Ignite Phoenix is about passion.  It’s about showing and sharing that passion, presenting a creative vision to the audience.  Passion is found in people of all fields and pursuits.  Technologist, people who spend their work and/or free time with technology are passionate too.

But techie passion is, by some standards, a bit wierd.

Techies (a.k.a. geeks) like blue LEDs and enjoy bits that flip.  Techies like a graph that flows right to the answer and food that doesn’t get fingers sticky, so one can eat and keep typing.  Techies use “fringe” software like Linux and OpenBSD.  Techies love a manual that describes how to use a new peripheral in 200 pages or more and foreign comic books.  Techies know how to use things like GPG, jailbreaks, IRC, podcasts and Twitter.

And they can talk about these things for hours, if allowed.

Ignite Phoenix is made for techies to present the “coolness” of their passion.  To show a welcoming and open audience the excitement of technology.  Show the problems you’ve solved or the benefit technology brings to your life.  Demonstrate the power of LEDs or the security of ssh.  Hold the floor and the listeners enthralled with the power of scripting or soldering or automation or all three!

But, do it in five minutes with all the energy you have!  And watch the power of technology spread like fire around the room.  And watch your circle of contacts grow!

If you are a technologist with passion, the Phoenix creative community wants to hear from you, and feel your passion! Get some ideas from past Ignite Boston events which tend to be on the techie side.  Then, Submit you presentation idea before October 10th.  Share your five minutes of tech power on October 29th!