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5 Myths About Being An Ignite Phoenix Presenter

Ignite Phoenix is an amazing opportunity for our community to share its passion. In one evening, you can hear 18 passionate speakers talk about 18 diverse ideas, each for 5 minutes. It’s a rapid-fire experience of unbridled inspiration, education, and humor that you should not miss!

The team organizing Ignite Phoenix is pretty awesome, but we can’t do the event ourselves. We need the brilliant presentation ideas submitted by normal, everyday geniuses like you. If you have an idea, the submission process is painless and short.

I was one of the lucky presenters for the October event, and it was a great experience. I recommend it to everyone as something you should try at least once. However, there were a few bumps along my road from innocent Phoenix area resident to Ignite Phoenix presenter, and I’m here today to help you avoid them.  Here are my five myths about being an Ignite Phoenix presenter and what I learned.

MYTH 1: People Will Laugh At Me

FALSE. Remember in high school when you had to give your speech (or book report) and there was that group of kids who were snickering and talking about you the whole time? Ignite Phoenix isn’t high school. The audience is happy to be there, and they want you to do well. They are cheering for you. You can feel the love in the room even before the event starts. In fact, at the end, you might be tempted to do a stage dive and crowd surf to the back of the room. There’s that much love.

MYTH 2: People Will Fall Asleep While I’m Talking

FALSE. If you give or attend presentations at work, you are intimately familiar with the PowerPoint nap ritual. The Ignite Phoenix team provides a great handbook to the presenters full of tips for creating slides with zero nap factor. In fact, you can use these tips to improve your work presentations and end the meeting naps. Learning how to put together an informative and non-napping presentation for Ignite Phoenix might even get you noticed at work so you can get that promotion you want. We can’t guarantee that, but with the inspiration buzz after the event, anything is possible.

MYTH 3: I Don’t Have Enough To Say

FALSE. It turns out, five minutes is not much time, especially when the slides are clicking along every 15 seconds. You can say about two sentences per slide, which isn’t that much. Talk like you would in a normal conversation, unless you drive people crazy with your slow talking. Worst case scenario, if you develop a case of motor-mouth nerves, the pacing of the slides will slow you down and keep you on track. The bottom line: relax. You’ll probably be cutting content rather than running out.

MYTH 4: I’ll Become Rich and Famous

FALSE and TRUE. Speakers don’t get paid at Ignite Phoenix. I thought we got a cut of the door, but it turns out, the entire event is free. Who knew?! But I did meet a lot of people at Ignite Phoenix. In fact, people recognize me today at the coolest spots in Phoenix because they saw me at Ignite Phoenix. And I love having people say “I remember you from Ignite Phoenix” rather than “Aren’t you on that sign at the post office?”

MYTH 5: Drugs, Sex and Rock n’Roll

FALSE. There are Ignite Phoenix groupies, but they aren’t that kind of groupies. The after party is held at a respectable establishment with respectable people. No one will trash the room, and no one will need to call the cops during the party. There will be food, drinks, and rock n’roll, but if you are looking for the other, sorry Charlie.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

  • http://www.floatingbones.com Phil Earnhardt

    One truth about Ignite presentations: the audience wants you to win. If you win, they win!

    It’s very rare to find an audience so interested in learning about anything and everything.

  • http://www.writingiscake.com Jeff Moriarty

    Great post, and spot on. Hopefully if anyone has questions about what is real or mythical about Ignite, they’ll come down and find out on the 25th!

  • Kelly Bliss

    I, too, was privileged to present at Ignite Phoenix #2, and what a great experience! The audience was awesome, and the information was varied. Though I originally intended to attend tonight to check out the folks that were chosen to present this time, due to a “wardrobe malfunction” at work today I won’t be able to make it all the way home in NW Phoenix in time to get all the way out to Tempe, but good luck everybody! See you next time around!

  • http://funanymore.com Evo Terra

    Here are some more:

    6 – Ignite Phoenix regrows hair. False. But Jeff has build a powerful FOLLICALATOR which concentrates all the hair-growing on his mop.

    7 – What happens at Ingite Phoenix stays at Ignite Phoenix. Very, very false. Hello, Twitter.

    8 – Ignite Phoenix burns. False. No, wait. True. It burns with an uber-coolness intensity. I think it’s a mauve flame.

    9 – You can get arrested at Ignite Phoenix. Untrue. But that gives me an idea for next time…

  • http://blog.crowinfodesign.com Charlene

    Brilliant, Evo! I love them!

  • Matt

    You’re not going to be alone on the preparation side! In fact, for the first time ever, there is a coaching team forming who will look at and help you improve your slides!

    Preparedness and rehearsing for yourself will be the best antidote to your fears.