condescend, or are apprehensive are all opportunities for immediate growth, expansion and attraction power. All of the energy in the world is good. The only perceived “negatives” are resistance to that good energy. Specifically locating each of these “negatives” reconnects you with your untapped reservoir of infinite good energy and leaves you more powerful and the world more gentle.

The tyranny of two-party rule
Presenter Andrew Jennings
Biography Andrew Jennings runs a startup software company in Mesa. He is also completing a Ph.D. on mathematics and voting theory at ASU.
Description Do you ever wonder why third parties can’t win elections in the United States? It is primarily because of our archaic voting system.

My talk will focus on how our vote-for-one system leads to two-party domination, the problems this causes for representative democracy, and some possible solutions to our electoral dilemma.

Avoiding the Poop: How to Launch a Website or Application as Quickly as Possible
Presenter Jonathan Cottrell
Biography I’m just a guy who gets it… and wants others to get it, too. In more official terms, I’m the Chief Strategy Officer of local startup, SoChurch. I dream up stuff, then make it happen.
Description Product and website development is hard. Period. After launching multiple products and websites to market, here’s what I’ve learned to avoid (the poop). It won’t necessarily mean your product is a success long-term (that’s a whole different ball of wax), but I can tell you how to get things rolling. Let’s start with that.

Problems never go away!
Presenter Todd VanDuzer
Biography I am Todd VanDuzer and I am driven by the need to help individuals face their fears and become who they want to be. I am currently 20 years old and a Junior undergraduate at Arizona State University. I am an entrepreneur, philosopher, traveler, and life long learner. I love to connect with individuals, love adventure, uncertainty, and purity.
Description Problems, we all have them and we always will. People however, many times believe that their problems are not only the worst but will go away in due time after they get the right job, get married, move to the right city, etc. Once we embrace the fact that problems will always exist we will begin to live and grow and experience a more joy.

The Identity Journey to finding you!
Presenter Todd VanDuzer
Biography I am Todd VanDuzer and I am driven by the need to help individuals face their fears and become who they want to be. I am currently 20 years old and a Junior undergraduate at Arizona State University. I am an entrepreneur, philosopher, traveler, and life long learner. I love to connect with individuals, love adventure, uncertainty, and purity.
Description An individual’s ability to live depends first upon defining one’s self as separate from all others. Everyone has a specific identity that if they live by will help them create stronger and meaningful relationships, wiser decisions, more joyful experiences, and overall happiness. To live you must express yourself fully!

Taking the scary out of presenting
Presenter Kathy Jacobs
Biography Kathy is a social media geek who loves to connect people with who and what they need. She is active on the social web as “CallKathy”. She and her husband run Geek4ADay, a company that lets you hire a geek for the day to solve the problems you can’t. Kathy is a Microsoft MVP in OneNote, but the PowerPoint MVPs still accept her as one of them.
Description Presentations can be a scream, but only if you do them right. Humor helps, but only if it is intentional. Orange and black only works for Halloween – not for slides. These tips are obvious… the 10 in this presentation aren’t.

Let’s put Beer on the Dinner Table
Presenter Rob Fullmer
Biography Rob Fullmer writes passionately about spreading beer culture to Phoenix at, inspired by experiences visiting the beer capitals of Europe and the US. He is a Board member of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers and is a recognized BJCP beer judge. In 2009, Rob’s GABF Pro-AM beer was tapped and sold at Oak Creek and Papago Brewing.
Description Did you know that beer is more versatile than wine when paired with food?
Sadly, in our culinary age of slow food and use of fresh local ingredients, local craft beer is often an afterthought. I’ll help you pair beers with your favorite meal – making better choices than some top Phoenix restaurants. Let’s put beer on the menu and on the dinner table.

why we engage
Presenter Billy Burnett
Biography I work as a firefighter for a local city and also serve as a pastor of a church in downtown phoenix. I would wear overalls everyday if I could.
Description Every day we are faced with choices on what we will spend our time doing. From the mundane to the extraordinary. I have had a chance to see what compels people to sacrifice everything for a cause bigger then themselves, and what drives us to engage the world around us and would love to share what I am learning.

