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Breaking News: Your Lineup for Ignite Phoenix #11!

Well Phoenix, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The list of speakers (in alphabetical order by last name) and their presentations for Ignite Phoenix #11 has finally arrived! Give them a hand (or a tweet, a Facebook share, a G+, perhaps some Klout…). And without further ado:

Topic Presenter
Raising Geek Kids – Resistance is Futile Susan Baier
Bird Is A Verb Jim Burns
Scariest Place in the World? Sara “Spooky” Dobie
18 Experiments on Influence Noah Dyer
How getting 200°F water spilt on my feet resulted in a “prison-style” tattoo Samantha Felgemaker
Backyard Home Offices – A state of the industry Steve Gilbert
Economics of a Zombie Attack: What you don’t know can get you killed Scott Gustafson
What happens when a punk rocker teaches kids to make movies Paul Hoeprich
What SUP? Stand Up Paddling in AZ Chris Lee
Roller Derby: More than Fishnets and Bloody Noses Alicia Magera
Saving endangered music before it goes extinct! Colin ODonohoe
The Ups and Downs of Life as a Roller Coaster Junkie Al Putman
The Pupusa….The Papoose….The Poo Poo what? Yesenia Ramirez
Einstein was wrong Andrew Ryno
It’s A Twin Thing Ellen Streiff
Why you shouldn’t let an ENT do your Breast Augmentation Brie Susini
Smartphones Are of The Devil: How Digital Connectivity is Causing Physical Disconnect Cynthia White
The Most Important Animal in the World Max Wilson


We’d like to say thanks and give our appreciation to everyone who submitted. If your presentation wasn’t selected, we strongly encourage you to submit again. Please don’t feel discouraged, all of you are very passionate about your topics, so when submissions are open please submit again for Ignite Phoenix #12!

We also extend our thanks and appreciation to our selected panel of judges. Without their deliberation and efforts we wouldn’t have this awesome line up!

For those planning on attending, tickets go on sale October 8, at 10am sharp! Set your alarms, have a friend call and make sure you’re awake. You won’t want to be late.

  • kevin mcclellan

    I clicked on attend to purchase tickets and it shows up as error on the page.
    how can I purchase tickets? I am traveling from out of town for the event.

    • http://ignitephoenix.com Samantha Leopoldi

      Hi Kevin!

      Unfortunately we are sold out of tickets for Ignite Phoenix #11. Please, though, keep an eye on our Twitter and/or Facebook page. When people that are unable to attend are looking to pass along their tickets you can reach out to them! :)