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Designing the Future With NASA

Presenter Dennis Bonilla Biography My life changed when I discovered that one doesn’t have to be a scientist or engineer to contribute to space missions. My passion for visual communication has led me on an adventure involving NASA jets, video games, and hanging out with astronauts. I hope this presentation presents opportunities to Phoenicians wanting > Read more

Declutter the Junk in Your Trunk!

Presenter Lindon Gareis Biography After a horrific divorce, I found myself in an empty home, sans a bed, a tv, and a small couch my dog slept on. I believed the things I’d accumulated in my life defined who I was and created my joy. Instantly, they were gone. I came to realize how unimportant > Read more

Oh My God, Where is my life going!

Presenter Jennifer Kahtz Biography My passion is speaking, conveying my ideas and stories into messages that may change other peoples lives. I’ve always loved to teach and my topic is so meaningful because I’ve experienced it and I want to help others to see that we can accomplish anything we want and live our dream. > Read more

“THE Mocktopsy”…”Let’s Refrain From Death At All Times”

Presenter Sarah Portia Flynn Biography My Mother Evelyn turns 80 this August. She singlehandedly crafted a one of a kind science program suited for preschoolers aged 4-6 at The Orinda Nursery School in Orinda In California when it used to be a ” one horse town”. Due to my age at the time, I was > Read more

Women leading business: a new kind of conversation

Presenter Ayeni Biography My name is Ayeni Omowunmi, a designer, an entrepreneur and a change maker. I have a passion to influence in a positive way the women in my country ( Nigeria) to empower them and make them see they aren’t limited by anything, they can be who and what they want to be. > Read more


Presenter prerna Biography i am a student of police dav public school jalandhar am studing in 10+1 humanities stream further in life i ant be an IAS officer to serve the nation In 2012 i went to nasa with my school team the name of our project was space settlement and that was the best > Read more