Jeff Moriarty at Ignite Phoenix #4

Image by Rail Life on Flickr

Welcome to Ignite Phoenix! We’re really happy you found us.

What is Ignite Phoenix?

Ignite Phoenix is an evening of short presentations by ordinary people designed to light a fire under the Valley’s creative community. At an event, you hear 18 passionate speakers talking about their favorite topics or projects for just 5 minutes each. The lineup of presenters for each event is unique. Presentations will educate and inspire you, and maybe make you laugh in the process.

Who presents at Ignite Phoenix?

Our hope is that you will! Whatever your passion is, we want to hear about it. 20 slides and 5 minutes is all you get. Not a second more. The presenters need to get to the point quickly, and make it exciting and engaging.

If you think lots of people want to listen to you talk about it for five minutes, then you should submit it now. If you think no one wants to listen to you talk about it, then you’re probably wrong and you should definitely submit it! Seriously, if you’re passionate about something, that alone will make other people interested in what you have to say when you’re on stage.

We do have a few rules; check out our rules and guidelines here. The biggest one – NO sales pitches. None. Not even a little bit. You can always check out our YouTube channel and see what’s been presented on in the past.

How can I find out about the next event?

We make it easy to learn about Ignite Phoenix events. On our website you can sign up to receive periodic emails about upcoming events. You can become a fan of our Facebook page, join our LinkedIn group, and follow us on Twitter. You can also drop us an email at IgnitePhoenix [at]

So get moving and write up that submission! Remember, it doesn’t have to be serious or earth-shattering or bring about world peace. It just has to be something you’re passionate about.

Bring the passion, Phoenix!