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One Event Can Change Your Life Forever: A Silenced Voice & Life Interrupted!” By an African Princess living in Diaspora

Presenter Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, DNP Biography 12/24/05 at 12 midnight, I received a frantic call which changed my life forever! This family tragedy has fueled my passion to help others discover & ignite their voice, heal themselves & their communities through stories: One Event Can Change Your Life Forever! I am an RN > Read more

Dreaming Experiments

Presenter Dan Ralphs Biography I am passionate about passionate people. Since I was 17-years-old my stated purpose in life was to help others to accomplish more productive lives. The result has been that no matter where I am I have sought to help others live the dream. I am currently employed as a Dream Manager > Read more

Vision and Sight Is Not the Same

Presenter Lewis Andrea Brownlee Biography I am from the “hood”, a single parent home, black male and with a criminal record. However, I was able to will my vision to be my objective in life to overcome obstacles that were often inside of me such as low self esteem, insecurities, and anger. Through education I > Read more

Mind Hack: From Real Estate To Reading Minds

Presenter Brett Barry Biography I spent over 23 years selling Real Estate – and then I hit the wall in 2006 when the market melted and prices dropped over 55% in Phoenix. With my passion and spark gone, I turned my lifelong hobby and interest in Magic into Act II of my life by becoming > Read more

How to Find Your Purpose in 5 minutes or Less

Presenter Rachel Archelaus Biography This topic is meaningful to me because I see the link between excitement/curiosity and innovation. When people feel free enough to follow their true calling, regardless of what society says, the world benefits in amazing ways. People also want to discover their purpose, and they don’t realize that their purpose is > Read more

Why Running Is Like Beer; An Acquired Taste

Presenter Kolby Granville Biography I was never good at sports in school. Too small for football. Too uncoordinated for baseball. And running just hurt. Then, at 36 years old, I ran again. And again. And again. And something beautiful happened. Something zen. Something timeless and something perfect. I simply ran. And I’ve never looked back. > Read more