Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket to Ignite Phoenix 5 on Friday, October 16. We were so surprised to see the tickets sell out in under 3 hours. The Ignite Phoenix team, all unpaid volunteers, works year round to put on these events because we love them. It’s thrilling for us to know that you love them, too.

We know many people in the community wanted to get tickets and did not get them. If we could, we would increase the size of the theater to fit everyone who wants to attend. We are constantly working on new ideas and new strategies to let more people attend each event. But because we have a limited number of seats and a small number of available tickets, we want to make sure that everyone knows the options for getting a ticket, and a great option for viewing the event if you don’t get a ticket.

The rules have changed since the last event. Please read this blog post carefully so you have all of the information you need to see Ignite Phoenix.

Option 1: Free Walk-In Tickets

We reserved 100 tickets to hand out first-come first-served at the event. We will start handing out the tickets one per person at 5 pm. We will have a walk-in ticket table set up outside the west entrance to the TCA, the entrance closest to the theater. If you want one of these tickets, you must wait in the line outside the TCA entrance until we issue tickets.

Because there is a great demand for these tickets, we expect people to begin waiting in line well before the 5 pm hand out time. The volunteers at this table will keep a running count of the people in line. If we realize that we have more than 100 people in the line, we will use our Twitter account (@IgnitePhoenix) to announce this fact so you don’t come down if there is no chance to get a ticket.

You don’t have to have a Twitter account to read the Ignite Phoenix tweets. Click on this link to check the recent Ignite Phoenix tweets.

Option 2: Beg, Borrow or Buy An Advance Ticket

On October 16, we sold nearly 300 advance tickets to community members. Some people may have tickets that they can’t use. The TCA rules say that if someone with a ticket fails to show up the night of the event, the seat remains open. We cannot fill in open seats with people who were waiting in line for walk-in tickets.

If you have an advance ticket and you realize you can’t use it, it’s up to you to get your ticket into the hands of someone who can use it. We have seen many people successfully use Twitter to get rid of unwanted tickets. You can also bring any unused ticket to the theater that night and allow us to give it to someone waiting for a walk-in ticket. If you don’t share your unused ticket, there will be an empty seat in the theater.

You must bring your advance ticket for entrance to the theater. We don’t have any way to verify who purchased tickets. No ticket, no admission, and an empty theater seat for the show.

Option 3: Host An Ignite Phoenix Viewing Party

Can’t make it out? Didn’t get a ticket? Whatever the reason, if you are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss the Ignite Phoenix show. Simply go to our website ( and watch the event live streaming from our website front page. Invite a few friends over, plug your laptop into your plasma TV, and kick back with your friends for a great time watching the show on UStream from our website.