Joining the Ignite Crew

Ignite Music is run by an all-volunteer team of generous people who lend their time and skills to making our events possible.

We’re currently on hiatus until the next Ignite Music event, but if you’re interested in joining the crew, fill out the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly.


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Support Team

This team provides support for events, keeps the excitement going between events, and is responsible for building and connecting the Ignite Phoenix community.

Jeff Moriarty

Founder and Brand Manager

Raoul Encinas

Program Manager

Alan Dayley

Speaker Selection Guide & Speaker Sherpa

Oden Hughes

Project Manager

Dina Boress Miller

Creative Zookeeper

Dannie Moriarty

Presenter Manager

Shaina Rozen

Marketing & Communications Countess

Carol Stambaugh

Website Developer

Andy Woodward

Stage Manager & Presenter Herder