The Next Big Thing
Presenter Mack Duncan
Biography Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, award winning film maker, puppeteer and improvisor. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and is the creator and star of the web series “Vincent and Me.”
Description At the dawn of 2010, I sought to challenge myself personally, professionally and artistically. My goals have been to take more risks, connect more with those I love, continue to do the impossible, and be ever on the look-out for “The Next Big Thing…” …whatever that might be.

Life Is A Full-Contact Adventure
Presenter Ruth Carter
Biography Known for her daring antics & outgoing personality, Ruth Carter is a co-founder of Improv AZ & a law student at Arizona State University. She’s usually up for whatever she can fit into her schedule & her budget.
Description From getting shot with a paintball to visiting the world’s biggest rocking chair, I believe that life is meant to be full of adventures and experiences, & I usually have the bruises to prove it. When presented with an opportunity I ask myself, “A year from now, do I want to say that I had the opportunity to do this cool thing or that I did it?”

In the quest for truth, I-ran into some problems: The real life of an Iranian-American
Presenter Neda Tavassoli
Biography I am a daughter, a wife, a self-described goofball, a lifetime student looking for something substantial. My world is one long-running musical complete with camels and a sexually-charged grandmother. Oh, and I do PR.
Description Questions I get asked about having a family from Iran: Do you really have camels? Are you afraid of getting stoned (not of the drug kind)? Do you wear a burka? In the age where Iranians have become such a mystery to the point where they are feared, I want to challenge myths and show what life is really like being from the “Axis of Evil.”

Why it pays to sit on your butt, all day, every day, day after day…
Presenter Layne Gneiting
Biography Layne “Exciting” Gneiting is an eclectic mix of performer, musician, speaker, and storyteller. In summer ’09, following the proverbial footsteps of ancient troubadours, Layne cycled 4,300 miles across the United States (with wife and 7 kids in tow!) as part of a crusade to awaken 10 million souls to the power of stories and the pursuit of dreams.
Description Those dusty old folktales spell it out pretty clearly: get out of the village and go seek your fortune, knothead! But sometimes it takes sitting your butt down on a bike to finally “get it.” Oh, and bring along a cheering squad…and a Brooks saddle.

100,000 people + You = How to Survive Comic-Con
Presenter Samantha Leopoldi
Biography I am: A self proclaimed geek loving all things social media, Star Trek, Harry Potter, tea and writing. I do: Internet Marketing
Description 2 miles long & the width of a football field the Expo Hall is filled with booth girls, vendor exhibits, cosplayers & 20,000+ people. But that’s just Preview night. Over 4 days you’re assaulted by hair, hands, toes & who knows what else. Leave germophobia at the door. Here’s how you how to survive San Diego Comic-Con with your sanity still intact.

Your Dorm Fridge Wants To Kill You (and the Space Station Astronauts, Too)
Presenter Daniel Marlow
Biography In no particular order: Photographer. Friend. Computer guy. Traveler. Musician. Nerd.
Description The hotel fridge blows a gasket and fills the room with gas, nearly asphyxiating me in the night. 200 miles up, a pump on the ISS blows a fuse, threatening the astronauts. Unravel the mysteries of ammonia-based cooling systems, the dangers of travel (international and into space) and how to keep your tiny fridge from killing you in your sleep.

the way of wabi-sabi
Presenter Paula Satow
Biography Paula Satow is all about simplifying things. That’s why she co-founded, the website that helps people and companies simplify their message and create a powerful 30-second elevator pitch.
Description In its simplest form, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and meaning in nature’s way. This short primer offers a quick and refreshing brush with an ancient philosophy about “the zen of things.” It’s a healthy dose of impermanence and variegation, a quick analog antidote to our increasingly digital, man-made world.

