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Ignite Phoenix #17 photos and videos are up!

It’s only been a few weeks since Ignite Phoenix #17, and we’re already going through withdrawals! Want to relive the excitement with us and find your photo booth pictures? Or, did you miss the show and want to see what happened? Luckily, our amazing team of┬ávolunteer photographers and videographers captured the entire night! Click here > Read more

Walking through the fire of adversity

Presenter Ivy Alcala Biography I overcame my struggles from my past and became a doctor who loves to travel and gives back to the community. I am passionate about this topic because I want more people to be able to overcome whatever life throws their way and achieve their life’s dreams & be happy! Description > Read more

Nothing is at it seems

Presenter Sue Shipman Biography I have worked with addicts and those challenged with anxiety for nine years. You cannot imagine the trauma many have overcome to live reasonably “normal” lives. My passion is to help people be compassionate and non-judgemental. We all need safe places. Description It is too easy to form a snap judgment > Read more

The Slang of Today

Presenter Madison Barrett Biography I live in a world where diversity is a must. Slang in this day in age is constantly changing and sometimes its hard to keep up. I’m a teenager, i see this slang be used in every conversation I have with my friends and most the time I dont understand it, > Read more

Don’t Suck @ Work – Everyone hates each other at the office and I know why

Presenter Stephanie Surratt Biography I am the Director of Employee Success at WebPT and I help people be awesome at work. Description Everyone is born with a personality as unique as your eye color. We use this to navigate life…and work. Often to our own detriment. I can help you get out of your own > Read more

The Three Basic Food Groups of the News Media

Presenter Rick Kamel Biography I was in the news business for 20 years and ran two PR agencies. Description The audience will learn the news media psychology, how they cover what they cover. The audience will never watch the news the same way again after they learn what and how the news decision maker select > Read more