Sound the trumpets! Your Ignite Phoenix #16 presenters are…

Well, you’ve gone and done it now. We thought it couldn’t be done, but you did it. You guys went and BROKE THE JUDGING COMMITTEE. You beautiful guys and dolls submitted so many fantastic, weird, interesting, and heartwarming ideas for talks that the group almost got into a fight over who to put on the > Read more

Ignite Phoenix #15 Needs YOU (Yes, you there… with the pretty hair)

Me: Hey! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever! How was your summer break? You: Good to see you again, too! My vacation was ok. It’s been pretty hot here, you know, so I- Me: Um, I don’t mean to interrupt. You: But you totally are. Me: Well I just have a really > Read more

Ignite Phoenix #14: We’re Back! Who Do You Want on Stage?

First things first – we missed you all!  While our short break since the last Ignite Phoenix events was a nice chance to recuperate, it turns out that we were way too excited to stay away long. We’re most passionate about helping Phoenicians share their passions with the community, so it’s time to get at it > Read more

Lucky #13, Indeed!

Another Ignite Phoenix has come and gone, whisking us all into a whirlwind of excitement and renewed inspiration.  If ever an event boldly challenged the myths of 13 being unlucky, it was Ignite Phoenix.  Not only did we challenge those myths, we completely debunked them with a stellar event! Our 18 presenters were amazing!  These > Read more

Our Thanks to You!

What a way to kick off the summer here in Phoenix, right? Even though we’re now preparing for our #13th Ignite Phoenix the event is a new experience every time for our veteran attendees, for all of the new people in our audience (both in-house and online), for our sponsors, our crew, and most definitely > Read more

Extra! Extra! Ignite Phoenix #12 Line Up and Ticket Sales

With over 90 submissions the judges had their work cut out for them, and even though we had tons of great submissions only 18 could remain. We’d like to give all of the people that submitted their idea a round of applause. Without further ado, here are your Presenters for Ignite Phoenix #12! Give them > Read more