For the Love of Donuts
Presenter Michael Barber
Biography I’m a digital marketing strategist who lives in Tempe with my fiancée, Tammy, and our dog, McDoogle. I love donuts.
Description Since the age of five, I’ve had a passionate love affair with these fluffy, glazed pieces of dough we call donuts. I make a point to try donuts wherever I go in the world. From Mexico to England & all over the US, I’ve tasted the best and worst. So, let me tell you what makes a good donut, how to spot a decent donut shop and my all-time faves.

Capturing Life Through a Different Lens
Presenter Sheila Dee
Biography Sheila Dee is an educator, photographer, and podcaster. Currently, she co-hosts Evo@11.

Photography has held her interest since she was small (no jokes about her height). Last year she had a photo published in a magazine and this year had her first gallery showing. She tends to see things from different angles.

Description How are some people able to acquire captivating photos while other photos are without life? It is all in how you look at life. Capturing life through a different lens means looking at the world with an angle or a twist. The goal of a good photographer is to make your viewer leave with questions. Questions they didn’t even know they had.

Global Orchestra in Phoenix
Presenter Colin O’Donohoe
Biography I am the conductor for the first global orchestra in the world. I work with Mayors, musicians, and others to bring the instruments of the planet together on stage in Phoenix.
Description Arizona has been in the global spotlight as a place of intolerance and prejudice. Our orchestra shows the world what Phoenix really is: a modern city who combines our diverse population together in a harmonious collaboration.

Important Life Lessons From P.O.T.U.S.
Presenter Jeremy Pearlman
Biography A few years ago, I began reciting the names of the U.S. Presidents in order to help me fall asleep after long and stressful days working as a public high school teacher. Ever since, I have been hooked on learning as much as I can about these 44 individuals.

As for my day job, I teach teachers about technology for a local public school district.

Description Too often the President of the United States of America is viewed as either a statesman, a warrior, or a fool. In fact, the 44 men who have served as president, are all teachers of important life lessons, such as: the importance of wearing a coat; that bigamy is no laughing matter; that snaking alone can be deadly.

Greed is Good
Presenter Anthony Mills
Biography My background is in Investment management and online marketing measurement and analytics. I currently work for Sitewire as their Econometrics Manager.
Description “Greed is Good” is the quote made famous from the movie Wall Street and the character Gordon Gekko. My aim is to change the the audience’s perspective on what it means to be self interested or greedy. I’ll explore the meaning of the concept and apply it to current events.

My goal is to walk away without being the most hated person in the room.

y u need gen y to b relevant
Presenter Mike Cassidy
Biography nonprofit executive, dad, lifelong learner, nonprof socmed advocate, golfer, reader, traveler
Description Gen Y / Millenials are about 80 million strong, the largest generation. If you are not engaging them, prepare to be irrelevant. 5 breathless minutes on who they are, why they are and working with them.

Making People Cry – In A Good Way
Presenter Ruth Carter
Biography Besides being a law student an an improv prankster, Ruth Carter is a classically trained soprano and has been performing for 16 years. Music is her constant companion and is often credited for keeping her sane in her busy life.
Description I used to think that aspiring to be a singer was shallow and all about making people think I’m fabulous. It was when I performed without spotlights that I saw the profound and powerful impact that sharing my musical talent has on people and my job became about creating an experience for the audience.

Who are you? And, What do you want?
Presenter Ben Passman
Biography Ben Passman is a professional in the staffing industry and coaches hunderds of candidates each month on proper positioning to find the right job.
Description Who are you? And, What do you want? are the two most fundamental questions you have to answer in order to find the right job in any market. In this presentation, you will learn some techniques for positioning yourself in this economy.

