Canned food display

Image by maureen lunn on Flickr

At Ignite Phoenix #8, we won’t just be inspiring and enlightening the community. We’ll be helping the community.

We were approached by the good guys at Gangplank to help out with their annual food drive. This year, all food collected will go to Chandler Foodbank, an organization which does tremendous work to reduce hunger in the Chandler area.

Last year, the Gangplank crew far surpassed their goal of collecting one metric ton of food. This year, they’re growing bigger and creating the Mother of All Food Drives. To accomplish this goal, they need the help of many people. During Ignite Phoenix #8, we’ll be supporting the food drive and we’re asking you to bring donations of canned food and other nonperishable items.

There will be over 800 people at Ignite Phoenix #8. If everyone brought just one can, that adds up to a lot of food donated. So bring whatever you’re able to bring. No donation is too small. Let’s show the less fortunate of the Valley that there’s a great community here to support them.