Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ignite Phoenix. If your question isn’t answered here, you can contact us directly.

What is Ignite Phoenix?

Ignite Phoenix is an event where people share their passions and experiences in 5-minute lightning talks. It’s fast moving, engaging, and guaranteed to teach you something new.

Our About page has all the juicy details on Ignite. Take a peek to learn more about the event, what to expect, and how to attend or participate.

Who goes to Ignite Phoenix?

Ignite Phoenix is perfect for anyone who wants to hear about new ideas and things people are passionate about. All of the presentations are interesting, but they each have a different theme. Some are humorous and entertaining, some are serious and heartwrenching, while others are uplifting and inspiring. There’s something for everyone!

Who is behind Ignite Phoenix?

This event is part of the global Ignite program which hosts presentations in cities around the world. Each Ignite Phoenix event is put on by a tireless team of volunteers and the Phoenix Innovation Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational and community building events in the Phoenix area. Get to know the volunteer teams for Ignite Phoenix, Ignite Food, and Ignite After Hours.

How can I find out about the next event?

We’re excited you want to be part of it! There are several ways to keep up with all the details about out upcoming events:

How do I submit my own idea?

Go to the “Speak” page of each of our events (Ignite Phoenix, Ignite After Hours, Ignite Food) to see how to submit your talk.

Where can I see past talks?

All our past talks are on our YouTube channel for main Ignite.

How do you choose the speakers for each event?

The selection of presentations is an exciting but delicate process. Learn what goes on behind the scenes on our About page.

How can I learn more about a talk?

After the presentations conclude, all of the speakers will have tables set up outside the main theater, where you can connect with them, give them a high five for presenting, and ask any questions you may have. Most speakers also provide their website, email, or Twitter handle during their presentation in case you want to chat in the future.

Where and when is Ignite Phoenix?

You can find the date and location of the next event on our Ignite Phoenix page.

How can I get a ticket?

We sell most of the tickets for each event through the venue’s ticket office. For details on when they go on sale, pricing, and more, see the Attend page for the event.

Where can I find directions to the event?

Go to the Attend page for the Event for a link to Google Maps, which has detailed directions to the event location.

I’m busy that night. Is there any way I can still see the event?

We typically live stream the event on Ustream so you can still catch it if tickets were sold out or watch it with friends at your very own viewing party. Visit our the site during the event to find instructions on how to livestream and see all the action. We also record each speaker and post the videos on YouTube within a few weeks of event night. Check out our YouTube channel for videos of past presentations.

Ignite Phoenix was so much fun, and I want to get involved! Do you need any help putting on future events?

We’re always looking for eager Igniters to lend us their talents and volunteer to put on the next event. Send us a message through the Contact Us page with “Volunteer” as the subject line to throw your hat in the ring.

How can my company become a sponsor?

We love when companies share their love for Ignite by attending with their employees or sponsoring the event. Visit our Sponsorship pages for more information on sponsorship levels and how to get involved.




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