Phoenix Art MuseumOnly a short 28 days ago, we wrapped up the amazing and adventurous evening of Ignite Phoenix #6. Well, it’s that time to start thinking about Numero 7! So here are the juicy details to start kicking off the next Ignite Phoenix.

The Art of Phoenix

If you attended Ignite Phoenix #6, then you know that Ignite Phoenix #7 will have a theme, The Art of PHX. We hate to point out of the obvious, but just in case there is any confusion “PHX” stands for “Phoenix”. So, what does this mean? Well, we want to encourage the community to push themselves creatively. We don’t think adding a theme to Ignite creates any restrictions on submissions. We are simply asking our community to push themselves to submit something as creative as the space where Ignite Phoenix #7 will take place.

Downtown Phoenix, here we come!

Ignite Phoenix #7 will take place in the awe-inspiring Great Hall at the Phoenix Art Museum on Friday, June 11th from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Not only will attendees get to partake in the Ignite events, but will have the ability to tour the Modern Art, Photography and Fashion wings of the Art Museum before the event, during intermission and throughout the after party.

Submissions close May 7th @ 5pm

We can’t believe it either, but submissions close in less than 2 weeks. Whether your idea is technical, design-focused, humorous or inspiring, we want you to submit. Got an idea? It’s time to submit it now. All the information you need to know and the form where you can submit your idea can be found here. Again, submissions close Friday, May 7 at 5pm.

Tickets, tickets, tickets!

Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 15th. The exact time has yet to be determined, but we will let you know as soon as we iron out those details. Cost will be $10 per ticket. For that price, you will not only get a stellar evening of Ignite Phoenix presentations, but access to the Modern Art, Fashion and Photography wings of the Phoenix Art Museum. It’s a killer deal!

Keep in touch with us.

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Want to sponsor Ignite Phoenix #7?

As always, we are looking for a few good sponsors to help us make this event happen. Have questions about sponsorship? All the answers can be found on our sponsorship page or simply send us an email.

We love word of mouth

As usual billboards are out of the question, so we would love for you to spread the word about Ignite Phoenix #7. Please take a second to forward these details to your friends, family or coworkers, and tell them about your Ignite Phoenix experience. Sharing tools, including emails, are below.

We can’t wait to experience Ignite Phoenix #7 with you on Friday, June 11th. See you there!