Today is our Social Media Day and we want your help! All day, we want to promote Ignite Phoenix via social media and let people across the Valley know that the submission deadline for Ignite Phoenix #9 is coming up quickly. With a scant 10 days left until the deadline of January 7th, we need you to help us get the word out.

If you’re a fan of Ignite Phoenix, let people know they haven’t much time left to submit a presentation about their passion. Send some tweets, update your Facebook status or write a blog post. Tell people to put down that slice of leftover pumpkin pie and send in their submission. Don’t be afraid to get one-on-one either! Send an email or a direct message to a friend who you’ve always thought would do a great Ignite presentation and encourage them to submit here. Do they think their passion is a little too off-the-wall? Don’t let that stop them! We’ve already heard topics as diverse as What happens to your body after you die, Bats Are Good Because They Make Poop and How to build a desert compound impenetrable by the Federal Government. Trust us, no topic is too wacky for Ignite Phoenix.

So grab your phone, sit down at your computer or pull out your iPad and start sending out the message that we want submissions and we want them before January 7th! Need a little help? Feel free to retweet us or share our Facebook updates. Or, if you’re really pressed for time, we’ve whipped up three tweets which are all ready to go. All you need to do is click on one of them below and you’ll be taken to the Twitter website with the tweet text already filled in. It’s a simple as can be!

Tweet #1: Don’t let your passion go unnoticed. Submit a presentation for #ignitephx 9 before Jan 7!
Tweet #2: #ignitephx 9 is coming soon. Submit your presentation idea before Jan 7!
Tweet #3: Need a New Year’s resolution? How about submitting for #ignitephx 9? Do it before Jan 7!

Thanks for your help, Phoenix!