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Millennials – It’s Time for Real Change

Presenter Thomas Barr Biography I’m an Arizona native who is an advocate for positive change. Growing up through a declining economy & an increasing income inequality gap, it’s easy for me to point my fingers at those older than me that botched our economy & environment. But if Millennials don’t start taking action, my fingers > Read more

Audible comic books for the visually impaired

Presenter Kristian Newton Biography I was declared legally blind in 2011. I have grown up on comic books. I am a writer and creator of a couple comic books. I want my properties to be accessible to everyone. Even the blind. I went to the Foundation for Blind Children’s adult rehabilitation program. Knowing that there > Read more

Taking off to travel in your 50’s

Presenter Joleen Decle Biography I was born a traveler. My home is in my heart.My first serious job was a flight attendant. I began traveling even more. Next I followed my passion as an actress and pursued a career in Hollywood. After that I was given an opportunity to move to D.C, then to Texas. > Read more

The Imitation of Art: Inspired Creation or Carbon Copy?

Presenter Felicia Penza Biography Mother. Artist. Expressionist. I’ve always been inspired by everything from art to cinema to music. I think the definition of imitation—whether it’s celebrated or scrutinized is a topic that can start a dialogue with an audience and help them evaluate their influences and how it coincides with their true and original > Read more

Do we seriously not know our potential?

Presenter Maggie Carvalho Biography I am an eco-friendly hairstylist and yoga teacher. I recently opened a yoga studio, spa, cafe in old town Scottsdale with a passion to bring all things empowering, healthy, and that feel good into one space. I work with and listen to people all day long and I find that everyone > Read more

Borders and Beyond

Presenter Trista April Taylor Biography I am obsessed with borders. Having lived in Arizona and traveled extensively, borders have vastly different feels to them, from lively to hostile. Conceptually I have had to help define borders of knowledge using historic and emerging research,in order to define scientific research questions and impact. Description I want to > Read more