Learn About Ignite Phoenix

Our flagship Ignite Phoenix events feature 18 lightning-style presentations about diverse topics that are meaningful to the speaker. Each presenter has 20 slides and 5 minute — not a second more — to share their story with the most supportive audience in Phoenix. We welcome topics about anything that people are passionate about. It’s a wide criteria, but that’s the point! We’ve had presentations on hundreds of topics, including:


Date: Ignite Phoenix #19 Coming in 2017
Location: TBA
Submissions: Open
Tickets: TBA

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  • Tangible activities people do (Building Miniature Giant Robots)
  • Things they know about (Taiko Drumming)
  • Adventures they’ve tried (Paragliding)
  • Projects they’ve done (Year of Music)
  • Subjects they’ve studied (Thinly Slicing Brains)
  • Rants and raves (OMG! Fighting Back Against Hyperbole)

In addition to hear the enlightening talks, these events are a great place to catch up with old friends and make new ones before the show, during intermission, and at the After Party. Some of the Valley’s best local food trucks and bands are always on-site to share their delicious eats and musical treats. Whether you’re most interested in the presentations, party, or everything in between, Ignite Phoenix is the perfect place to have fun and feel “ignited” about life all over again.


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Photo Credit: Brandon Larkin