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Really though. Can you imagine a better way to get winter time in Phoenix started? Ignite Phoenix #13 was just another great example of the community gathering together and sharing in the passion of learning, exploring, and sharing. Even when the lights when out over our Presenter tables at the end of the night you continued to chat; just one more great example of the passion and excitement the Ignite community shares in, and continues to nourish.

So, thank you! For continuing to support that community and our event. You who reach out to people who haven’t attended before, and for the ones that have come back event-after-event. We were excited to see just about half of our attendees this time were brand new! The support from all of you is what keeps Ignite Phoenix energized, and coming back for more.

Once again we’d like to say thank you to everyone involved and show them a little bit of love.


Fantasy Football Helped Save My Life (*But I’m Still Going to Die) Raoul Encinas
How 250 People Run Your City Kolby Granville
Out of the Box: Art in the Real World Elizabeth Johnson
To Fight or Not … That is the Question Senior Master Michelle Landgren Lee
911 What is your emergency? (somebody pass me the chips) Alicia Magera
Growing Food in Unlikely Places Dennis McClung
I Chase Storms Mike Olbinski
Lucid Living Sean Oliver
Battlefield: Business – The Unspoken Arena Veterans Face at Home Drew Peneton
Wanderlust Bob Roman
…even without hair Melissa S. Rex
Ultimate: When a ball dreams, it dreams of being a disc. Wayne Roemhildt
Sleep Around Much? Diane Salisbury
Phoenix is a Gas: history of neon in the Valley marshall shore
Bugatti Veyron — the Ultimate Machine Robert Simyar
I have someone else’s heart in me, no really… I do. Preston Smith
Double-Fisting for Book Lovers Nikki Steele
From fast food junkie to heart attack survivor Jay Thompson


Photos and Video!

Did you take photos on Friday? We’re sure you did; we saw them coming through Twitter. Take a moment to put your Ignite Phoenix #13 pictures up on Flickr with the ones our photographers took that evening (you can see all of them at the link). Tag your photos with “ignitephx” and add them to our photo group. Want to share them a little more socially? Post them to our Facebook page, or tag them with #ignitephx on Twitter.

How many of you are as excited as we are that you can re-watch the videos on our YouTube channel? Well, you’re in luck because all of our videos from Ignite Phoenix #13 are up, and ready to share with your friends, family, and social circles.


Without you, we absolutely could not produce events like these! Thank you so much for the declaration of support, time, and services you provide. If any of you from the audience find yourself in need of the products or services our sponsors provide, please show them some love.


Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
Get centered! 2012–13 season on sale now!
One of the Southwest’s premier performing arts halls, the renovated Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts serves the greater Phoenix metro area, and has been the wonderful home for Ignite Phoenix for the past year.

Domains, Websites and everything in between
Go Daddy offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.

Splinter Creative
Brand Therapists
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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange
Geeking Out Is Half The Fun
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange is AZ’s favorite media store. Buying, selling, and trading books, games, movies and music for over 30 years. Why buy new?

Brand X Custom T-Shirts
Customize Your Style
At Brand X Custom T-shirts, we take an “offline” approach to custom t-shirt making.

Special Thanks

For providing the ATMs.

Andrew Ryno
For all of the web development support, code updates and editing that took place in the wee hours of the morning, the middle of the afternoon, late in the evening, and all days of the week!

Each event we have a few Ignite Phoenix paparazzi on hand taking photos throughout the event. You’ll have seen them getting some choice shots. Take a few minutes to peruse their photo galleries.

Joe Abbruscato:
Samples of his work can be found at

Devon Christopher Adams:
His photography is online at

Shelia Dee:
You can find her photos online at

Food, Drink, and Music:

To our three food trucks, Paletas Betty, Luncha Libre, and Spice it Up who kept everyone full with great food!

To our three live bands who gave us sweet tunes to rock out to during Ignite Phoenix #13:

  • Anamieke Quinn
    ‘Fresh and Folky, Swing and Sultry’ is one way of describing indie folk-rock troubadour Anamieke. ‘Melodic, lyrical, contemplative and comedic’ also help to clarify her collection of quirky artsongs.  Bearing an acoustic Martin guitar, you’ll see her in small venues, festivals, streets and subways across the US singing her heart out with finger-picked accents and an occasional whistle break.
  • Ruca
    Known for her unusual vocal timbre, free-spirited Arizona singer songwriter Ruca brings depth, texture and rhythm to the desert folk-scape with tales of woe and wanderlust.  Tempered by long shadows of sultry blues, Ruca’s sunshine infused acoustic-driven pop burns with deep reggae and funk grooves.
  • Doctor Bones
    Doctor Bones is a 5-piece avant-pop mixture of new wave and punk, with an ear for dynamic tension, emotional swells, and dance-inducing beats. Featuring dual male-female lead vocals over a powerhouse rhythm section, Doctor Bones is a culmination of the pop lessons learned from The Cars, Talking Heads, Dead Kennedys, Joy Division, and Andy Kaufman.

HUGE thanks to all of our volunteers:

For all their time, advice, assistance, dedication and support. Thank you for the time you’ve given be it in the dead of night, or when the sun begins to rise, and of course all of you that supported on the night of the event. We appreciate your support in helping us put on a fantastic event.

Chris Carson Kimberly Carson
Noah Trockel Sean Roe
Nick Bastian Laura Rogal
Debbie Walker Amy Donohue
Steve Bell Ellen Streiff
Gil Shuga D. Patrick Lewis
Cyndi Dayley Crystal O’Hara
Ashley Messick Brittney Smith
Glenn Jimmerson


The Ignite Phoenix Crew:

This is the core team that worked hard for several months to make the whole show come together! Thank you all so much for your time, dedication, and the passion you brought to the event!

Alan Dayley @alandd
Andy Woodward @warfin
Bill Risser @billrisser
Brian Carson @bpcarson
Dannie Moriarty @dlmoriarty
Jeff Moriarty @jmoriarty
Nat Handler @vendaragroup
Oden Hughes @coathalia
Ruth Carter @rbcarter
Sabrina Susini @_brie_
Samantha Leopoldi @tambre


Ignite Phoenix #14:

Why yes, you read that right. Ignite Phoenix #14 and it’s coming to you in the Spring. April to be precise, and it’s coming to you: same bat time, same bat channel.

Share with us, and our community, what you’re passionate about! Submissions are open, so get them wheels turnin’, and the ideas flowin’!

See you in 2013!

– The Ignite Phoenix Team.