Find your passion this spring

Springtime has arrived in Phoenix, and it’s a good time to get back in touch with your passions. We have two Ignite Phoenix events coming in the next few months, so submit your presentation ideas now!

Sponsor videos are here. You know you loved ’em!

All of our sponsor videos from Ignite Phoenix #9 are now posted online and we have all the links here!

Special thanks to great organizations

We want to take a moment to thank some organizations who aren’t sponsors, but who do very important things to support Ignite Phoenix.

Schuyler St. Leger and his 3D printer go viral

Schuyler St. Leger’s fantastic presentation about his 3D printer has become a viral hit on the Internet!

Thanks to all who made Ignite Phoenix #9 a success!

Thank you to all who attended Ignite Phoenix #9 and everyone who had a hand in making it a success!

Thank you Phoenix

Thank you Phoenix. Ignite Phoenix #9 was a great ride!