Music is OUR Future
Presenter Nate Anderson
Biography Nate Anderson is the authentically over-flowing engine of Ear Candy. He is not a musician, a teacher, or a parent, yet his passion to share music with the youth of the world is uncanny, unstoppable and contagious.
Description Ear Candy has created a sustainable community driven model to address the need for music education. In 2010 we will impact well over 10,000 youth in the Phoenix area while they expand their model to other markets in need across the country. Clear Channel & American Idol move aside, culturally enlightened kids LOVE Ear Candy! Music is OUR Future!

Presenter Christy McClendon
Biography I am the CEO of ICAN, an after-school program for at-risk youth based in Chandler, Arizona that helps kids achieve life skills to combat the issues they face daily.
Description The challenges of poverty are apparent in almost every community in every town. To help those in need and make a difference, we must overcome our own challenges: our understanding of the realities of poverty and what small things each of us can do that make a big impact.

Positive & Productive in Difficult Times: Use Your internalGPS to Change Your Brain
Presenter Paula Shoup
Biography Last year, I voluntarily took a big leap from a successful corporate career in the middle of the “worst recession since the big D” to go out on my own with business coaching & consulting. I thought my colleagues would be asking,”What are you crazy?” but instead they were in awe.
Description MLK didn’t say, “I have a goal..” Get out there and dream, baby! I will show how to use the 3:1 ratio to shift your brain and thrive in any environment. This is not woowoo; it is based on scientific research. I’m passionate about people living their dreams. I’ll use interaction & high energy to share my passion.

13: Too Old for Dolls, Too Young for Sex.
Presenter Tammy Godin
Biography My passion is to help the next generation grow up strong, confident, and respectful. I want to help teens recognize what they can do, not can’t do. I am a stay at home mom of 2 teen boys and loving every minute of it.
Description Slavery was suppose to have been abolished with 13th Amendment? Why then does the child sex slavery industry exist? Could it be we just don’t know what’s going on? Did you know the average age of girl going into prostitution is 13? I will share with you the facts I’ve learned and what we can do to help end this. We have to protect our kids.
street cred 101: say what you mean, mean what you say
Presenter Debra Avery
Biography turn-around specialist Presbyterian pastor/mom/grad student/amusement park personnel contractor/assistant producer/production company office manager/assistant to the symphony manager/advertising assistant comes to you via Phoenix/Springfield, IL/Yonkers, NY/Hagerstown, MD/Mexico City/Milwaukee/Tokyo/San Francisco/Steamboat Rock, IA
Description It’s easy to succumb to the prevailing culture in which innuendo, incoherent nonsense, even bald—faced lying win the day. It is possible to gain brand identity, loyalty, even trust without surrendering integrity, clarity, and a compelling vision. Why settle for the fleeting 15 minutes of buzzword-laden fame when long term street cred is possible?

Something to Smile About..
Presenter Emma Kim
Biography As a practicing dental hygienist, I’ve witnessed endless patients giving their hard earned money to dentists to fix damaged teeth due to ignoring bleeding gums, and cavities because it doesn’t bother them. It doesn’t have to be this way; I have discovered secrets to stop this kind of suffering that has affected mankind throughout history.
Description Let’s sink our teeth into knowledge to prevent the cascade of bad events in your mouth that can drain your pockets and takes away a smile! Stop bleeding gums in just 2-3 days! Discover how to check bad breath and cure it! Effective oral hygiene requires understanding why, efficient/effective techniques, regular frequency, and Healthy Habits!

Destination Disease
Presenter Shaun Mayfield
Biography Shaun has been involved in the youth culture for nearly a decade as a professional motivational speaker to teens. Shaun has a remarkable ability to speak into people’s lives about leadership, positive life choices, choosing to win and to live a purposeful life. He has begun a new career in consulting and coaching.
Description Many times we get caught up doing things that never satisfy because we haven’t learned who we really are. What brings value to life is what identifies our ‘being’. This battle of doing vs. being paralyzes many people. They get destination disease b/c the destination isn’t fulfilling. As we identify our value we unfold the genius (genie-in-us)!

