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Marijuana Saved My Daughter

Presenter J.P. Holyoak Biography Here is the story ending – My daughter went from nearly 1000 seizures per month to 1 or 2. Today, Reese is 6 years old. She is able to walk independently and has recently said her first word. I am now one of the largest indoor cannabis cultivators in AZ. I > Read more

My Big Fat Blended Family: My Normal Might Be Your Nightmare

Presenter Heather Lehman Biography I grew up with my parents breathing hatred of a thousand fires about each other. It sucked. It sucked through my high school graduation, wedding, holidays to this present day. My ex-husband and I vowed that our kids would only see love and respect within their family. It’s doable with prioritizing, > Read more

The Best Kept Secret for Surviving a Helicopter Crash

Presenter Heather Lehman Biography I have worked in health and wellness for 25 years. My father found out how his commitment to health saved his life and allowed him to get back to his family, work and passions. His health and drive returned him to his family. Watching his diligence to be there for us > Read more

A Man, A Blender and a Pair of Shoes

Presenter Fred van West Biography I work as a software engineer and have been involved in customer relations management for nearly 10 years. I’ve attended several Ignite Phoenix sessions in the past and wondered if I’d ever have something ignite-worthy. I think working toward a fitness and health goal is something everyone can relate with > Read more

Lipstick hippies

Presenter Jean Robey MD Biography I am a physician who deals acutely with life and death. As I am allowed to be immediately personable I feel the depths and presence of souls so often times not apparent otherwise. In this reality I am acutely aware of personhoods, barriers, needs, longings and know that true love > Read more


Presenter San Martin Rodriguez Biography My life went from gangs,drugs,a lot of trouble to owner of 3 business and I am now paying Love Forward and doing my part to let people know that Love and Passion is still a thing in this crazy world! Description I was born and raised in a small town > Read more