Lucky #13, Indeed!

Another Ignite Phoenix has come and gone, whisking us all into a whirlwind of excitement and renewed inspiration.  If ever an event boldly challenged the myths of 13 being unlucky, it was Ignite Phoenix.  Not only did we challenge those myths, we completely debunked them with a stellar event! Our 18 presenters were amazing!  These > Read more

Lucky Thirteen: Kicking off the drive to Ignite Phoenix #13!

It has been an Ignite-ful year, and it’s only August!  Ignite Phoenix events have filled 2012.  We introduced Ignite Food, had our 200th presenter grace the stage at Ignite Phoenix #12, and got sassy for a third After Hours.  All this and it’s still only August!  Should the Mayan calendar hype prove right, we wanted > Read more