“I haven’t submitted yet cause I am still trying to figure out what this is all about.” -anonymous(you know who you are =)

So its been a fun few weeks here at the Ignite offices. Jeff has been working on the Flux Capacitor so that his yard didn’t flood half of Mesa last weekend and I have been dodging sun rays to little positive effect.

On a more related note we have been out pounding the pavement getting in more and more of your ears to talk about this whole Ignite concept. One thing that keeps coming up is exactly what one of these presentations actually is and how to go about concocting one. It seems the general description of “5 minutes with 20 slides” is leaving some of you a bit out in the cold, or swealtering billion degree temperatures as it were.

This has led me to ponder more about what an Ignite presentation really is. One way of looking at it is as a micro-presentation which reflected how much Twitter had gotten into my brain. As the project has evolved though I have made adjustments to this concept.

While Twitter is super great and wonderful (this project would not exist if Twitter wasn’t there), it is short form partial thoughts. Twitter resembles a simple conversation like Instant or Text Messaging, or an informal phone call. You aren’t making revisions or rehearsing these conversations, you are just talking.

An Ignite presentation needs to be revised and rehearsed to some extent, but should still be conversational. Just like a blog post.

With a blog post you have spent some time reviewing your statement to make sure it holds some water, but its still testing the concept. Things are formed but not necessarily set in stone. Once posted your readers are welcome to post comments and help you flesh things out further.

Your Ignite presentation is simply one of your blog posts except that you are ‘posting’ it in the Meatspace, aka the ‘Real’ world. You should be passionate about the presentation and it should get people to come up to you with questions after you’re done.

  • What websites are you building now?
  • What company are you starting?
  • What new game did you dream about last night?
  • How are you going to solve the oil problem?

Submit now and if it changes by then end of July thats fine. Just give us a basic idea of what you want to do and do it now!