March has been a pretty big month for Ignite Phoenix.

Tomorrow submissions are closing for Ignite Phoenix #12 (yes, 12) and last Monday was the first ever Ignite Food. Didn’t make Ignite Food? Not sure if you want to submit to Ignite Phoenix #12?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you missed Ignite Food… well, you really missed out on a fantastic event filled with a lot of laughter, great food, and presentations from burritos and homemade bacon, to offal and the history of rum (just to name a tantalizing few).

Way to rub salt into the wound, I know (oh, we had a presentation on salt, too. Tweets were saying that salt has never been so sexy. Now you know you really missed out) but here’s a nice recap.

Ignite Food on March 19th was held at Stand Up Live in downtown Phoenix and held an audience of a little over 400 people. There were 16 engaging presenters, and food from five local eateries from around the valley. We had a variety of stellar topics and a twist on our intermission entertainment (we had foodie trivia in place of slideshow karaoke) and in the end I heard as people were leaving how how much they loved the event.

It was obvious that this sparked passion in a lot of people. You could hear it, and see it, in the people as they watched the presentations. The laughter. The applause. The cheering. You could see the excitement as they chatted to the presenters and to one another after the event, and the enthusiastic comments about “maybe I’ll submit next time”.

Why yes. Yes you should. And when better than right now? Tomorrow night submissions for Ignite Phoenix #12 close and if you’ve been wanting to submit, what’s holding you back? I’m sure things like this might be going through your head:

Is my idea good?
No, I’m sure this is dumb…
How do I write the biography? Should it be my resume?
Oh man… I still need a catchy title?
Who can I send this to and have them look it over…

But, luckily for you we’ve heard those same utterances from people we’ve met and have chatted with about Ignite Phoenix. And with how great our last two submission meetups went, we scheduled a third submissions meetup where you can chat and bat some ideas around on where you’re getting stuck.

Jeff Moriarty (one of the founders of Ignite Phoenix), and a few other members of the crew, and maybe some past presenters will be hanging out at Bookman’s tomorrow night at 6:30pm!

So, stop in, pick our brains, and submit your talk idea right there one of our laptops (it is the last night of sending them in, you know). Plus, you get to visit Bookmans, which is always a win! We’ll just be hanging out, so visit anytime! Hope to see you there, and please tell anyone else you think might be interested!