Thanks to Some Great People and Organizations

In addition to our fabulous sponsors, whom without them a lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible, there are a few other organizations who do important things, but behind the scenes. Well, it’s time for the spotlight to shine on them: Phoenix Innovation Foundation Logistical Support The Phoenix Innovation Foundation is a Phoenix, Arizona-based > Read more

IPX Exceeds Expectations

Ignite Phoenix #10 is over, but it was a fabulous event, and once again we find ourselves saying that we’ve surpassed the ones that came before. And, as always, it’s in part to not only the attendees, but all of our amazing presenters, sponsors, volunteers, and crew. Every Ignite Phoenix we see new faces, and > Read more

Dear Phoenix, Thank you.

Another Ignite Phoenix event is over. Well, almost, we still have the after party. For those of you reading this tonight we wanted to take a minute to thank you. Phoenix is a beautiful community, and that’s never more evident than during an Ignite Phoenix event. This evening was no different. In our ‘home’ for > Read more

Ignite Phoenix #10: The Evening of Information

OK guys and gals, time to get serious. This is the most important blog post you’re going to read all day. I hope that title caught your attention because I’m going to tell you what you’re doing this coming Friday night. You’re attending the Ignite Phoenix After Party. Not so painful, was it? But it’s > Read more

Ignite Phoenix and Hotel Theodore keeping you safe on May 20th

Hotel Theodore has a limited number of rooms which Ignite Phoenix attendees can reserve for just $89 per night. If you want to make it a great evening, reserve yours now!