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Sound the trumpets! Your Ignite Phoenix #16 presenters are…

Well, you’ve gone and done it now. We thought it couldn’t be done, but you did it. You guys went and BROKE THE JUDGING COMMITTEE. You beautiful guys and dolls submitted so many fantastic, weird, interesting, and heartwarming ideas for talks that the group almost got into a fight over who to put on the > Read more

WANTED: Photo Booth Bandits for Ignite Phoenix #16 Submissions

Look at these photos from Ignite Phoenix #15. Look at the emotion in their eyes, the glow of their smiles, and the passion that comes through. Don’t you want to hear their stories about hydrothermal vents, skydiving photography, and launching 1000+ sky lanterns (just to name a few)? We do! But first, we need your > Read more

“Ask Ignite” online Q & A sessions for Ignite Phoenix #16

If you have questions about the submission process or just need someone to offer slippers for those cold feet, we’ve got you covered. To make things super easy, we’ve set up four online “Ask Ignite” Google Hangout sessions specifically to help you craft your submission and answer any and all questions. Join us on one > Read more

7 tips for writing an amazing Ignite Phoenix submission

Back when we were just a wee, baby Ignite Phoenix (before we were practically driving, totally macking on chicks, shaving, and all that stuff), an Ignite 3-time vet, Evo Terra, wrote a blog post for us called 5 Reasons Why Your Submission to Ignite Phoenix Sucks. While we stand by his specific diagnoses of suckiness, > Read more

Ready for Ignite Phoenix’s Sweet 16?

Guys, GUESS WHAT… um, no, we didn’t win free tickets to the Renaissance Festival by calling in to the radio station… wait, did you? Because we’ve been craving a giant turkey leg and absolutely have a bustle we’ve been looking for a place to wear… ok, but let’s discuss meet-up details later. LISTEN TO THIS: > Read more

Ignite Phoenix #15 Thanks You, And You, And You

What? It’s OVER??? Aw, man! It feels like just yesterday we started on the journey of Ignite Phoenix #15. Remember when you guys submitted all your fantastic ideas for talks? Good times. And last night! Was… so…. EPIC. We can’t believe it’s finished. We might have PID (Post-Ignite Depression). Although it’s possible we’re a touch > Read more