Schuyler St. Leger presenting at Ignite Phoenix #9

Schuyler St. Leger presenting at Ignite Phoenix #9 (image by Jeff Ambrose)

If you were at Ignite Phoenix #9 on Friday, you witnessed a viral video hit in the making. Schuyler St. Leger’s dad Jim (who presented Suprise! Your child has autism. Now what? at Ignite Phoenix #8) recorded the presentation and posted it to YouTube on Saturday evening.

The next day, MakerBot Industries, the company who manufactures Schuyler’s printer, posted a blog entry which included the video of his presentation and the company’s founder, Bre Pettis tweeted about it. The number of retweets went through the roof and Schuyler’s presentation was noticed by several other sites. Gizmodo picked up on the video yesterday and posted a story, as did Boing Boing and CrunchGear. Our Ignite friends around the world have noticed and helped push Schuyler’s presentation to viral status. Ignites in Anchorage, Brisbane, Dallas and Sydney have all tweeted links to the YouTube video.

After only three days, Schuyler’s video has over 25,000 views and is still climbing. If you loved seeing Schuyler deliver his presentation or if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, watch his presentation right here!