Vinyl (still) rules
Presenter Dfactor
Biography I’m Dfactor, a Phoenix rocker guy. I write about rock n roll at my blog Waved Rumor, and I sing and play it too. My mom calls me Dave.
Description 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records exploded in the 1960s-1970s as a preferred listening medium. Fifty years later, vinyl records continue to be manufactured and sold today, especially by independent rock bands and labels. I’ll touch on vinyl’s history and its enduring popularity with the cool kids.

Why you should care (a lot) about Alzhiemer’s & dementia
Presenter Kathy Ritchie
Biography Copywriter by day / jack of all trades for all things related to My Demented Mom—a blog for young adult caregivers (like moi) struggling and coping with “the long goodbye.”
Description Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s or dementia. Some 5 million people live with it. My mom is one of them. OK I get it. Sad. So not “Ignite Phx” funny + this doesn’t affect you, right? Wrong. Boomers are aging & you know a few—you call them “mom” & “dad.” My point? This is a nat’l crisis no one is talking about. I want to talk about it.

elephANTS _a very BIG little talk on improvement
Presenter Shaun Mayfield
Biography Shaun has been involved in youth culture for a decade as a professional motivational speaker to teens across the country. Shaun has a remarkable ability to speak into people’s lives about leadership, positive life choices, and to live purposeful life. Currently he is beginning a career in consulting and life coaching!
Description Improvement needs to happen. It needs to happen for us as individuals, as humans. We need to take responsibility for improving ourselves, we need to improve our workplace, and our surroundings, whether our community or environment – ethos. This is a dyadic approach comparing what I call elephANT Improvements.

One On The Run
Presenter Helene Neville
Biography I am a Nurse/Entrepreneur/Author who has Survived Cancer, I decided to run across American to promote healthy living. On the way, I broke two records.
Description “My run is not for me to realize my dreams, but to help others realize theirs,” I ran a marathon a day in a record setting speed of 93 days. I ran the transcontinental southern route, a route that has never before attempted during the hot, humid conditions of summer

Fruit Trees to Grow Community!
Presenter Kelli M. Donley
Biography Kelli Donley is an Arizona native, novelist, public health worker and margarita enthusiast. Her passion for community fuels her work in gardening, education, health and faith projects.
Description Fruitful Harvest is a community movement in Phoenix that encourages faith centers to plant fruit trees to benefit food banks. FH will create long-lasting change in ending hunger. One in three Phoenix children is hungry. Fruitful Harvest puts fresh, free produce in the hands of the neediest for little expense. Anyone can help. Everyone should.

Thought I was a slacker, turned out I was a nine!
Presenter Karen Lee
Biography I’m a social worker for AASK, a foster care and adoption agency. I love movies, music, cooking and trying to understand myself and other people better.
Description As a teenager, I had a hard time identifying my talents and I felt like a slacker for not wanting to be the very best at anything. As an adult, the Enneagram (a study of personality types) helped me realize why I don’t fit into the typical American mindset. Learn how this sophisticated tool can help you find your place in the world!

5000 years in 5 minutes – How a walk in the woods 5000 years ago changed the world (and me!)
Presenter Bret Wingert
Biography teavangelist, Sometimes IT Guy, former rocket scientist
Description How I went from being a hard core coffee IT guy to a bi-caffual Tea guy. How tea’s fascinating effect on the world also affected me. Tea has been revered, reviled, revolutionary, and researched. You’ll be surprised by how today’s events are shaped by the world’s 2nd most consumed beverage!

When Mercury is Retrograde, Sh*t Just Breaks!
Presenter Elizabeth Rees (Seer)
Biography Native Arizonan. Neo-hippie/punk, Gen X, spiritual advisor with a penchant for curse words (though can keep a PG-13 rating when required). A student of philosophy and theology with a love of sarcasm and humor (because laughter truly is the best medicine for the body and soul)!
Description Certain astrological elements are dead-on in their accuracy. Theories are based on Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Our physical realm is affected by the gravitational pull of the larger bodies in our Universe. I will discuss Mercury retrograde along with other cool planetary aspects that you may or may not be aware of.

