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What a way to kick off the summer here in Phoenix, right? Even though we’re now preparing for our #13th Ignite Phoenix the event is a new experience every time for our veteran attendees, for all of the new people in our audience (both in-house and online), for our sponsors, our crew, and most definitely our presenters. They share a little bit of something they’re passionate about to everyone watching, and our own community grows that much bigger, and closer, with what they bring. Thank you all for continuing to support that community and our event. Continue reaching out to people who haven’t attended before. Your excitement and love for Ignite Phoenix is unparallelled. It’s evident in the enthusiasm you have, whether that’s at the after-party, through our social channels, or word-of-mouth. The support from all of you is what keeps Ignite Phoenix energized, and coming back season after season.

Once again we’d like to say thank you to everyone involved and show them a little bit of love.


Topic Presenter
Sunshine, Shade and Green Architecture Jack Anderson
Why do I run? Because I really love dessert. Katie Archer
Putting the jungle back in the gym Stephen Bohn
A New Breed of Human Tiffany Brown
Discovering Blues Recordings as Historical and Cultural Literature Michael Broyles
Why You Should Marry for Love. And Food. And Love of Food. Maisha Christian
Buzzed and Beautiful Susan Cope
Plastic – The Devil in a Blue Dress Amy Edgell
Human bodies as canvases for art Mark Greenawalt
Wires! Carl Jimenez
Women with Swords (or Blasters, or Stakes) Jana Knapp
Who do you think you are Sherene McLemore
Bungholes, Barrels and Backbreaking Work – A Wino’s Journey Libbie Miller
Bronies: The Internet phenomenon from nowhere Joseph Plate
Why I choose to have only one kid and everyone should just shut up about it. Debra Plunkett
Hanging Out With Hackers, Trekkies, Steampunkers, and Monsterologists Jonathan Simon
Valley of the Sunflowers Sean D. Sweat
The Dying: Not Just Patients, But Teachers Danielle Zeder


Photos and Video!

Did you take photos on Friday? I’m sure you did; we saw them coming through Twitter. Take a moment to put your Ignite Phoenix #12 pictures up on Flickr with the ones our photographers took that evening (you can see all of them at the link). Tag your photos with “ignitephx” and add them to our photo group. Want to share them a little more socially? Post them to our Facebook page, or tag them with #ignitephx on Twitter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited that we can re-watch the videos on our YouTube channel, and all of our videos from Ignite Phoenix #12 are up, and ready to share with your friends, family, and social circles.


Without you, we absolutely could not do events like these! Thank you so much the declaration of support, time, and services you provide. If any of you from the audience find yourself in need of products or services which our sponsors provide, show them some love.


Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
One of the Southwest’s premier performing arts halls, the renovated Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts serves the greater Phoenix metro area, and has been the wonderful home for Ignite Phoenix for the past year.

Go Daddy offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.


Splinter Creative
Whether you’re starting a new company, developing a brand, revitalizing your identity, or simply trying to deliver a message, Splinter Creative is the gateway to provide strategy and support to make your media initiatives successful.

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange is AZ’s favorite media store. Buying, selling, and trading books, games, movies and music for over 30 years. Why buy new?

Brand X Custom T-Shirts
At Brand X Custom T-shirts, we take an “offline” approach to custom t-shirt making.

Arizona’s Leading Producer of Electric Power for Arizona Homes and Businesses.

Special Thanks

Black Cat Coffee House
Who provide espresso-based drinks, specialty coffee and teas, pastries, and space for our Crew to sit every Saturday leading up to the event.

ACM Quick Cash
For providing the ATMs.

Andrew Ryno
For all of the web development support, code updates and editing that took place in the wee hours of the morning, the middle of the afternoon, late in the evening, and all days of the week!

Stephanie Liebold of Bold Avenue
Bold Avenue is a boutique agency with a collaborative approach. We do graphic design for print, apparel, identity, web and promotional products.

Niki Blaker of Blaker Design
Blaker Design is a design firm specializing in strategic identity, print, marketing and website design.

Each event we have a few photographers on hand, our own Ignite Phoenix paparazzi just a little more friendly, taking photos throughout the event. Take a few minutes to peruse their photo galleries.

Joe Abbruscato:
Samples of his work can be found at

Devon Christopher Adams:
His photography is online at

Shelia Dee:
You can find her photos online at

To our three food trucks, Paletas Betty, Luncha Libre, and Spice it Up who kept everyone full with great food!

To The Black Moods, and Sareena Dominguez for the live music during Ignite Phoenix #12.

To the following bands for generously giving us your music to share on our fifth CD: Austin Gibbs, Sister Cities, This Century, Sweet Talker, The Black Moods, The Sunset Rider & The Skeleton Army, scorpion vs. tarantula, Fight the Quiet, Andrew Jackson Jihad, O’Henry, Matthew Revels, Playboy Manbaby, North Dakota, Mitch Freedom, Brian Lopez, Sareena Dominguez, Dylan Pratt, Ryan Sims of EastonAshe, Torin Dinh, Ofthesky.

HUGE thanks to all of our volunteers:

For all their time, advice, assistance, dedication and support. It’s generously given in the wee hours of the mornings to late into the evenings in the time leading up to the event straight through to the days after.

Noah Alin Sean Roe
Nick Bastian Lisa Aragon
Laura Rogal Krystofer VanSlyke
Steve Bell Perri Collins
Andrew Knochel Amy Donohue
Jennifer Longdon Brie Susini
Shaina Rozen Crystal O’Hara
D. Patrick Lewis Ruth Carter


The Ignite Phoenix Crew:

This is the core team that worked hard for several months to make the whole show come together! Thank you all so much for your time, dedication, and the passion you brought to the event!

Alan Dayley @alandd
Andy Woodward @warfin
Brian Carson @bpcarson
Dannie Moriarty @dlmoriarty
Erika Delemarre @erikadid
Jeff Moriarty @jmoriarty
Oden Hughes @coathalia
Samantha Leopoldi @tambre
Bill Risser @billrisser
Debbie Walker @spellwight
Margaree Bigler @margareesays
Cyndi Dayley @disneylandmom
Kevin Maxwell @ludwig428


Ignite Phoenix #13:

That’s right. Lucky #13. It’s happening October 26th, same time, same place. So don’t forget! Get those idea’s flowing, start the wheels-a-turning. Share with us, and our community, what you’re passionate about! Submissions are open, we’ve already received four, and we’re waiting for yours.