Ignite Food

Thanks for helping us make the first Ignite Food a wild success!

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Ignite Food in a nutshell

Ignite Food is a food-flavored edition of Ignite Phoenix designed to give all the food lovers and fans in the Valley a chance to share their passion on this flavorful topic.

Phoenix is home to a growing food community. We have an evolving dining scene, great local growers, people growing their own backyard produce, endless health initiatives, and much more. The Valley’s love of food in all its forms is so rich we felt it deserved its own event!

The format will be similar to the one you’ve come to know and love: 16 presentations of five minutes and 20 slides each. Each presenter will speak about something food-related that they’re passionate about — dining, cuisine, beverages, pairings, cooking, diets, lifestyles, farming, the economics of food, specific ingredients, food photography, art, history, trivia, and more. Anyone can submit a presentation, and the Ignite Food Team will vote on the final group of speakers.