The Year of Music
Presenter Brandon Franklin
Biography I’m a software engineer, musician, and taikoist here in Phoenix. I’m one of the organizers of the Desert Bloom Phoenix music and art event.
Description Over the last year, music has reclaimed its rightful place as my single greatest passion. My friends and I have vowed to make this (and every other) year the Year of Music. I’ll encourage members of the audience to realize that THEY TOO are musicians. We can be a society that mainly consumes, or we can be a society that constantly creates!

The Rules of Success
Presenter dave woodruff
Biography I’m a writer, designer, urban art terrorist and observer of the peculiar within the normal.

The founding partner and creative director of meltmedia and meltmobile.

Description Essentially my presentation gives a detailed and digestible path on the steps and skills for anyone to become a success at any given endeavor.

but there is a very hidden message.
When the obvious is not the obvious…
The presentation uses acronyms to explain simple, yet valuable principles for success. but…

There is a far greater message hidden in the acronyms

For example, #1 – COM
(Creating Outstanding Methodologies)
Essentially, create a great road plan for how you will do your thing.

It only becomes clear, once all the acronyms are revealed and displayed together…


Get it?

The truth is, there is no single, overarching plan or skillset for anything. It requires work, dedication, whimsy, foolishness and passion and mostly, understanding your own best approach… not a bunch of stupid acronyms…

The presentation ends with only a two-letter acronym remaining…


Be You…

Tin Foil Hats
Presenter strebel
Biography I don’t take myself seriously enough to write anything here.
Description Explore/debunk popular and less well known conspiracy theories. Like: Why did the photo radar cams have video if they just needed a still image? From the available video footage, does that really look like a 757 that hit the pentagon. Is George Bush Senior really a serpent alien? Yeah.. some of these are crazy and far out, others not so much.

God is pure energy.
Presenter Summer Jones
Biography I am a 34 year old domestic engineer, mother of 4. I am a descendant of Sitting Bull, the Shaman and a clairvoyant. I am able to communicate with the Spirit world, human spirits and the Nature spirits.
Description God is pure energy, in all living things, i.e., the periodical table. You and I, the stars, the dirt, the sun, the air, all are made by “God”, pure energy. We are all made of the same elements, we are star dust.

Your shoes are killing you
Presenter Tyler Hurst
Biography Inspirator. Opens bananas like a monkey. Minimalist runner. Eliticist. Have my name on my shirt. Knows all the words to Baby Got Back.
Description Barefoot/minimalist running isn’t just a trend, it’s a step in the right direction. The more expensive your shoes are, the more likely you are to get injured. I’ll tell and show you why less is better.

Alcohol: Brazil’s sugar cane based alternative to gasoline
Presenter Brad Corrion
Biography Brad Corrion is a marketer, inventor, traveler and software engineer.
Description Many have heard Brazil has a successful alternative to gasoline in the form of sugar cane-based alcohol, but few know why it succeeds, how it is processed from seed to combustion, or any of the short and long term impacts on Brazilian society. Here’s a chance to gain a few insights, pros and cons, and trivia about this fuel source.

The art of bad Make up ? Grooming ? Aesthetics?
Presenter Heather Reyes
Biography My name is Heather Reyes I am a freelance Make up artist, Educator, and Aesthetician. I work for an Eco friendly company named Aveda. I love doing make up and skin care with a great envormental cause behind me it fufills me.
I have been in this buisness for 11 years. The last few years I have been doing a lot of educating for the company . I have a lot of passion, and I would like the oportunity to get up and speak in front of people about my excitetment for make up . I would also like to incorperate great skin.
Description Lets look at some ideas in todays world about what women are wearing in magazines, runways, and in our bathrooms.
First what are we doing in the mornings are we even washing off last nights make up? Are we layering on over 3 days agos waterproof mascarrra? Do you even know when the last time you have cleansed your skin ?
Eyeliner what is a cat eye ( picture of Amy Winehouse) ugggg. We need to get some education on how to apply appropriate eyeliner .
Eyebrows lets see mcdonald arches and Sharpie drawn on brows doesnt work. It just isnt aestheticly correct ladies. Gentlemen it doesnt hurt to have a lil manscaping in between the brows is safe. As a matter of fact its damn hot.
These are a few of my ideas on what I have to bring together no layering of 3 day old mascara , wash your face for gods sake, no Amy Winehouse Eyeliner , and please get your eyebrows groomed save us all from the SHARPIE. thank you

