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Drum roll please…We proudly present your Ignite Phoenix #17 speakers!

Great googly moogly! We sent a call for the most passionate people in Phoenix, and did you guys deliver! We received more submissions than ever before, and the judges couldn’t help but smile as they read all the fascinating topics people shared with us. While we would love to hear every person speak, tough decisions > Read more

Hold the Nuts. I’m Not Lying.

Presenter MoniQue Hoffman Biography I am a Culinary Nutrition Specialist and Food Blogger, and I frequently have an allergic reaction after dining out. Most of the time, I would be there to promoe the restaurant, but I would still get sick despite providing the server with my allergies. There are so many others like me, > Read more

Water is our Way to Being Well

Presenter Jessie Cleveland Biography I first found positive water power through Dr. Emoto’s studies and have made infused water myself with alkalized water and delicious fruits, infusing with sound healing vibrations, intentions to help others heal their ailments, and LOVE. It’s amazing how the quality of water we choose to consume makes a HUGE difference > Read more

“That’s not PC!”: Adventures in Making People Uncomfortable

Presenter Alena Chang Biography I’ve always been fascinated by issues relating to background: gender, race, socioeconomic background, you name it. How and why am I in the position I am today? Why are certain people treated differently? But whenever I try to start conversations on these issues, almost everyone cringes. I just wanted to share > Read more

Car-cheology: what defines the age of a car design?

Presenter Aurel Francois Biography Born in France, I grew up with a genuine passion for cars and art. After I earned my degree in Transportation Design, I moved to the U.S. where I discovered a diversity of local car cultures unknown in Europe. My awesome day job allows me to interact with car enthusiasts around > Read more

Talking Fast and Changing Lives

Presenter Bobby D. Ehlert Biography I am a professional auctioneer with a passion for changing the world around me by helping non-profit organizations fulfill their missions through effective fundraising. I love this so much because I know that what I am doing is truly changing lives around. I am so proud to be able to > Read more