Airport City Codes Explained
Presenter Kevin Maxwell
Biography Technology Shepherd for MBA Insurance in Scottsdale, AZ. Co-owner of Point Data Solutions, an innovative technology provider to the RV, Powersports and trailer rental industries.
Description If I am going to Hartford, CT. why does my bag tag say BDL? And ORD is not short-hand for Chicago. Where do they come up with these funny airport codes?

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night: How To Make & Partake In A Dream Machine
Presenter Ashley Naftule
Biography I’m a playwright, a bookseller, an occultist, and a contributor to local zines and the Phoenix New Times.
Description Invented by W.S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, the Dream Machine is a perfectly legal invention that can stimulate visions and hallucinations that are normally the province of illegal substances. And you can make one using household items! Allow me to explain the device’s history and tell you how to make your own.

Paranoia Has It’s Perks: Walking In The City For Fun & Prophecy
Presenter Ashley Naftule
Biography I’m a playwright, bookseller, occultist, and contributer to local zines and the Phoenix New Times.
Description The Situationists called it a “derive”. Salvador Dali called it the “Paranoiac-critical method”. Most people call it being “crazy”. Its about walking around the city and letting your pattern recognition go haywire, about finding reason in madness. As a technique, its usefulness is dubious, but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Evolution of Storytelling
Presenter Ovi Demetrian Jr
Biography I’m a freelance Web Designer with Distinctive Quality. Recently I’ve been working more and more on my baby,, a tool for storytellers to publish, promote and sell their stories.
Description Like many people, I love stories and am constantly amazed by vital a role they are to everyone one of us. Either told verbally among friends, written and published, performed on stage, in movies, or on TV. The art of storytelling has evolved and with the the capabilities of the web we are at the brink of a new form!

Embracing Failure
Presenter Paul Strauss
Biography I left the high-tech corporate world to teach 8th grade science to over a hundred hormonally challenged teenagers every year. I teach – it’s not just what I do, it’s who I am.
Description Everybody dreams of success but generally those with the greatest successes are those who have also failed the most. I will highlight the epic failures of famous people throughout history showing that their setbacks didn’t stop them from becoming great. We need to learn how to embrace our failures and not let them stop us from obtaining our dreams

Why DRM Doesn’t Work
Presenter Kevin Kittredge
Biography I am the geek’s geek. I am traditionally trained as an electrical engineer, and on my own have skilled myself in the art of programming, computer hardware skills, networking, podcasting, and more. In spite of this, I maintain a fairly social lifestyle 😉
Description Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an attempt to keep people from pirating content. Sadly, all it does is hurt the people who paid for the product while creating a minor road bump for the pirates. I plan on going over why it doesn’t work and offer some recommendations on how the content creators should be approaching the problem.

Mental Salad: The Care & Feeding of Your Brain
Presenter Kimberli Baker
Biography “The Renaissance Mama,” I am a seeker of truth, a doer of good deeds, and the self-proclaimed Queen of Time, Space, and Dimension. I’m also a bunch of other, more professional stuff during the day.
Description We all know about exercising and eating right, giving our body what it needs to be healthy. Few of us know what our brain needs to be healthy and happy. Mental Salad is designed to teach us just that, and to help us renew, rekindle, revitalize, reinvent, leaving us better able to deal with the challenges of life, better able to enjoy the journey.

How to take amazing aviation themed photographs.
Presenter Boyd Coleman
Biography Having been facinated by aircraft from early childhood, Boyd has combined his love for photography and aviation to share his passion with everyone he meets.
Description Photographing aircraft flying a few hundred feet overhead at speeds reaching 200-300 mph is both challenging and rewarding. In his presentation, Boyd will show amazing examples of his work and how you too can take incredible aircraft photos without spending thousands of dollars on photography equipment.

For the Love of Linguistics
Presenter Casey Frank
Biography A transplant from the Midwest (who isn’t new to Phoenix at one point in their life?) I’m a small city girl with a big love for words. I majored in English and Linguistics at the University of Iowa, and I would love to eventually continue on to get a law degree. After all, what better venue for a semantically-minded chick like me?
Description Language is the inspiration of society and art; my passion is to understand how that inspiration forms and linguistics is my vehicle of choice. Give me five minutes of your time and I’ll give you a brief overview of this incredible field, not to mention a few tidbits about the incredible IPA.

Skycap Wisdon
Presenter Kevin Maxwell
Biography Technology Sheperd for MBA Insurance in Scottsdale, AZ. Co-owner of Point Data Solutions, an innovative technology provider to the RV, Powersports and trailer rental industries.
Description Skycap Wisdom: Business and Life Lesson’s derived from people who carry your luggage. Like most people, I have read all of the business books, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard. But in today’s competitive business world the lessons I remember are the one’s I learned while working for 2.15 per hour, plus tips while in college.

Presenter Robert Zusman
Biography Robert has a degree in a Physics and never met an electron he didn’t like. Better known as Guru of all things Macintosh, engineer extraordinaire , master tinkerer and pushover for all four-legged creatures.
Description A step by step guide to diagnosing and repairing anything broken in your life, sans relationships and personality disorders.

How to promote your band without going to jail
Presenter Nick Gortari
Biography I am a local artist/musician/multi-instrumentalis playing in Tempe-based bands Lisa Savidge & Evening Entertainment Band. I served as the local music director at Radio Phoenix from October 2008-January 2010, co-founded local cooperative record label Black Cactus Records and co-founded comedy online video company Passion Tracking Video.
Description Many of the marketing strategies used by Nick Gortari & Dan Somers to promote the Tempe based “noise-pop+” band, Lisa Savidge, could be described some combination of “genius*”, insane, creepy, extravagantly expensive, dangerous and more often than not, illegal. Perhaps “operations” is a better word than strategies, considering Dan Somers’ Iraqi veteran covert militaristic style of planning. Dan & Nick feel like these “operations” are beautiful works of art and would love the opportunity to share them with the world by giving a comical, educational, somewhat disturbing and downright mind blowing Ignite Phoenix presentation.

+Martin Cizmar, Music Editor for Phoenix New Times
*Jalipaz Nelson owner of audioconfusion recording studio

My 33 Year Love Affair With Barbra Streisand
Presenter Bill Risser
Biography I’m a Branch Manager for Chicago Title in the Gilbert/Mesa area. I’m 48 and I have been married to my wife Cindy for 23 years. We have a son that will be a high school senior this year. We have lived in the desert for nearly 11 years after relocating from San Diego.
Description I have a near fanatical love for Barbra Streisand. It began with my introduction to her as a 16 year old in 1977 (it was 1972’s Streisand: Live at the Forum that was my gateway drug). I’ve seen her 3 times in concert, including her 1994 Vegas comeback. I still insist one of the biggest travesties in the history of the Oscars is her non-nomination for Best Director for Yentl in 1985. I’ve had close brushes with her and I am determined that fate intends for us to meet. Fortunately, my wife is cool with that. I guess as I look back on this description, I can drop the “near” from near fanatical.
I feel I can bring to the Ignite Phoenix 8 audience an entertaining, funny, and passionate presentation about the greatest female singer of all time. (That includes Carrie Underwood If I hear she is better than Barbra one more time, I will puke!)